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If you’re an employer, navigating the labor market can be challenging. But at Johnson Search Group, we are here to simplify things. Here is a collection of hiring process recommendations, overviews of the current landscape of the labor market, industry news, and much more. At Johnson Search Group, we work hard, we work together, and we work for you.

How Hiring In 4th Quarter Has Changed In 2020

How Hiring In 4th Quarter Has Changed In 2020

Usually, the 4th quarter is one of the most challenging times to add top-tier talent. There are several reasons people don’t want to make a change during the last few months of the year. Let’s explore the three main ones and why hiring in 4th quarter has changed in 2020.

Annual Bonuses

During a typical year, people have a pretty good idea of what their annual bonus is going to be. Depending on the role, it can be a significant amount of the overall pay. Some have to wait until February or even June for some to receive this bonus. I certainly would not want to walk away from a 20-100% bonus unless there was a significant reason to leave. 

However, in 2020, many of the Bank Executives I’ve talked to are predicting annual bonuses to be minimal. Due to local shutdowns, a fluctuating economy, and uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus, there are many uncertainties. Professionals don’t feel as secure in their positions or as confident in their annual bonus. As a result, they are more open to making a change.

Flexibility In Hiring

The pandemic has really exploited the weaknesses of mediocre performers. And, with limited bonuses at competitors, banks have the opportunity to capitalize on capturing high performers. Additionally, if you are willing to get creative with the compensation and work/life balance, you’ll be able to attract A-level candidates. These are the areas in which professionals are looking for a change. 

This year has demonstrated that remote work is effective. Banks are rethinking the mindset of “all employees MUST work in the office.” Being flexible on this is really going to allow you to capture the best talent you are looking for to help your team.

The Holidays

Normally, the holidays are hectic and chaotic with parties and travel, but not this year. Travel is limited at best, and parties are not happening. Even major retail cornerstones like Black Friday will be completely different this year. Often, hiring in 4th quarter is slow because of the holiday. However, this year it is the perfect time to snag top talent. There are some incredible candidates looking to start 2021 off on the right foot.

They want to be a part of a strong leadership team with a bank that has a successful track record. We are talking to hundreds of people who will be making a move in the 4th quarter this year because they put up with less than ideal circumstances for too long. This is the time to uncover game-changing talent.

As you have seen, the pandemic has been a challenging time for most. However, it has created some fantastic opportunities for those ready to build the best team. (Even when there is a bit of chaos in the market.) It certainly changed the way we do business. Banks have realized that many jobs can be done remotely. Additionally, it can save a ton on rent, equipment, and, most importantly, staff happiness. 

Now is the time to cut the mediocre and capture the best. And to do that you need to use the best firm to help you find those candidates. Call me today, and we can discuss your situation and how we can help you find the best talent for your team.


Leadership is the Key to Hiring Better Candidates

When I am recruiting for my clients, one of the keys to hiring better candidates is exhibiting stable leadership. Organizational leadership is a huge selling point for candidates in this labor market, even more so than salary or other prevalent deciding factors. Job seekers want to know that their next career move (and their new home) will offer robust mentorship, encouragement, and, ultimately, healthy leadership.

When I have conversations with my clients, I develop an understanding of their management style. For instance, I work closely with a 200-bed facility. Their executives always make themselves accessible to answer my questions and discuss their hiring needs. Thus, I can sell that leadership style to the candidates I am working with and use as a tool to attract the best talent in the healthcare industry. Job seekers want to know they are going somewhere where there is GREAT management.

Servant leadership goes a long way

I recently learned the philosophy of Servant Leadership. Last week while recruiting, I came across two candidates that mentioned it. One recently retired and brought up Servant Leadership. She explained how much she missed her staff and told me about the leadership style of her former employer; she was so delightful to speak with.

The other candidate I was speaking with discussed his desired leadership style and how he wants to work for an organization that fosters “servant leaders.” The philosophy of “lead by walking beside your people” is something every candidate is looking for in today’s job market.

