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If you’re an employer, navigating the labor market can be challenging. But at Johnson Search Group, we are here to simplify things. Here is a collection of hiring process recommendations, overviews of the current landscape of the labor market, industry news, and much more. At Johnson Search Group, we work hard, we work together, and we work for you.

Hiring Outlook For 2021

Hiring Outlook For 2021

As we kick off a new year, along comes a new hiring outlook. 2021 brings a lot of trepidation for businesses, but also optimism for what is to come. And coincidentally, there is a lot of good news on the horizon! Here is a quick hiring outlook for 2021 from our recruiting team.

Continued Remote Hiring

Last year saw the introduction of a huge spike in remote hiring practices. 71% of businesses have integrated some degree of remote hiring methods. As a result, according to a survey from CareerPlug, these remote hiring practices are here to stay in 2021:

  • More extensive phone screenings
  • Pre-qualification questions and assessments
  • Video interviews on platforms like Zoom
  • PPE (such as masks) and social distancing for in-person interviews
  • Electronic/paperless onboarding
  • Virtual orientation practices (PowerPoint presentations, training videos, etc.)

Emphasis On Diversity Hiring

One of the trends that popped up over the last year was an emphasis on diversity hiring. In order to stay competitive in the hiring market in 2021, it will be essential to prioritize diversity in hiring and current employees. Companies will be focusing on diversity in their Executive suites, implementing diversity, equity, and include (DEI) taskforces, and diversifying their hiring strategy.

Lower Requirements For Open Jobs

72% of roles today have lower requirements than last January. Employers are lowering expectations for open jobs. Before the pandemic, job requirements have been slowly creeping up to unrealistic standards. “For example, customer service representative jobs used to require three years of experience, and 40% of employers required applicants to have a college degree. Now, they require one to two years of experience, if any, and only 12% of companies require a degree.”

Confidence In Reaching Revenue Goals

In 2020, 38.9% of businesses said their hiring plans did not change as a result of COVID-19, while 20.8% said they hired or more positions than planned. So, as the economy continues to recover this year, hiring managers have more and more optimism that they will be able to reach their 2021 revenue goals. Part of this strategy will include making critical hires that will assist in taking your team to the next level.

Need help with meeting your hiring goals in 2021? Contact our team at Johnson Search Group. We have expertise in up-to-date hiring trends, and we have a proprietary list of qualified candidates in all industries ready to take the next step in their career.

In The World Of Recruiting, Quality Beats Quantity

In The World Of Recruiting, Quality Beats Quantity

I have heard the same story from dozens of clients I partner with. When they work with other recruiting firms, they only receive dozens of unqualified candidates. (What a headache!) However, when they work with my team and me, we submit a few select candidates that match on qualifications, salary range, culture fit, and even excitement to be a part of their organization. Proving that in the world of recruiting, quality beats quantity every time. 

High-Quality Recruiting Strategy

Healthcare recruitment is heating up. And while it may take me a bit longer to find you the right candidate(s) for your open positions, it’s worth it! We utilize our experience, tools, and passion for recruiting to find you the right team member. Thus, the more knowledge I have as to what you wish for in a candidate, the better! That is the information I need and take to heart on my search. I ask candidates the hard questions so that they are ready to go when they do land on your desk. 

High-Quality Customer Service

Johnson Search Group is very much the Nordstrom of recruiting agencies. We do not just sell you whatever is easiest. It’s essential to understand the needs of your organization and your community, and we find just that. We work hard vetting our candidates, asking the right questions, and even double vetting them to make sure nothing slides through the cracks.

I have stated time and time again that my goal is not to waste anyone’s time. Time is the most important gift we have on earth, so we hunt for only the best and exactly what you have asked us to find. When you need help, give me a call, and I will listen, take good notes, and find exactly what you asked me for and nothing short of that

Contact me today and let me do all of the quality recruiting work for you so that you have more time for all your other critical tasks. It is a win-win situation! I always try my very best and forget the rest!

