Hiring Outlook For 2021

Hiring Outlook For 2021

As we kick off a new year, along comes a new hiring outlook. 2021 brings a lot of trepidation for businesses, but also optimism for what is to come. And coincidentally, there is a lot of good news on the horizon! Here is a quick hiring outlook for 2021 from our recruiting team.

Continued Remote Hiring

Last year saw the introduction of a huge spike in remote hiring practices. 71% of businesses have integrated some degree of remote hiring methods. As a result, according to a survey from CareerPlug, these remote hiring practices are here to stay in 2021:

  • More extensive phone screenings
  • Pre-qualification questions and assessments
  • Video interviews on platforms like Zoom
  • PPE (such as masks) and social distancing for in-person interviews
  • Electronic/paperless onboarding
  • Virtual orientation practices (PowerPoint presentations, training videos, etc.)

Emphasis On Diversity Hiring

One of the trends that popped up over the last year was an emphasis on diversity hiring. In order to stay competitive in the hiring market in 2021, it will be essential to prioritize diversity in hiring and current employees. Companies will be focusing on diversity in their Executive suites, implementing diversity, equity, and include (DEI) taskforces, and diversifying their hiring strategy.

Lower Requirements For Open Jobs

72% of roles today have lower requirements than last January. Employers are lowering expectations for open jobs. Before the pandemic, job requirements have been slowly creeping up to unrealistic standards. “For example, customer service representative jobs used to require three years of experience, and 40% of employers required applicants to have a college degree. Now, they require one to two years of experience, if any, and only 12% of companies require a degree.”

Confidence In Reaching Revenue Goals

In 2020, 38.9% of businesses said their hiring plans did not change as a result of COVID-19, while 20.8% said they hired or more positions than planned. So, as the economy continues to recover this year, hiring managers have more and more optimism that they will be able to reach their 2021 revenue goals. Part of this strategy will include making critical hires that will assist in taking your team to the next level.

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