Employers Are Getting Creative to Attract Candidates

Employers Are Getting Creative to Attract Candidates

It’s no surprise that companies across the globe are struggling to attract (and retain) talent. Candidates are backing out of job offers days before their start date, while others fail to show up without so much as a word. As a result, employers are getting creative to attract candidates in this tight labor market.

Employers are offering plush amenities to lure talent back to the office

Companies are rethinking the designs of their office space to make it more attractive to improve retention rates and attract new candidates. Some employers are going all out, including offering fancy lounges, coffee shops, state-of-the-art ventilation systems, and cafeterias with free food. These companies are pulling out the red carpet in hopes of making the office so nice that there are no excuses not to show up. However, are these fancy amenities enough to interest workers to return to the office or attract new talent? Some are arguing this is no different from the stereotypes that Millennial-aged workers want foosball tables and happy hours; in reality, they care more about fair compensation, healthy company culture, and employers who listen to their employees.

Time will tell if this creative office redesign helps attract candidates in this tight market.

Overhauling PTO policies

With more people working from home than ever before, workers aren’t using their sick days the same way. For most, sick days are utilized when you’re feeling unwell and to prevent the spreading of illnesses to your co-workers. But with remote work the new norm for many workers, people can continue to work while feeling under the weather. However, this is causing more employees to experience burnout and longer recovery times as workers fail to use their sick time to rest. This leads to “presenteeism” — showing up for work when you’re not feeling up to it and not doing your best job.

To combat this epidemic, more companies are overhauling their time off policies. Instead of vacation days and sick time, companies are offering PTO policies where employees have a “bucket” of paid time off they can use as they please. JSG recently made this transition to better suit our employees in the post-pandemic market, and it’s getting excellent feedback. But overhauling your PTO policies isn’t enough. Your leadership teams must encourage your staff to use this time. This transition will not benefit your staff if they don’t feel comfortable using the time off that they have earned.

Partnering with a staffing professional

New office designs and PTO restructuring may help you attract candidates in this competitive market. But if you are looking to make an immediate impact on your hiring strategy, try partnering with a recruiting professional. Firms like Johnson Search Group have a vast talent pipeline with passive candidates ready to make a career move. We ensure the candidates we represent fit your culture, your community, and the role. Our extensive vetting process ensures your new hires will show up on the first day and be ready to make an impact on your organization. Are you ready to get the talent you have been searching hard to attract? Reach out to our recruiting team today!