4 Ways to Retain Employees in 2021

4 Ways to Retain Employees in 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, employers are looking ahead to the new year. One of the most critical issues employers are facing in the new year is employee retention. Not only can losing an employee cost a lot of money but losing an employee can have a lasting effect on the team. Team productivity, employee engagement, and morale can all suffer as a result of this.

If you don’t have a good retention strategy in place, it may be an excellent time to start thinking of one. So, what can you do to minimize the risk of losing your key players and increase retention rates in 2021? Here are the top four ways to attract and retain employees in the new year.

Hire the right people

Not only will you need to find candidates with the technical knowledge to do the job (or someone trainable), but you’ll need to find someone who fits well with the “culture” of your organization. According to Built In, “47% of active job seekers cite company culture as their driving reason for looking for work.” So, the first step to retain employees next year is to hire the right ones from the beginning.

Listen to your employees

One of the easiest ways to make your employees feel valued and heard is to listen to them. According to Business News Daily, the number one reason employees don’t step up and take the initiative at work is because their leaders or managers fail to get employee input before making decisions. 

Compensation and benefits are competitive

Although pay isn’t the number one driving force for employees leaving, offering fair compensation will make employees feel more valued than those making less than market value. Plus, if they are making competitive wages, they will be less likely to get poached by another organization.

Celebrate the “wins”

Employees want to know that they’re doing a good job and that their employer appreciates their hard work. When celebrating these wins, you should not limit them to work-related events either. Personal milestones such as getting married, having a baby, or even an employee’s birthday, should be celebrated. We’re not talking parties for each of these things but having a team lunch or a verbal or written acknowledgment goes a long way!

As a recruiter, I like to know and understand my clients’ culture to find job seekers that fit that environment. I have conversations with candidates to see if their goals and values align well with one of my clients. We identify red flags early on with the tough conversations we have with candidates. If you need help implementing a strong retention strategy, let’s have a conversation!

2020 Recap: Mining and Heavy Industrial Recruiting Trends

2020 Recap: Mining and Heavy Industrial Recruiting Trends

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Year-End Recruiting Blog! Before writing this blog, I re-read my 2019 Recap, and holy smokes, have things changed! I know a lot of us are missing the good old days. However, I want to focus on the trends I’ve seen over the past 12 months recruiting for my mining and heavy industrial clients and what I expect moving into the new year.

The Job Market In 2020

The year started out incredibly strong in the 1st quarter. The majority of my clients maintained their standard hiring practices; I was working on pretty routine job orders focusing on Engineering, Process Improvement, leadership positions, and as always, skilled trades and maintenance positions. Then, around March, things changed drastically for mining and heavy industrial companies. Hiring suddenly centered around safety, hourly production, maintenance, and skilled trades. This trend remained strong throughout the year.

Over the past two months, my team and I have certainly felt a shift in the job market once again. There has been an influx of new salaried roles; my clients have begun taking steps to reopen  and are looking to staff up for the new year. Over the past six weeks, I have received more direct-hire, salaried roles than before. We are seeing more management positions, IT positions, and safety roles becoming increasingly in demand. New business is also popping up, and companies we have communication with are reaching out to finalize staffing agreements for the new year. We believe this is an excellent sign of things to come in 2021.

The Job Market In 2021

Analyzing the patterns of this year makes me very hopeful looking towards 2021. I believe there will be an increased focus on safety, which will be here to stay. Companies are trying to come back smarter and more efficiently. With the sizable number of unemployed candidates, companies ready to hire will have robust pipelines to choose from when working with a recruiter. Our job is to stay in contact with those qualified candidates who are prepared to make a move and get back to work. 

Our team at Johnson Search Group prides itself on maintaining excellent relationships with candidates and clients alike. We are available to provide the best talent on the market when it’s time to make those critical mining and heavy industrial hires to support your organization. Please reach out to me directly, and let’s work together in 2021!

