How to Sell Your Job Opportunities to Candidates

How to Sell Your Job Opportunities to Candidates

When you are interviewing someone, and you think to yourself, “I like this person,” what can you do to ensure that they are just as interested in the positions? This moment in time is an important one for you to recognize and take advantage of. Today’s competitive market has been a great reminder that the “little things” matter. These small but essential details can ultimately determine whether or not a candidate accepts a job offer. So, what are you doing to gain the interest of prospective candidates? Are you selling yourself, your team, and your organization? Here are a few tips to help your hiring team better sell your job opportunities to candidates.

Illustrate your leadership style

A great place to start is honesty around who you are as a leader. Providing insight into your leadership style will go such a long way in getting the right team around you. Are you someone who is involved and ultra-supportive or someone who is more hands-off? Being upfront about your management style will help you gravitate toward the right personalities to joining your team. In the long run, this will make it easier to develop a team with excellent chemistry.

Explain what sets your company apart

Next, really think about what differentiates your company from your competition; focus on the aspects that would make a prospective candidate want to join your team. As the hiring manager, interviews are your opportunity to sell the company and team dynamic. In my experience as a recruiter, if you take the time to discuss your company’s unique offerings, it’s much easier to sell your job opportunities to candidates. You may set your company apart with extra vacation days, volunteer opportunities, or personal time, profit sharing, associate satisfaction programs, or top performer awards/recognition, or anything else. These are the employers who are setting themselves up to get the best talent. 

Need help strategizing your hiring process?

If you’ve lost a great candidate or two recently to a competitor, give me a call, and let’s discuss your hiring strategy. We can work together to develop an approach to better sell your job opportunities to candidates.