Landing and Retaining Talent in A Competitive Market

Landing and Retaining Talent in A Competitive Market

The job market in the mining, manufacturing, heavy industrial fields is as competitive as ever. With our economy opening back up and companies ramping up production, we find ourselves in a very competitive job market. Being able to land and retain talent becomes increasingly more important – people are ready to make a move! So, how can your organization win in this market? Thankfully, I have been able to help companies who need assistance landing and retaining talent in this competitive market.

Why are your employees looking elsewhere?

Most importantly is retaining the talent you currently have. As you know, it is significantly more cost-effective to retain talent rather than hiring and training new employees. There are countless reasons your employees may be looking for new opportunities. The best way to counteract that is to have a talent retention program and listen to your employees’ concerns and needs. While there are countless reasons why your employees may have one foot out the door, here are some of the common responses when I ask them why they are on the market:

  • Lack of upward mobility
  • Below average compensation or benefits program
  • Poor leadership and culture
  • Not a challenging, looking for something new and exciting

While some of these fixes are easier than others, these are the most common reasons I am hearing.

Competing for top talent

With things returning to normal, landing new candidates is becoming incredibly important. Your hiring team must understand that you’re competing for these candidates with other employers; some of these companies may even be your direct competitors. Having an effective, transparent, and streamlined hiring process is an easy way to get candidates onboarded quickly. The longer it takes for you to interview and make an offer to a candidate, the greater the chance of the candidate pursuing other opportunities in the meantime. Like we always say in the recruiting world, “time kills all deals.” Also, having programs in place to provide upward mobility, raises, and career growth can be incredibly attractive to landing prospective employees who want to stick around.

Working with a recruiting agency in a competitive market

As everyone is busy trying to get fully staffed up, working with a recruiting agency that can streamline the process for you can be incredibly effective. If you are not using recruiters and just hoping for the ideal candidate to seek out your organization and apply through your online portal, you will miss out on quality candidates. Letting an agency like Johnson Search Group source these candidates, vet and screen them, and streamline them directly to your hiring team is an efficient way to fill those critical roles. So, reach out to us today, and we are happy to help!