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If you’re an employer, navigating the labor market can be challenging. But at Johnson Search Group, we are here to simplify things. Here is a collection of hiring process recommendations, overviews of the current landscape of the labor market, industry news, and much more. At Johnson Search Group, we work hard, we work together, and we work for you.

Hiring Heats Up Across The U.S.

Hiring Heats Up Across the U.S.

As we edge closer to the summer months, our clients are kicking their hiring efforts into high gear! With candidates receiving multiple competing offers and some industries even experiencing an all-out talent shortage, companies are struggling to hire the talent they need to ramp up production. Today, we’re breaking down our team’s hiring activities in our core industries and discussing the greatest hiring needs across the U.S. 

Maintenance, IT, & Communications In Mining  

As mining and manufacturing companies work to get back to pre-pandemic levels, Maintenance is the largest area of need. We caught up with Mining Team Lead Alex Price, and he shared the following firsthand insights into the hottest areas of mining right now: “Across the board with our mining and industrial clients, we are seeing the continued push for maintenance professionals at all levels. My team and I are actively filling anything from entry-level skilled trades to management-level maintenance professionals. Also, as the mining industry continues to modernize, we are receiving more job orders in the IT and Communications space. Therefore, this new emphasis on efficiency improvements has hiring managers searching high and low for IT and Communication professionals.” 

IT & Digital Expertise in Banking  

Banking Team Lead Krista Portolesi shared some insights into the competitive world of digital banking. “Lately, there has been a significant increase in the demand for IT positions, specifically related to digital banking experience, as a result of the pandemic. Within the last few weeks, I have had two product-related positions, specifically dealing with oversight over multi-channel projects as it relates to digital banking and consumer experience. In fact, according to the Financial Brand, ‘almost 80% of respondents to their survey of top financial institutions stated that Covid-19 uncovered shortcomings in their institution’s digital capabilities. In most cases, these challenges were attributed to legacy infrastructure and data fragmentation.’” As a result, hiring in these areas has spiked significantly.  

Finance in Healthcare  

It’s no surprise that healthcare institutions are juggling a lot right now. And according to Healthcare Recruiter Stephanie Brown, one of the most extensive areas of need is the financial sector. “Financials in healthcare are booming because they are looking quite a bit different in 2021 and moving forward. The increasing demand for skilled Revenue Cycle candidates is crazy all across the board! Hospitals need to be on top of their profits right now and are looking for new talent to accomplish that. Additionally, they are hiring now, searching for new ways of sourcing talent quickly. Collaborative leaders are what my clients are requesting, that’s for sure.”  

We are ready to work for you 

So, these are just a few of our specialized industries that are competing for top talent right now. If you find your team struggling to hire the talent you need, contact us today! Or, if you are a candidate ready to take the next step in your career, join our Talent Network to be alerted to new opportunities in your location and area of expertise. 

How to Sell Your Job Opportunities to Candidates

How to Sell Your Job Opportunities to Candidates

When you are interviewing someone, and you think to yourself, “I like this person,” what can you do to ensure that they are just as interested in the positions? This moment in time is an important one for you to recognize and take advantage of. Today’s competitive market has been a great reminder that the “little things” matter. These small but essential details can ultimately determine whether or not a candidate accepts a job offer. So, what are you doing to gain the interest of prospective candidates? Are you selling yourself, your team, and your organization? Here are a few tips to help your hiring team better sell your job opportunities to candidates.

Illustrate your leadership style

A great place to start is honesty around who you are as a leader. Providing insight into your leadership style will go such a long way in getting the right team around you. Are you someone who is involved and ultra-supportive or someone who is more hands-off? Being upfront about your management style will help you gravitate toward the right personalities to joining your team. In the long run, this will make it easier to develop a team with excellent chemistry.

Explain what sets your company apart

Next, really think about what differentiates your company from your competition; focus on the aspects that would make a prospective candidate want to join your team. As the hiring manager, interviews are your opportunity to sell the company and team dynamic. In my experience as a recruiter, if you take the time to discuss your company’s unique offerings, it’s much easier to sell your job opportunities to candidates. You may set your company apart with extra vacation days, volunteer opportunities, or personal time, profit sharing, associate satisfaction programs, or top performer awards/recognition, or anything else. These are the employers who are setting themselves up to get the best talent. 

