In The World Of Recruiting, Quality Beats Quantity

In The World Of Recruiting, Quality Beats Quantity

I have heard the same story from dozens of clients I partner with. When they work with other recruiting firms, they only receive dozens of unqualified candidates. (What a headache!) However, when they work with my team and me, we submit a few select candidates that match on qualifications, salary range, culture fit, and even excitement to be a part of their organization. Proving that in the world of recruiting, quality beats quantity every time. 

High-Quality Recruiting Strategy

Healthcare recruitment is heating up. And while it may take me a bit longer to find you the right candidate(s) for your open positions, it’s worth it! We utilize our experience, tools, and passion for recruiting to find you the right team member. Thus, the more knowledge I have as to what you wish for in a candidate, the better! That is the information I need and take to heart on my search. I ask candidates the hard questions so that they are ready to go when they do land on your desk. 

High-Quality Customer Service

Johnson Search Group is very much the Nordstrom of recruiting agencies. We do not just sell you whatever is easiest. It’s essential to understand the needs of your organization and your community, and we find just that. We work hard vetting our candidates, asking the right questions, and even double vetting them to make sure nothing slides through the cracks.

I have stated time and time again that my goal is not to waste anyone’s time. Time is the most important gift we have on earth, so we hunt for only the best and exactly what you have asked us to find. When you need help, give me a call, and I will listen, take good notes, and find exactly what you asked me for and nothing short of that

Contact me today and let me do all of the quality recruiting work for you so that you have more time for all your other critical tasks. It is a win-win situation! I always try my very best and forget the rest!