Engaging with Passive Candidates

Engaging with Passive Candidates

Recruiting the right talent for your institution can be tricky! The days are long gone where you can post a job and hope that the right candidate will come along and apply. As a recruiter, passive candidates are highly desirable. They’re likely content with their job and probably not interviewing elsewhere, thus, I don’t have to compete with other employers and opportunities. It’s my job to reach out to the passive candidates, engage in a conversation, and see if I generate any interest in the opportunity I am recruiting for.

Therefore, to engage with these candidates, you must understand what they want. According to JobVite, money is the number one reason why a passive candidate would become an active candidate. Work-life with work/life balance a close second, followed by upward mobility and feeling challenged by their work. So, if your hiring team is looking to broaden your candidate pool, here are some ways to effectively engage with passive candidates.

Listen intently

When I get on the phone with a passive candidate, it’s my job to “sell” them on the position that I am recruiting for and at least try to have a conversation with them about it. You can uncover a lot of information just by listening to what the candidates are saying and any pain points they could reveal in the conversation.

Be persistent, not pushy

If you’re overselling the role, it can come across to candidates as disingenuous or even misleading. However, if you’ve identified a prospective candidate and you haven’t been successful at getting in touch, try other methods. If you’ve left messages for them with no returned calls, try emailing. Or if they have a LinkedIn, send a message on there. LinkedIn is a great way to network with passive candidates!

Ask for referrals!

Also, if a passive candidate you’re pursuing has no interest, chances are they know someone with a similar skill-set. Ask if they happen to know anyone that would be interested. For tough-to-fill positions, I sometimes offer a referral bonus for recommendations that receive a job offer.

Need help identifying passive candidates?

Hopefully, this will help you in your conversations with passive candidates when you’re not seeing applicants with the right skill-set.

If you’re looking for passive candidates, recruiters are a great way to leverage these conversations! My team at JSG has an extensive network of passive candidates looking for the right opportunity to make a move. So, reach out to us today, and let us expand your candidate pool.