Let me sell your organization’s management

Let me share your management philosophies with job seekers to help your team hire better candidates. Everyone wants to work with kind, supportive, and encouraging leaders. Let me have the opportunity to find those healthcare professionals for your team.

Reach out to me today if you are searching for great RNs, MTs, Coders, and other healthcare professionals for your organization. Whatever your needs are, I simply source for the best candidates that are excited to be part of your team’s culture.

How To Make Your 2021 A Standout Success

How You Can Make 2021 A Standout Success

What will it take to make your 2021 a standout success? What accomplishments would you like your team to make? How much growth do you anticipate, and how will you make it happen with a budget that could be less than stellar? 

Making smart hires is critical in an unpredictable economy. Finding people who are driven to excel can make all the difference in your team. One great employee who is positive, supports their teammates, and puts extra energy into a project can make a world of difference on your bottom line. Conversely, making the wrong hires will affect your team just the opposite! Bringing in negative energy can be toxic for your established team. Additionally, you have the added headache of formulating an action/exit plan to manage a bad employee. Finally, you’ll find yourself scrambling to fill the critical position.

Upgrade Your Hiring Process

Positive contributors are worth their weight in gold. Some hiring managers are great at finding those people, while others struggle. It’s easy to be fooled by the performance a candidate puts on during an interview only to realize later on that it was a huge mistake. If you have found yourself frustrated with hires you’ve made in the past, now may be the time to upgrade your hiring process. Lean on someone who will ask the hard questions. Professional recruiters are not be mesmerized by a skilled interviewer, we dig deep to find the best candidate for your team. These are the changes that will make your 2021 a standout success.

The great thing about working with a recruiter is you don’t have to worry about the red flags. We sort through the “almost” candidates, identify red flags, and remove them from the process to avoid turmoil down the road. All you see are the very best candidates on the market. The game-changers who will achieve goals and drive your team to success in 2021. Now is the time to put a plan in place. 

Give me a call today. Let’s partner up to answer those kickoff questions. Together, we will discover the talent you need to make 2021 a standout success!


The Effects of Understaffing on Your Business & Employees

Most businesses and organizations will go through periods of economic uncertainty or downtime. During these uncertain times, many employers must make cutbacks in staffing to save money or simply stay in business. But what harmful effects does prolonged understaffing have on a business and its current employees that are left to pick up the slack?

Risk of Employee Injuries and Illnesses

When you do not have enough manpower, your employees inherit more work than they can safely handle. Often, this can result in employees rushing through processes and physically overdoing themselves. When your staff is overworked, they are more likely to make mistakes resulting in serious injuries. When your employees are overwhelmed, they tend to push themselves past their limits to get everything done. As a result, your employees’ stress levels may elevate.

If your staff remains under such pressure for an extended time, their mental and emotional health can suffer greatly, and they will be more likely to become ill. Over time, this can negatively affect your company’s productivity, efficiency, and quality of work.

Increase in Employee Turnover

A perfect example of a stressful, unpleasant work environment is high levels of employee turnover. When your employees are quick to quit, this negatively affects your company in several ways. For instance, you waste time and money training a new set of employees; employees that will probably end up leaving you in the short term. Your business will also make a bad name for itself as an undesirable place to work. This will prevent candidates from applying and could even stop customers from supporting you.

As your current employees continue to be overworked without relief in sight, they may become dissatisfied with management and their job in general. Low morale leads workers to lose motivation, miss deadlines, and lose interest in their jobs. These factors all lead to lower overall productivity and higher turnover.

A Financial Hit

Both of the warning signs above will impact your bottom line over time. If your employees are putting in more hours, but it’s not translating into results, you’re losing money; this will cost your business more in the long run, particularly if your team fails to reach productivity levels. Happy customers also contribute to your bottom line. If the turnaround time is too long or customer service is poor, it will deter customers from doing business with you in the future. The cost of vacancies continues to add up over time. The longer understaffing remains an issue, the larger the impact is on your bottom line and your employees’ productivity.