Need help strategizing your hiring process?

If you’ve lost a great candidate or two recently to a competitor, give me a call, and let’s discuss your hiring strategy. We can work together to develop an approach to better sell your job opportunities to candidates.

4 Ways To Attract Candidates To Your Company

4 Ways To Attract Candidates To Your Company

With the unemployment rate at its lowest since the pandemic started and more job opportunities opening, many companies are having difficulty finding qualified talent to fill their positions. It has become increasingly important for employers to make sure they stand out from their competitors in this crowded job market. Below are a few tips on how your company can attract candidates and retain employees.

Have a Speedy Hiring Process

A speedy hiring process is important in a candidate-driven market. If yours takes too long, top talent will turn to competitors. The demand for quality talent has increased, but the supply of actual skilled talent has decreased. You also have to consider that highly sought-after talent is currently employed. If they are willing to explore their options but encounter a slow hiring process, they will likely choose to stay with their current employer. 

Offer Unique Perks and Competitive Pay

Quality talent understands that their skills are in high demand and that they have options to choose from. By offering competitive wages and benefits packages, you set yourself apart from your competition and attract candidates. Additionally, companies that offer unique perks such as gym or hot spring memberships, complimentary chiropractor visits, in-house childcare, free food, and more are securing talent more quickly.

Create a Company Culture That Attracts Employees

Studies have shown that an employee’s happiness at work is linked to interpersonal relationships, company culture, and work environment. So, the stronger and more enjoyable your company’s culture is, the more likely your employees are happy working for you. As a result, your retention statistics will increase. Top talent will be drawn to the fact that your employees are not only happy, but most of them have decided to stick around for a long time.

Offer Professional Development Opportunities 

Many workers care a lot about professional development in today’s market. So, you must make it a top priority if you want to attract candidates. Invite knowledgeable speakers in your industry to your office from time to time to lead seminars. Invest in continued training and coaching activities or trade shows and conferences, and encourage your employees to attend. Knowledge is always a great investment.

If your company could use a hand with attracting top talent, please reach out to our experienced recruiters at JSG, who will consult with you and discuss your needs thoroughly in order to find you the talent you need and the quality you deserve.

A Multi-Step Recruiting Process: Unlike Any Other

Our Multi-Step Recruiting Process: Unlike Any Other

One of the things that really sets us apart from our competition is our process. When you receive a Johnson Search Group candidate, you are guaranteed to get a top talent with a dynamite personality – a candidate within your salary range and ready to relocate to your community. So, how do we do it? Here’s a peek into our multi-step candidate evaluation process.

Candidate Discovery

First, I start a search for candidates. Between our various software, exclusive databases, and vigorous calling schedule, we aim to discover two or three candidates that would be a great fit for your role. 

Candidate Assessment 

Once I have discovered a handful of qualified candidates, they undergo a dynamic series of initial vetting questions. I make sure to cover all of the important details including career goals, salary, and location.

Once they have passed my initial screening, they move on to the next all-important step: a call with our Senior Vice President, Perry Paden. With over 30 years of industry experience, Perry knows the right questions to ask to really dig deep and uncover any red flags or potential selling points.

I even have a client of mine that asks me, “are they Perry approved?” They understand the value that our process and his involvement add. Our double candidate assessment is unlike any in the recruiting market. We take the time to ensure that the potential candidate is excited about being an intricate part of your organization and a match on money, personality, relo, and qualifications/experience.

Candidate Submittal

Once Perry has given this approval, I give my candidate all the information they need on your organization and community. I have already given them all the best details and have them excited before Perry even chats with them. But at this point, I let them and their families review your organization and community.

After one final check-in, I get the green light from my candidate. Then, I wrap up their resume and qualification, and they land on your desk stamped “Perry approved!”

So just know that before one of my candidates land on your desk, they have been through the full JSG process. This multi-step process certainly puts our team in a league of our own and sets us apart from the competition.

Partner with me today for your hiring needs and experience it yourself. Here at Johnson Search Group, we mean business. We are honest, transparent, genuine, and passionate about pairing your organization with the right candidates. Reach out to my team today, and let’s get started!

