2020 Recap: Mining and Heavy Industrial Recruiting Trends

2020 Recap: Mining and Heavy Industrial Recruiting Trends

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Year-End Recruiting Blog! Before writing this blog, I re-read my 2019 Recap, and holy smokes, have things changed! I know a lot of us are missing the good old days. However, I want to focus on the trends I’ve seen over the past 12 months recruiting for my mining and heavy industrial clients and what I expect moving into the new year.

The Job Market In 2020

The year started out incredibly strong in the 1st quarter. The majority of my clients maintained their standard hiring practices; I was working on pretty routine job orders focusing on Engineering, Process Improvement, leadership positions, and as always, skilled trades and maintenance positions. Then, around March, things changed drastically for mining and heavy industrial companies. Hiring suddenly centered around safety, hourly production, maintenance, and skilled trades. This trend remained strong throughout the year.

Over the past two months, my team and I have certainly felt a shift in the job market once again. There has been an influx of new salaried roles; my clients have begun taking steps to reopen  and are looking to staff up for the new year. Over the past six weeks, I have received more direct-hire, salaried roles than before. We are seeing more management positions, IT positions, and safety roles becoming increasingly in demand. New business is also popping up, and companies we have communication with are reaching out to finalize staffing agreements for the new year. We believe this is an excellent sign of things to come in 2021.

The Job Market In 2021

Analyzing the patterns of this year makes me very hopeful looking towards 2021. I believe there will be an increased focus on safety, which will be here to stay. Companies are trying to come back smarter and more efficiently. With the sizable number of unemployed candidates, companies ready to hire will have robust pipelines to choose from when working with a recruiter. Our job is to stay in contact with those qualified candidates who are prepared to make a move and get back to work. 

Our team at Johnson Search Group prides itself on maintaining excellent relationships with candidates and clients alike. We are available to provide the best talent on the market when it’s time to make those critical mining and heavy industrial hires to support your organization. Please reach out to me directly, and let’s work together in 2021!