Solution to Understaffing

Do not let understaffing affect your productivity, customer service, or bottom line. See how a recruiting agency like Johnson Search Group can help your team reduce stress and turnover by ensuring you have the staff on hand to efficiently run your business.


This Is Not Your Parents’ Interview

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. “Change” has been a constant and given fact. On a personal level, many people have a hard time with change. We are creatures of habit and like our routines – like our daily Starbucks coffee and breakfast muffin. However, our personal lives are not the only things experiencing change. With travel restrictions, and mandated state-level quarantining and social distancing, on-site interviews have become a challenge for many companies, particularly in the mining industry. Suddenly, this is not your parents’ interview.

As a recruiter in the industry, I immediately noticed a change in interviewing trends: they pretty much stopped. It was a hard push on the breaks, and then, silence. Interviews were canceled or put on hold and hiring temporarily halted. It seemed that companies were not sure how to proceed in the new landscape. 

The Interview Evolution

But then – slowly – phone interviews were scheduled; then video interviews started. While for some companies, video interviewing has been a mainstay in their interviewing portfolio, the mining industry was not one that has embraced it – until now. 

What I am seeing is excitement and total adaptation of video interviewing. I am now hosting video interviews for my clients. I even hired an incredible candidate without the candidate and client ever meeting in person! The scalability of the product and clients’ adaptability to embrace the technology has gotten interviews flowing again.

The change in 2020 has been challenging, but good things have come from those challenges. Life goes on. Clients, candidates, and yes – even recruiters – have risen to the occasion.

I think interviews of old are fading, and a new interview landscape is emerging. Change is good.

Johnson Search Group stays on top of current changing trends in the industry and job market. If you are looking for a new opportunity or need help finding that ideal candidate, reach out and let us help you.

Closing Candidates in the 4th Quarter

Closing Candidates in the 4th Quarter

Here we are, in the 4th Quarter of 2020 already. It’s hard to believe, and chances are, you thought your year would be a heck of a lot different. Hundreds of companies have experienced an overall workforce reduction this year; however, many companies have a hiring need somewhere within their organization. Maybe it’s a department that’s been understaffed for months, or a new need for talent has surfaced due to changing demands in our current economic climate. Whatever your hiring may be, closing candidates is never a sure thing and has become increasingly challenging this year.

Over the past decade, candidates’ offer-to-acceptance rate is usually right around the 70% mark, and even lower in some specific job categories. Throughout 2020, it’s safe to speculate that this number could potentially be even lower. Here at Johnson Search Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to close candidates, and over the past few years, have been nearly 20% higher than the industry average. Here are a few tips to help your hiring team ensure you are successfully closing candidates in the 4th Quarter.

Establish an efficient hiring process

It’s really pretty simple – whether you’re a recruiter, an HR professional, or a hiring manager, you have to be transparent in what you can offer, what you’re looking for, and most importantly, move quickly on the candidates you like. Studies show that the average time-to-hire is approximately three weeks, while top talent is only on the job market for ten days. More so, in recent history, we have seen companies lose top talent to competitors because they are not pumping out offer letters fast enough.

So, what do you do? First of all, you must be transparent on compensation, relocation, and the candidate’s availability. The compensation is often the biggest deal-breaker; this where a recruiter can be a great asset. My team and I submit candidates within our clients’ salary range, and at a rate, our candidates have agreed to accept if an offer is extended. We avoid any negation after the offer, can almost guarantee to and the client knows upfront the candidate’s interest level.

Location is crucial

Location is another critical factor. If it is a relocation, it is essential to get the candidate’s family’s perspective and other decision-makers involved. We make it a policy to close the candidate on the location every phone call. Local candidates are ideal for everyone involved but not always a possibility for some positions; plus, local candidates have a significantly higher acceptance rate. Closing candidates in the 4th quarter will be difficult if they are having cold feet about relocating.