Engaging with Passive Candidates

Engaging with Passive Candidates

Recruiting the right talent for your institution can be tricky! The days are long gone where you can post a job and hope that the right candidate will come along and apply. As a recruiter, passive candidates are highly desirable. They’re likely content with their job and probably not interviewing elsewhere, thus, I don’t have to compete with other employers and opportunities. It’s my job to reach out to the passive candidates, engage in a conversation, and see if I generate any interest in the opportunity I am recruiting for.

Therefore, to engage with these candidates, you must understand what they want. According to JobVite, money is the number one reason why a passive candidate would become an active candidate. Work-life with work/life balance a close second, followed by upward mobility and feeling challenged by their work. So, if your hiring team is looking to broaden your candidate pool, here are some ways to effectively engage with passive candidates.

Listen intently

When I get on the phone with a passive candidate, it’s my job to “sell” them on the position that I am recruiting for and at least try to have a conversation with them about it. You can uncover a lot of information just by listening to what the candidates are saying and any pain points they could reveal in the conversation.

Be persistent, not pushy

If you’re overselling the role, it can come across to candidates as disingenuous or even misleading. However, if you’ve identified a prospective candidate and you haven’t been successful at getting in touch, try other methods. If you’ve left messages for them with no returned calls, try emailing. Or if they have a LinkedIn, send a message on there. LinkedIn is a great way to network with passive candidates!

Ask for referrals!

Also, if a passive candidate you’re pursuing has no interest, chances are they know someone with a similar skill-set. Ask if they happen to know anyone that would be interested. For tough-to-fill positions, I sometimes offer a referral bonus for recommendations that receive a job offer.

Need help identifying passive candidates?

Hopefully, this will help you in your conversations with passive candidates when you’re not seeing applicants with the right skill-set.

If you’re looking for passive candidates, recruiters are a great way to leverage these conversations! My team at JSG has an extensive network of passive candidates looking for the right opportunity to make a move. So, reach out to us today, and let us expand your candidate pool.

Why You Should Partner With JSG To Find Your Next Employee

Why You Should Partner With JSG To Find Your Next Employee

There’s no doubt that it has been a rollercoaster of a year. With everything that has occurred, your department leaders are probably being pulled in a million different directions. This, combined with the pressure to ramp up business back to “normal,” leaves little room for hiring. And while the candidate market is busting at the seams, that does not mean it’s easy to secure the employee you need.

In an over-saturated market, the best candidates are buried under thousands that just aren’t quite the right fit. Additionally, the employee you need to take your team to the next level may still be employed with a competitor, just waiting for the right opportunity to make a stable move. Today we’ll break down a few of our biggest industries and the benefits of partnering with a recruiter, no matter which one you’re in.


As bonus season comes and goes in the banking world, many professionals are left wondering if they are with the right firm. It’s the perfect time for them to make a change. However, most banking professionals conduct very private searches so as not to tip off their current employer. Many exclusively partner with a recruiting firm like Johnson Search Group to find their next job so that we can ensure they get the right salary in the right location at the right time. A great example of this is our recent placement of a VP of HR at a local bank. This quick hire fulfilled our candidate’s need for growth and our client’s need for employee direction and support.


The healthcare industry was turned completely upside down last year. As a result, priorities for many organizations changed dramatically. Now that things in healthcare are stabilizing, many leaders are trying to pick up the pieces. There’s now room to focus on growth and future security. On top of it, many of your employees may have experienced severe burnout during 2020. This makes it a great time to add to your team and offload some of their burdens. However, budgets are tight, and you can’t afford a bad hire. A professional firm like Johnson Search Group can help you avoid costly mistakes, make quick hires, and ensure you’re hiring the right fit for your team. Recently, we placed a CFO with a rural hospital, allowing them to fill an essential need while continuing business as usual.

Mining & Manufacturing

As the mining and manufacturing industries pick back up, many companies are looking to fill leadership positions. Additionally, mid-level positions at large established companies are opening, such as maintenance, production, and other skilled-trades professionals. If your organization is still testing the post-pandemic waters, contract staffing is the perfect solution. At Johnson Search Group, we offer flexible, custom contract options that will fit your company’s needs. You decide the length of the contract, and if they are a great fit, we can help you can convert them into permanent employees. Then, we’ll help you negotiate a competitive rate to secure the best on the market.