How to Help Your Employees Succeed Remotely

How to Help Your Employees Succeed Remotely

When the pandemic first hit, how long did you think you would be working from home? A couple of months tops, right? Most of us that are still working remotely didn’t think we would be doing so through the end of the year (and maybe permanently!). Well, with the holidays rapidly approaching and end of the year projects wrapping up, your employees might be feeling a little overwhelmed. If this resonates with your team, here are a few tips to help your employees succeed remotely.

Help them establish their work-from-home setup

Many employers have stepped in to help their teammates get comfortable with their new working environment. Whether that be hooking them up with some necessary office supplies, sending them a little gift basket, or even just supplying a budget for meals and coffee, these are a few things employers have done to make this adjustment a little smoother. If your company has missed the mark on this trend, it’s not too late to help your employees establish their work-from-home setup!

Everyone’s home situation is different; some employees may need more help than others. Does one of your team members need a new office chair? Does one of your teammates need a second monitor? These are relatively inexpensive ways to help your employees be more comfortable, more productive, and ultimately, help your employees succeed remotely.

Check-in often (but don’t micromanage)

An easy way to help your employees succeed while they work from home is to check in often. Don’t just send them a list of tasks and leave them by the wayside. Check-in often to see if they need help or if there is anything you can do to support them. How can you help your team succeed if you don’t know what their struggles are? Check-in often, but don’t micromanage. Nothing is more frustrating than a manager that interrupts you every few minutes to see what you are working on. Trust goes a long way, especially during these challenging times.

Encourage camaraderie

To give your team a boost in morale and help them succeed remotely, encourage camaraderie. When everyone is working from the office, it’s much easier to build relationships and feel like you belong to a team. However, there are no breakroom conversations while working from home, chatting in the hallway, or Friday afternoon happy hours. This feeling of isolation is especially prevalent during the holiday season. To help everyone have a little fun, encourage camaraderie. Schedule a virtual happy hour or holiday party with your team, watch a movie together over Teams, have some friendly competitions, or simply send them some holiday swag. Even the smallest gesture will help restore the feeling of belonging among your team, which will help them succeed remotely while we wrap up this crazy year.

How Hiring C-Suite Executives Has Changed In 2020

How Hiring C-Suite Executives Has Changed In 2020

LinkedIn just released a new workforce report, detailing a significant shift in hiring trends for  C-suite employees. As companies seek to diversify and stabilize during a tumultuous year, they are adding new “chief” titles to their team. Here is a breakdown of the fastest-growing C-suite titles and what it means for today’s hiring market.

Chief Diversity Officer

As millions of Americans nationwide call for racial equality in 2020, companies are stepping up to the plate. As a result, hiring for Chief Diversity Officers has grown around 84% as a proportion of total C-suite hires this year, relative to 2019’s titles. Company leaders recognize the need for an executive in this space responsible for establishing diversity-focused task forces, diversifying recruitment and career development, and permeating anti-bias company-wide training.

Chief Growth Officer

Chief Growth Officer is a more ambiguous title. This position covers anything from marketing initiatives to overall company strategy, focusing on growth. In essence, the role is designed to relieve some of the CEO’s responsibilities or potentially replace the CMO. In uncertain economic times, a Chief Growth Officer can offer some stability to your team. They ensure that there are alternative paths to growth when the initial strategy goes haywire.

Chief Underwriting Officer

The third fastest-growing C-suite title is nearly exclusive to the Insurance industry. With an unemployment rate of only 2.7% in October 2020, the insurance industry is one of few largely unaffected by the Coronavirus pandemic. In fact, the turnover rate is as high as ever. The Chief Underwriting Officer is responsible for developing “all underwriting procedures, and employs new practices, directs and oversees all aspects of an organization’s underwriting function.” So, A CUO significantly impacts an insurance agency, thus providing stability and vision to the business when filled with the right candidate.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the top 16 C-suite hiring trends:

How Hiring C-Suite Executives Has Changed In 2020

If you’re looking to add one of these “Chief” leaders to your team, partner with Johnson Search Group. We employ a team of recruiting experts with a keen eye for leadership skills and charisma. Contact us today!

recruit remote workers

How to Successfully Recruit Remote Workers

Before the pandemic flipped the labor market upside-down, remote work was gaining popularity. Fast forward to today, and millions of Americans are working from home (and likely well into the future). In fact, even as hiring growth has slowed for many companies, there was a 12% increase in remote job listings from July to August. Thus, if you want to be competitive in the post-pandemic labor market, you must be able to attract job seekers searching for remote opportunities. Here is how your hiring team can successfully recruit remote workers.

