Staffing Lessons from the Trenches

Staffing Lessons from the Trenches

I decided to do something different. At Johnson Search Group, we regularly write blogs to share our industry insight and knowledge regarding the recruiting world. I did some thinking, and I want to take a few moments to share some of the lessons I learned in the past month. These lessons will hopefully either help you with your hiring strategy or aid you in your job search. Here are this month’s staffing lessons.

When you can’t decide between two candidates

The first staffing lesson this month: You have two great candidates, and you are going crazy trying to figure out which one is the most qualified and best fit for your organization. After all, you are looking for a candidate who will make the most significant impact on your team. Which one fits best? What if they are both great? Ugh, then you may find yourself stuck in a tricky situation.

In this instance, you really must give it lots of thought. Once you have made your decision and your present the offer letter, do not set your runner up free. Instead, give your top candidate an offer letter with a five-day timer on it. Five days is more than enough time for someone to make their decision (especially after going through a lengthy interview process).

It is easy to assume that once completing the entire hiring process, your top candidate will be excited and ready to go! But did you work with a recruiter and triple-check they are within your budget? Did you figure out from day one what they were looking for as far as relocation? Did they follow up their interview with a thank-you email that conveys their excitement for the opportunity? I find that when candidates send me a thank-you email to forward off to my clients, they are very enthusiastic about the opportunity and are appreciative of the hiring team’s time, which says a lot about them as a person and a candidate.

The deal’s not over until it’s done

So, when you find yourself with two stellar candidates, and there is a smidge of uncertainty, never let number two go until the offer letter is signed and the start date set. We all know things happen during the hiring process. When you have worked so hard yourself to find someone awesome to add to your team, I highly suggest you do not turn them away until you are a hundred percent certain the deal is done.

Time kills all deals

The next staffing lesson of the month is time kills all deals, one of the most crucial phrases in the staffing industry. When you have a recruiter send you a candidate that is actively on the market, you must act with lightning speed. If you have any interest in the candidate, you have to promptly move if you do not want to lose a great talent—the more efficient your hiring process, the better for both your organization and your talent pool. The market is quickly taking off, and if you don’t act fast, you will be missing out on the best candidates out there.

So, those are my staffing lessons from the trenches this month. If your team is looking to add some strong candidates to your organization, partner with me today. I have a great understanding of the healthcare and staffing industry, and I am ready to find you the right candidates for your organization. Reach out to me today, and let’s work together!