A Multi-Step Recruiting Process: Unlike Any Other

Our Multi-Step Recruiting Process: Unlike Any Other

One of the things that really sets us apart from our competition is our process. When you receive a Johnson Search Group candidate, you are guaranteed to get a top talent with a dynamite personality – a candidate within your salary range and ready to relocate to your community. So, how do we do it? Here’s a peek into our multi-step candidate evaluation process.

Candidate Discovery

First, I start a search for candidates. Between our various software, exclusive databases, and vigorous calling schedule, we aim to discover two or three candidates that would be a great fit for your role. 

Candidate Assessment 

Once I have discovered a handful of qualified candidates, they undergo a dynamic series of initial vetting questions. I make sure to cover all of the important details including career goals, salary, and location.

Once they have passed my initial screening, they move on to the next all-important step: a call with our Senior Vice President, Perry Paden. With over 30 years of industry experience, Perry knows the right questions to ask to really dig deep and uncover any red flags or potential selling points.

I even have a client of mine that asks me, “are they Perry approved?” They understand the value that our process and his involvement add. Our double candidate assessment is unlike any in the recruiting market. We take the time to ensure that the potential candidate is excited about being an intricate part of your organization and a match on money, personality, relo, and qualifications/experience.

Candidate Submittal

Once Perry has given this approval, I give my candidate all the information they need on your organization and community. I have already given them all the best details and have them excited before Perry even chats with them. But at this point, I let them and their families review your organization and community.

After one final check-in, I get the green light from my candidate. Then, I wrap up their resume and qualification, and they land on your desk stamped “Perry approved!”

So just know that before one of my candidates land on your desk, they have been through the full JSG process. This multi-step process certainly puts our team in a league of our own and sets us apart from the competition.

Partner with me today for your hiring needs and experience it yourself. Here at Johnson Search Group, we mean business. We are honest, transparent, genuine, and passionate about pairing your organization with the right candidates. Reach out to my team today, and let’s get started!