Why Partner with A Recruiting Firm to Hire Your IT Talent

Why Partner with A Recruiting Firm to Hire Your IT Talent

Software and IT engineering is an area with a talent shortage, and there are more open positions than there are good people to fill them. With such a deficit, it may be worth looking into partnering with an IT recruiting firm. If your healthcare organization is looking to add top IT talent to your team this year, here are some excellent reasons to partner with a professional recruiting firm.

Access To Talent Networks

One of the advantages of working with an IT recruiting firm, like JSG, is the additional talent pool our clients gain. We have some of the best candidates on the market, and they are exclusively working with us. In other words, these are candidates that they won’t find anywhere else. We have decades of experience building up our talent pool through networking, referrals, and direct daily contact with candidates.

Industry and Market Knowledge

Recruiters have inside knowledge and experience regarding salary ranges, local market trends, and changes. This expertise allows us to assist in your hiring process by providing your team with the guidance and insight you’ll need to hire quality talent.

The opportunity to “try before you buy”

Figuring out if a candidate will be a good fit can be complicated by just doing an interview. Some candidates can look great on paper but not work out once they come on board. However, using a recruiting firm that offers contract-to-hire and permanent hire solutions allows you to see the employees’ work and experience first-hand. If they are a good fit, you have the option to hire them after their contract assignment. And if they aren’t, both parties can part ways with less hassle.

Need help sourcing IT talent?

These are a few of the many reasons why it can be beneficial to partner with a recruiting firm to hire your IT talent. If your team is ready to expand your talent pool, reach out to us today. At JSG, we have an extensive group of IT professionals ready to work for an exceptional company like yours. Or, if outsourcing portions or all of your IT activities makes more sense for your company, we have a suite of IT consulting services. We can customize a set of activities that meet your company’s specific needs. Reach out to us today, and let’s work together!