Timing is everything

Availability and time are also essential factors. If you are interviewing top talent, chances are, other companies and recruiters are working with this job seeker. You have to move fast, but be careful not to rush the hiring decision. But if you have determined this is a candidate who is interested, qualified, in the compensation range, you have to pull the trigger before someone else does.

Hopefully, if your team follows these steps, you can successfully close candidates in the 4th Quarter of 2020 and help finish off the year strong. If you are looking for the best candidates on the market, please contact me directly and let me take some of the work off your plate. Let’s work together to finish strong!

excellent recruiter

What Makes An Excellent Recruiter

There are thousands of professional recruiters and staffing firms across the world. But what separates an excellent recruiter from a good recruiter or even a lousy one? Industry-leading recruiters have more than tough skin – it’s about finding the “right” talent for your organization. That means sourcing candidates that fit your culture, salary range, and of course, qualifications. But what it takes to become an excellent recruiter is much more than that. Here are three things that every great recruiter must facilitate.

Cultivate relationships

A good recruiter does not just send resumes to your inbox and wait for an offer letter to arrive on a shiny platter. While this is a largely a transactional business, my colleagues and I at Johnson Search Group genuinely enjoy the relationships we develop with hiring managers, HR professionals, and candidates. My candidates (well, all candidates) deserve feedback just as much as hiring managers. I take the time to listen to my clients and understand their hiring needs. In the end, I want both my clients and candidates to be happy with the end result. Building these relationships is what separates the best recruiters from the pack.


Great recruiters deliver what you ask for and sometimes even more. We spend our days searching for someone that aligns perfectly with all facets of your organization. While being a recruiter does take some thick skin, maintaining transparency throughout the entire process is critical. I always let my clients know when a candidate red flag occurs, even when it means a hire falling through. If something seems off about a candidate or I think they are being dishonest, I step up to the plate and deliver that news to my clients. Transparency can be challenging, but it is always the right call in the end for building trusting relationships.

Learn from their mistakes

No recruiter is perfect, I shall say, and just as in life, you learn from your mistakes. I was recently blindsided by a candidate when they accepted a competitor’s offer. I was sure they were sold on my client and the position, but I was wrong. However, I have learned my lesson and now know what questions to ask to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Like everything else in life, the best recruiters out there are those who learn from mistakes.

Want to work with an excellent recruiter?

So, those are three of the main characteristics that separate the great recruiters from the others. If you are interested in partnering with a professional recruiting firm, connect with me today. When you partner with JSG, you are not only getting a fierce recruiter but someone that actually cares about you and their candidates.

Artificial Intellingence (AI) In Banking

Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Banking

I had a conversation recently with an industry leader regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) in banking. Among other things, we discussed how smaller banks should really be thinking about how to utilize and implement AI in their models. More prominent institutions are already using this technology. In fact, nearly 30% of all financial models have already adopted AI. However, there is still a vast opportunity for local banks to benefit from this advancement.

Putting AI In Banking On The Map

About ten years ago, there was a huge hiring push for Ph.D.’s in math and statistics to build models within the banks and implement purchased models into the existing systems. Banks needed those incredibly intelligent people to help them understand how they can “predict” future outcomes to assist in planning and fulfilling their regulatory obligation. Now we are at a point where those areas play a much smaller role in the bank, and they no longer need the massive influx of Doctorates, as many of those models are now AI models. This has caused a hiring gap as banks have room to be selective in their hiring pool. As such, the large collection of local candidates is taking priority over those requiring sponsorship.

How Banks Can Find A Balance With AI

Financial institutions will always need those crazy smart financial model developers and validators, but their focus has changed. Banks are now looking for candidates with the base knowledge of financial models, who can also work with business line leaders to determine primary wants and needs. They are focused more on profitability and how the bank can reduce expenses and increase profit. They are now looking for more people who can speak both the statistical “language” and the line “language” and can be the in-between person to help them determine what they want and how to implement that technology. And often, that means researching and finding the best AI models that can do what they need at that moment.

