JSG Teammates

Meet The Newest JSG Teammates

Our team at Johnson Search Group continues to grow as we help our clients navigate this challenging labor market. We wanted to take a few moments to introduce our newest teammates and share a few fun facts about each of them!

If you’re looking for your next career opportunity or if your hiring team needs help sourcing talent in this competitive market, please reach out to one of our newest teammates!

George Hamel – Banking Recruiter

Territory: Pacific Northwest

Fun facts:

  • I used to work on a daytime talk show called Windy City Live!
  • I did hair and makeup for the movie Boone (filmed in the garland district of Spokane)
  • I am loving my new adventure as a recruiter with JSG

Taylor Caitlyn Clark – Banking Recruiter

Territory: Texas

Fun Facts:

  • I have one cat right now and she is about 4 months old. Her name is Dr. Addison Montgomery Clark. I like to name my cats after TV show doctors. For example, my last cat was a grey tabby, so I named her Dr. Merideth Grey. My cat before that was very antisocial with anyone that wasn’t me, so his name was Dr. Sheldon Cooper. I’m thinking my next cat will be Dr. Spencer Reed.
  • I do like trying new coffee places, but I am mostly just very passionate about my favorite place – Mug Shots. They make (in my humble opinion) the very best coffee in town.
  • My kids are my whole world. My daughter Quinn is 10, and started 5th grade this year. She is full of sass, curiosity, independence, and adventure! Declan, my son, will be 8 on the 25th of this month. He started 2nd grade this year. He is very pensive, funny, and persistent. They have both been absolute saints throughout the chaos of the last few years, and I am incredibly proud of them both!

Shaun Coyle – Healthcare Recruiter

Territory: Southeast

Fun Facts:

  • I have 2 daughters
  • I like to hunt and bass fish in the great Pacific Northwest
  • I like watching sports

Faron Fry – Mining & Heavy Industrial Recruiter

Territory: West Coast

Fun Facts:

  • I have over 100 acres in Idaho that I like to play on with my family and ATV’s
  • I enjoy hunting for crystals and garnets in the mountains of Idaho
  • My son is busy with boxing, my daughter loves all bugs and animals, and my husband is a talented glass artist

Jennifer Cumbie – Healthcare Recruiter

Territory: Southwest

Fun Facts:

  • I lived overseas in Germany as a child when my dad was in the Army
  • I enjoy watching nature documentaries with my two daughters
  • My husband and I love traveling and visiting art museums