4 Communication Skills to Showcase in the Interview Process

4 Communication Skills to Showcase in the Interview Process

Everybody knows that showcasing particular skill sets to a hiring manager is crucial to landing your next job. Having the right skills can be extremely useful in conveying to a potential employer why you would make an excellent fit for a job. That is why it is crucial to illustrate these skill sets in your resume and throughout the interviewing process. But what skills should you be trying to emphasize, you may ask? One of the best ones to have is communication skills. Here are four communication skills you should embellish to help you secure your next job opportunity. 

Verbal Skills

The first skill set you should showcase is your verbal skills. No matter what industry you end up in, having excellent verbal skills is critical. Verbal skills show that you are great at communicating and interacting with others. Having this skill set allows you to demonstrate leadership skills, ask great questions, and positively impact any team setting. The best way to flaunt these skills is by thoroughly answering interview questions as well as asking your own.

If you are looking for some inspiration, try asking one of these interview questions.

Listening Skills

Job seekers often overlook this skill. One of the best communication skills comes from active listening. Active listening is when you listen to someone speak and respond thoroughly after absorbing all the information gathered. This skill ultimately makes others you are listening to feel valued and shows that you are a great learner from listening. By taking in this information, you better prepare yourself for presenting thoughtful responses to interview questions (and help you form your own!).

Written Communication Skills

Having written communication skills is a significant advantage that you can show off on your resume. Examples of written communication skills can be evident in editing, blogging, thank-you notes, emailing, or even your cover letters. These skills are essential to employers because it shows that you can effectively convey your thoughts and ideas. Your cover letter and writing samples are an excellent spotlight for these skills and provide more freedom than your resume.

Non-Verbal Communication Skills

Last but certainly not least is non-verbal communication skills. This skill is essentially the way you communicate without using any language. We are talking about your body language, tone of your voice, and facial expressions. The most significant factor of non-verbal communication skills is that they determine people’s impressions of you. Having positive non-verbal cues is the easiest way to illustrate your excitement for a job without saying anything at all! Non-verbal communication skills also portray trust by showing engagement and sincerity in your conversations. Overall, non-verbal skills are excellent for interview settings, networking events, and even phone conversations. Having this skill can increase your success at attaining job opportunities and being able to network effectively. 

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These four skills are beneficial for excelling through any interview process. However, there are so many other valuable skills you should showcase during the interviewing process. If you are looking for more resume tips or skill sets employers are looking for, check out our candidate resources! We have hundreds of blogs and other helpful tips to help you secure the job you deserve.