Due to the fact that AI will reduce staff in certain areas, profitability will definitely be improved. However, banks will need additional headcount in other areas that can focus on customer service and customer experience. Obviously, AI is a great technological advancement. However, companies will need to strategize how to implement it to best suit their customers as competition heats up. Competitors are willing to invest in improving the banking experience, and the customers will follow.

If you’re looking to boost your team’s presence in the AI space, let’s have a conversation. I can help you build a custom hiring plan tailored to your needs. From temporary contract to permanent placement, we’ll assist you in establishing your presence in the market.

Labor Day

Celebrating Labor Day in 2020

We all know that Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer. However, this year, this long-awaited weekend will look a little different than usual. Your annual vacation, party, or celebration may be on hold this year, which is a huge bummer. Nevertheless, we must keep in mind that this holiday has much more meaning than just a three-day weekend – it’s a commemoration of the American worker and our accomplishments throughout our nation’s short history.

At Johnson Search Group, we have the privilege of working with hundreds of candidates, job seekers, and partners across the country. We wanted to take a moment and thank you, the American worker, for all of your hard work and contributions to this great country. We are fortunate to help great people like you achieve your career goals and find new employers that allow you to utilize your unique talents. There are many distractions in our world right now, but please take a moment and reflect on the importance of this holiday. Today is about YOU, and we hope you have a fun and safe holiday weekend.

Fun activities to do this Labor Day Weekend

Due to everything going on right now, you may have to be a little creative with your Labor Day celebrations. While there won’t be any firework displays or huge parades, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun and (safely) honor the American worker! Here are a few ideas if you are looking for some inspiration to celebrate the holiday this year.

Spend time outdoors

Spending some time outside is a great way to unplug and relax during this three-day weekend. Whether that’s going on a bike ride or taking a weekend-long camping trip, the outdoors is a great way to recharge your batteries and improve your mental health. This is especially true if you work from home right now and struggle to separate yourself from your work. And if you have a family, it’s a good activity for your kids, too!

Support local business

The American workers that are hurting the worst right now are local business owners. So, this year, try going out and supporting one of your favorite local businesses! Whether it’s a pub, restaurant, craft store, or something else, take a trip and show them some love. Even if you are just getting takeout from a local restaurant, it’s a great way to do something fun and support an American worker that may be struggling right now.

Visit a museum

Museums around the country are beginning to open back up with new guidelines. For example, Washington state is allowing museums to open back up with restrictions, and other states are following suit. Visiting your local museum is an inexpensive way to get out of the house and do something fun (and educational!).

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend. And don’t forget that Labor Day’s true meaning is the celebration of YOU and all of your hard work.

Turn Your Staffing Tragedy Into A Staffing Strategy

Turn Your Staffing Tragedy Into A Staffing Strategy

A few weeks ago, I was working with a client, and we had just about all of his critical positions taken care of. During a conversation, he point-blank said, “I don’t know what I would have done without you!” He explained that he usually handles all of the recruiting himself, but with everything going on lately, he was completely overwhelmed. He almost felt guilty about having to depend on an outside source to help build his staffing strategy. Then, he realized that they utilize external recruiters for a reason. In the end, he shared that he will never wait that long before calling me again!

Let Us Help Build Your Staffing Strategy

You need to realize, our world is different now. On top of your usual duties, you now have to juggle layoffs, hiring freezes, and even a surge in retirements. You can suffer under the pressure of doing every single detail all by yourself, or you can partner with a recruiter to take advantage of what they do best. Can you handle the requisition and hiring process on your own? Absolutely! But there comes a time when you need to prioritize and realize we can step in a take that load off your shoulders.

So if it comes down to having everything fall upon you or being strategic and utilizing the available tools, which one will you choose? In this era, we don’t know what will happen, but we do know we will always be there for you!

Whether your company is currently in a hiring freeze, struggling to find qualified candidates, or simply feeling overwhelmed by it all, give me a call. I have built an elaborate network of industry experts, ready to make an impact at a growing organization. From contractors to full-time leaders, we can connect you with the candidates you need. We will help you build a flexible staffing strategy that will lead your organization to success.