Use appropriate keywords

To attract the right candidates, you need to use appropriate keywords. This will help weed out candidates uninterested in remote opportunities; the right keywords can also help job seekers find your job posts easier on job boards. Consider adding the word “remote” or other keywords in the job title.

For example, your job title could be “Cloud Engineer – Temporarily Remote.” This helps job seekers know right off the bat that this is a (temporarily) remote opportunity. Some other useful keywords are:

  • Work from home
  • Work from anywhere
  • Virtual
  • Remote
  • Remote Opportunity

Be transparent about what “remote” means

If you want to recruit remote workers, you have to be transparent about what “remote” means to your company. Is this job temporarily because of the pandemic? Is it only remote for a specific amount of time, say six months? Or is it remote permanently? To attract the right candidates, you must clarify this in your job descriptions.

If this position is just remote due to the pandemic, specify what the transition will be like afterward. Just because the job description says “remote,” it does not mean the job is 100% remote. Whatever the opportunity is, define it clearly to ensure you are not deceiving candidates.

Specify location requirements

A common misconception for remote opportunities is that candidates can live or work from anywhere. This is likely not the case for several reasons, such as employment laws, taxes, travel, and so on. Do you require your remote workers to come into the office once a week? If so, they have to live close enough to commute. Does the role involve a lot of travel? If it does, you may need candidates close to metro hubs for easy access to transportation and airports.

If there are location requirements, even if the position is mostly remote, you must clarify that in the job description to successfully recruit remote workers.

Partner with a recruiting firm

Working from home is a new concept for thousands of employers and employees alike. As a result, it will be challenging to recruit remote workers in the post-pandemic era. If your team is struggling to hire strong candidates in today’s market, partner with a recruiting firm. Johnson Search Group has connections all over the country with talented candidates ready to get back to work. Reach out today, and let’s discuss a partnership.

How Hiring In 4th Quarter Has Changed In 2020

How Hiring In 4th Quarter Has Changed In 2020

Usually, the 4th quarter is one of the most challenging times to add top-tier talent. There are several reasons people don’t want to make a change during the last few months of the year. Let’s explore the three main ones and why hiring in 4th quarter has changed in 2020.

Annual Bonuses

During a typical year, people have a pretty good idea of what their annual bonus is going to be. Depending on the role, it can be a significant amount of the overall pay. Some have to wait until February or even June for some to receive this bonus. I certainly would not want to walk away from a 20-100% bonus unless there was a significant reason to leave. 

However, in 2020, many of the Bank Executives I’ve talked to are predicting annual bonuses to be minimal. Due to local shutdowns, a fluctuating economy, and uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus, there are many uncertainties. Professionals don’t feel as secure in their positions or as confident in their annual bonus. As a result, they are more open to making a change.

Flexibility In Hiring

The pandemic has really exploited the weaknesses of mediocre performers. And, with limited bonuses at competitors, banks have the opportunity to capitalize on capturing high performers. Additionally, if you are willing to get creative with the compensation and work/life balance, you’ll be able to attract A-level candidates. These are the areas in which professionals are looking for a change. 

This year has demonstrated that remote work is effective. Banks are rethinking the mindset of “all employees MUST work in the office.” Being flexible on this is really going to allow you to capture the best talent you are looking for to help your team.

The Holidays

Normally, the holidays are hectic and chaotic with parties and travel, but not this year. Travel is limited at best, and parties are not happening. Even major retail cornerstones like Black Friday will be completely different this year. Often, hiring in 4th quarter is slow because of the holiday. However, this year it is the perfect time to snag top talent. There are some incredible candidates looking to start 2021 off on the right foot.

