A Recruiter Is Only As Good As Their Tool Belt

A Recruiter Is Only As Good As The Tools They Use

I recently joined a few networking groups for recruiters. I couldn’t believe the tools (or lack thereof) that other recruiters are utilizing to find your next potential employee. Yes, as recruiters, our job is to bring you the best fit for your needs, but how can we find them if we’re not using the best tools available in the industry? So, take a good look at the recruiting team you’re partnering with and dig deep to uncover how they are sourcing candidates.

When you implement the best tools, you can find anything. For example, with the tools I use to recruit, I could probably find your favorite singer’s business manager’s direct contact information. When people ask, “how did you get my information?” It’s an easy answer: it’s my job! I am a recruiter, which means that I am one heck of a detective too! It’s all in the software. Here at Johnson Search Group, we are selective with the tools that we invest in. We utilize only the best to find our clients the exact candidates they’re looking for.

How We Use Recruiting Tools

When you partner with my team, we have the tools to find you the best candidates (even if they aren’t actively looking for a new job). Next, understand that this is just the start! A recruiter can invest in all the right tools and still miss the mark in discovering your “golden unicorn.” With over 35 years in business, we have perfected our vetting skills and personality gauges. In fact, we have this down to such a science that we know from the first 12 seconds of the call if a candidate would be a good fit and add value to your organization!

So when you have a critical need, call me at Johnson Search Group. I have the best tools on the market. And I will not only put them to work for you and your organization, I will put my whole heart into it too.