Q1 Wrap Up – Mining and Heavy Industrial

Q1 Wrap Up – Mining and Heavy Industrial

It’s hard to believe 2021 is already a quarter of the way over. For me and my team and JSG, the first quarter flew by. Already this year, we have seen positive hiring trends and managed to put together some great deals resulting in hiring numbers we are really proud of. I wanted to reflect on some of the results we have seen so far this year and the upcoming trends in the mining and heavy industrial industry.

Mining and heavy industrial companies are hiring

Our mining and heavy industrial clients are hiring across the board. The vast majority of these job orders are the usual suspects: maintenance mechanics, electricians, and the ever-hard-to-find electrical process control technicians. In addition to these typical roles, we are getting an increase in the senior salaried roles. Production managers, maintenance managers, quality positions, and safety positions are growing in demand in 2021. Engineering and supervisory positions are also highly sought after in Q1.

Competition for the best candidates

One of the encouraging trends I am seeing is my clients have great motivation to hire candidates when I present them with qualified individuals. With the influx of applications coming into the workforce in the past few months, companies are seeing an increased number of skilled professionals. This process is a two-way street; most qualified professionals are applying and interviewing with several companies. Thus, employers who have an efficient hiring process become the winners in these situations.

Hiring isn’t slowing down

As the year progresses, I can see these trends continuing. As companies reach full production, there will be an increase in hourly positions that will get filled relatively quickly. However, salaried positions may take a little longer. However, these hard-to-fill roles can typically be filled in the 20–30-day window when working with recruiters. I do foresee an increased focus on hiring management and safety positions throughout the year.

We have a pipeline of Mining and Heavy Industrial candidates

Here at JSG, we anticipate having a robust second quarter with our mining and heavy industrial clients. Thus, if your team is looking to partner with a recruiter specializing in your industry, we are here to help. We have the capacity to assist in filling your staffing needs, whether it is an hourly role, salaried position, contract, contract-to-hire, or direct hire; we are ready to help source the best candidates on the market. So, reach out to us today, and let’s work together.