Information Technology

The online and virtual aspect of most businesses has absolutely exploded recently. While this enables your company to stay connected even while far apart, it also exposes you to a whole new world of technological risk. Your best bet is to tackle these risks head-on and protect your data by partnering with IT experts. At Johnson Search Group, we offer IT solutions in both staffing and consulting. Whether you need to add to your current IT team or you’re looking to outsource your needs to a fully-staffed team of experts, we have options for you. No matter what, we will help you find an IT professional who fits not only the hard skills required but also the company culture and customer-centric mindset.

Ready to partner with JSG to find your next employee?

As you can see, people are hiring. Some of the roles we’re currently recruiting for include ControllerPatient Care ManagerQuality Control SupervisorVP Sr. Compliance Officer, and Director of IT Services. If you’re looking to fill positions like these, give us a call. We can talk through a custom staffing strategy based on your needs, budget, and location.

Staffing Lessons from the Trenches

Staffing Lessons from the Trenches

I decided to do something different. At Johnson Search Group, we regularly write blogs to share our industry insight and knowledge regarding the recruiting world. I did some thinking, and I want to take a few moments to share some of the lessons I learned in the past month. These lessons will hopefully either help you with your hiring strategy or aid you in your job search. Here are this month’s staffing lessons.

When you can’t decide between two candidates

The first staffing lesson this month: You have two great candidates, and you are going crazy trying to figure out which one is the most qualified and best fit for your organization. After all, you are looking for a candidate who will make the most significant impact on your team. Which one fits best? What if they are both great? Ugh, then you may find yourself stuck in a tricky situation.

In this instance, you really must give it lots of thought. Once you have made your decision and your present the offer letter, do not set your runner up free. Instead, give your top candidate an offer letter with a five-day timer on it. Five days is more than enough time for someone to make their decision (especially after going through a lengthy interview process).

It is easy to assume that once completing the entire hiring process, your top candidate will be excited and ready to go! But did you work with a recruiter and triple-check they are within your budget? Did you figure out from day one what they were looking for as far as relocation? Did they follow up their interview with a thank-you email that conveys their excitement for the opportunity? I find that when candidates send me a thank-you email to forward off to my clients, they are very enthusiastic about the opportunity and are appreciative of the hiring team’s time, which says a lot about them as a person and a candidate.

The deal’s not over until it’s done

So, when you find yourself with two stellar candidates, and there is a smidge of uncertainty, never let number two go until the offer letter is signed and the start date set. We all know things happen during the hiring process. When you have worked so hard yourself to find someone awesome to add to your team, I highly suggest you do not turn them away until you are a hundred percent certain the deal is done.

Time kills all deals

The next staffing lesson of the month is time kills all deals, one of the most crucial phrases in the staffing industry. When you have a recruiter send you a candidate that is actively on the market, you must act with lightning speed. If you have any interest in the candidate, you have to promptly move if you do not want to lose a great talent—the more efficient your hiring process, the better for both your organization and your talent pool. The market is quickly taking off, and if you don’t act fast, you will be missing out on the best candidates out there.

So, those are my staffing lessons from the trenches this month. If your team is looking to add some strong candidates to your organization, partner with me today. I have a great understanding of the healthcare and staffing industry, and I am ready to find you the right candidates for your organization. Reach out to me today, and let’s work together!

To understand the effectiveness of your hiring efforts, analyze the following three metrics for a successful recruitment strategy.

How to Analyze Your Recruitment Strategy

Did you know that 75% of workers are passive job seekers? This statistic gives companies a massive advantage in leveraging their recruitment strategy to attract those passive candidates to their organizations. If you’re unsure how to measure your recruitment strategy’s success or feel like something is lacking, you are not alone. To understand the effectiveness of your hiring efforts, analyze the following three metrics for a successful recruitment strategy.

Time to fill

Your time to fill ratio is how many days it takes for the job to be filled from start to finish. The national average for time to fill is 42 days. However, according to ERE Media, top candidates are off the market within ten days. Your hiring process should go as quickly and seamlessly as possible to attract these high-caliber candidates. You risk the chance of the candidate accepting an offer with another organization with a more efficient process. Or, if your approach is too slow, the candidate may become impatient and change their mind about the opportunity. Keep in mind that time kills all deals.