They want to be a part of a strong leadership team with a bank that has a successful track record. We are talking to hundreds of people who will be making a move in the 4th quarter this year because they put up with less than ideal circumstances for too long. This is the time to uncover game-changing talent.

As you have seen, the pandemic has been a challenging time for most. However, it has created some fantastic opportunities for those ready to build the best team. (Even when there is a bit of chaos in the market.) It certainly changed the way we do business. Banks have realized that many jobs can be done remotely. Additionally, it can save a ton on rent, equipment, and, most importantly, staff happiness. 

Now is the time to cut the mediocre and capture the best. And to do that you need to use the best firm to help you find those candidates. Call me today, and we can discuss your situation and how we can help you find the best talent for your team.


Leadership is the Key to Hiring Better Candidates

When I am recruiting for my clients, one of the keys to hiring better candidates is exhibiting stable leadership. Organizational leadership is a huge selling point for candidates in this labor market, even more so than salary or other prevalent deciding factors. Job seekers want to know that their next career move (and their new home) will offer robust mentorship, encouragement, and, ultimately, healthy leadership.

When I have conversations with my clients, I develop an understanding of their management style. For instance, I work closely with a 200-bed facility. Their executives always make themselves accessible to answer my questions and discuss their hiring needs. Thus, I can sell that leadership style to the candidates I am working with and use as a tool to attract the best talent in the healthcare industry. Job seekers want to know they are going somewhere where there is GREAT management.

Servant leadership goes a long way

I recently learned the philosophy of Servant Leadership. Last week while recruiting, I came across two candidates that mentioned it. One recently retired and brought up Servant Leadership. She explained how much she missed her staff and told me about the leadership style of her former employer; she was so delightful to speak with.

The other candidate I was speaking with discussed his desired leadership style and how he wants to work for an organization that fosters “servant leaders.” The philosophy of “lead by walking beside your people” is something every candidate is looking for in today’s job market.

Let me sell your organization’s management

Let me share your management philosophies with job seekers to help your team hire better candidates. Everyone wants to work with kind, supportive, and encouraging leaders. Let me have the opportunity to find those healthcare professionals for your team.

Reach out to me today if you are searching for great RNs, MTs, Coders, and other healthcare professionals for your organization. Whatever your needs are, I simply source for the best candidates that are excited to be part of your team’s culture.

How To Make Your 2021 A Standout Success

How You Can Make 2021 A Standout Success

What will it take to make your 2021 a standout success? What accomplishments would you like your team to make? How much growth do you anticipate, and how will you make it happen with a budget that could be less than stellar? 

Making smart hires is critical in an unpredictable economy. Finding people who are driven to excel can make all the difference in your team. One great employee who is positive, supports their teammates, and puts extra energy into a project can make a world of difference on your bottom line. Conversely, making the wrong hires will affect your team just the opposite! Bringing in negative energy can be toxic for your established team. Additionally, you have the added headache of formulating an action/exit plan to manage a bad employee. Finally, you’ll find yourself scrambling to fill the critical position.

Upgrade Your Hiring Process

Positive contributors are worth their weight in gold. Some hiring managers are great at finding those people, while others struggle. It’s easy to be fooled by the performance a candidate puts on during an interview only to realize later on that it was a huge mistake. If you have found yourself frustrated with hires you’ve made in the past, now may be the time to upgrade your hiring process. Lean on someone who will ask the hard questions. Professional recruiters are not be mesmerized by a skilled interviewer, we dig deep to find the best candidate for your team. These are the changes that will make your 2021 a standout success.

The great thing about working with a recruiter is you don’t have to worry about the red flags. We sort through the “almost” candidates, identify red flags, and remove them from the process to avoid turmoil down the road. All you see are the very best candidates on the market. The game-changers who will achieve goals and drive your team to success in 2021. Now is the time to put a plan in place. 

Give me a call today. Let’s partner up to answer those kickoff questions. Together, we will discover the talent you need to make 2021 a standout success!