Here to Help Means More at JSG

Here to Help Means More at JSG

In the last month, I have stumbled across two interesting aspects when it comes to Healthcare recruiting. First of all, onsite interviews are not always necessary. After two virtual interviews, my talented candidate was hired without ever stepping foot in the facility. The other interesting experience that happened last month was how tight the housing market is in rural areas. Many of my clients are critical access hospitals in smaller rural communities. Recently, I have helped two of my clients find housing accommodations for candidates relocating. If you are one of JSG’s clients, you are in for a real treat because we genuinely go above and beyond to make your hiring process as smooth as possible. When I say, “I am here to help,” I certainly mean it!

We can help streamline your hiring process

So, my candidate is a very smart HIM specialist down in California looking to get up here to Washington. I had the pleasure of sending her over to a client in need and was blown away by the fast, efficient interview process my client presented to my candidate. Smart move because when you have a candidate who is RHIT/RHIA certified, they won’t be on the market for long. This process was two separate virtual interviews and an offer within a day after the second interview. My candidate signed the offer letter right away, and together, we began searching for a house. She made it up here in 20 days with family in tow and a beautiful new home. She is so happy with the organization and role, and so is my client – No wasted time, a smooth hiring process, and a great hire.

Staffing by day, real estate agents by night

Moreover, several of my clients have had candidates turn down offers because they cannot find housing in these rural communities. Well, at JSG, we are here to help you facilitate a successful hire for our clients. I have done a ton of research and built relationships in the communities alongside my hospitals. So, when you work with me, finding both short-or long-term housing accommodations isn’t an issue. I simply help make the transition easier for all. The housing market is hot all over the country, but with the aftermath of Covid-19 and more people working remotely, the housing shortage in rural communities has skyrocketed. So, after this candidate received their offer letter, I helped them look for housing. I sent them rental listings in areas recommended by my clients and connected them with local real estate agents so they could have a smooth relocation to their new home.

Partner with a recruiting firm that cares

Nonetheless, know that you are most certainly getting someone helpful during and after the hiring process when you work with one of us here at Johnson Search Group. We truly care about our candidates and do everything in our power to help make their new career moves a success. Reach out to me today, and you shall see how much easier working with candidates is when partnering with a recruiting firm that is here to help.