Employee retention

The national average turnover for all industries is 17.8%. While some industries have higher turnover than others, this is a good benchmark to use when calculating your own. To do this, select a period, say one year. Calculate the average number of employees during that year. Once you have that figure, divide the total number of separations by the average number of employees over that period. Then, multiply your result by 100 to turn it into a percentage, and voila, you have your employee retention rate. If your rate is significantly below the average, you may need to take a closer look at your recruitment strategy.

Acceptance ratio

Your company’s acceptance ratio is the number of accepted offers compared to the number of offers presented. According to the NACE, the national average is 66%. If your recruitment strategy is less than that, there may be a common denominator why candidates are not accepting the offers you’re giving. Questions to consider while looking at your acceptance ratio are:

  • Am I competitive in salary and benefits?
  • Did the hiring process take too long?
  • Was it a misfit in culture?

These are just a few of the reasons why candidates turn the job down. So, it’s essential to try and identify any internal factors that may be driving candidates away.

Using an external recruiter can help with any of these factors. My team at Johnson Search Group takes the time to understand your hiring process and recruitment strategy. Working with a recruiter can help you move the candidate through the process quickly. We keep our candidates interested in the opportunity by clear, continual communication and understand their motives for a job change. To assess a candidate’s skill set and organizational fit, we thoroughly vet each of them before presenting them to you.

Give us a call to discuss your hiring strategy and how we might be able to help you!

How To Secure Talent In A Competitive Market

How To Secure Talent In A Competitive Market

In such a competitive candidate market, many companies are losing great candidates to competition. With business being so hot and candidates ready to make a move, they have a considerable amount of options! As a result, frustrated hiring managers are coming to me asking questions like, “how can I secure experienced talent that is ready to commit to my team?”

It’s definitely a difficult market right now, particularly in areas like the mortgage industry. However, no matter what space you’re in, securing the right talent is imperative. This is where I can help! Candidates need to see the whole picture when deciding to work for you over your competitor.

Sell Your Value

Do you offer an excellent benefits package, work-life balance, a competitive salary, a family-like atmosphere? Or maybe your management team genuinely cares and wants to help individuals grow. Whatever your most significant selling points are, I, as your recruiter, can help convey that to your strongest prospects. I find out what is driving a candidate to consider making a change in the first place. Then, I share how your position meets those criteria and all the other benefits of working for your company. I will also be upfront with you. When I get the feeling a candidate will not be on the market for much longer, I’ll be honest with you and advise you to move as quickly as possible.

If you have recently found yourself missing out on great candidates because the market is just so competitive right now, give me a call. Let’s have a conversation about how I can help you secure the right talent for your team, rather than losing another great employee to a competitor.

Why Partner with A Recruiting Firm to Hire Your IT Talent

Why Partner with A Recruiting Firm to Hire Your IT Talent

Software and IT engineering is an area with a talent shortage, and there are more open positions than there are good people to fill them. With such a deficit, it may be worth looking into partnering with an IT recruiting firm. If your healthcare organization is looking to add top IT talent to your team this year, here are some excellent reasons to partner with a professional recruiting firm.

Access To Talent Networks

One of the advantages of working with an IT recruiting firm, like JSG, is the additional talent pool our clients gain. We have some of the best candidates on the market, and they are exclusively working with us. In other words, these are candidates that they won’t find anywhere else. We have decades of experience building up our talent pool through networking, referrals, and direct daily contact with candidates.

Industry and Market Knowledge

Recruiters have inside knowledge and experience regarding salary ranges, local market trends, and changes. This expertise allows us to assist in your hiring process by providing your team with the guidance and insight you’ll need to hire quality talent.

The opportunity to “try before you buy”

Figuring out if a candidate will be a good fit can be complicated by just doing an interview. Some candidates can look great on paper but not work out once they come on board. However, using a recruiting firm that offers contract-to-hire and permanent hire solutions allows you to see the employees’ work and experience first-hand. If they are a good fit, you have the option to hire them after their contract assignment. And if they aren’t, both parties can part ways with less hassle.

Need help sourcing IT talent?

These are a few of the many reasons why it can be beneficial to partner with a recruiting firm to hire your IT talent. If your team is ready to expand your talent pool, reach out to us today. At JSG, we have an extensive group of IT professionals ready to work for an exceptional company like yours. Or, if outsourcing portions or all of your IT activities makes more sense for your company, we have a suite of IT consulting services. We can customize a set of activities that meet your company’s specific needs. Reach out to us today, and let’s work together!