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At Johnson Search Group, we have a team of recruiters that specialize in the Healthcare industry. We are industry experts and help Healthcare organizations across the country source the best talent on the market. Here, we share Healthcare industry trends, discuss what’s happening in the market, and of course, talk about what jobs are hot!

Invest in Your Professional Development with A Healthcare Career

Invest in Your Professional Development with A Healthcare Career

In today’s market, many workers and companies care a lot about professional development. Knowledge is always an excellent investment, and investing in continued training pays off. There are many opportunities to grow your career within the healthcare industry. You can further your education and get certifications which makes you a more valuable asset to your employer. Thus, the more you can bring to the table, the more likely you will advance your career.

The healthcare industry is exploding 

The healthcare industry is expected to continue to grow (14% in the next ten years), which means that there will be plenty of fish (aka job opportunities) in the sea for job seekers. As a result, it will be easier to find a job in the healthcare industry. Additionally, as you gain more experience in this field, you will have even more opportunities to grow within your department. 

For example, you may start your healthcare career as an entry-level Help Desk Analyst; however, as you gain more experience, you can eventually work your way up to a Network Engineer, IT Manager, or even a Director. And as healthcare continues to evolve, more jobs are being created that may offer the opportunity for professional development and growth. 

How to find your next career move 

When looking for a new opportunity, it is essential to find a position that:

  • Interests you and aligns with your passions
  • Offers stability and growth for years to come

If you could use a hand with updating your resume or finding your next opportunity with a reputable healthcare organization, please reach out to me. I will work with you every step of the way to take your career to the next level! 

Here to Help Means More at JSG

Here to Help Means More at JSG

In the last month, I have stumbled across two interesting aspects when it comes to Healthcare recruiting. First of all, onsite interviews are not always necessary. After two virtual interviews, my talented candidate was hired without ever stepping foot in the facility. The other interesting experience that happened last month was how tight the housing market is in rural areas. Many of my clients are critical access hospitals in smaller rural communities. Recently, I have helped two of my clients find housing accommodations for candidates relocating. If you are one of JSG’s clients, you are in for a real treat because we genuinely go above and beyond to make your hiring process as smooth as possible. When I say, “I am here to help,” I certainly mean it!

We can help streamline your hiring process

So, my candidate is a very smart HIM specialist down in California looking to get up here to Washington. I had the pleasure of sending her over to a client in need and was blown away by the fast, efficient interview process my client presented to my candidate. Smart move because when you have a candidate who is RHIT/RHIA certified, they won’t be on the market for long. This process was two separate virtual interviews and an offer within a day after the second interview. My candidate signed the offer letter right away, and together, we began searching for a house. She made it up here in 20 days with family in tow and a beautiful new home. She is so happy with the organization and role, and so is my client – No wasted time, a smooth hiring process, and a great hire.

Staffing by day, real estate agents by night

Moreover, several of my clients have had candidates turn down offers because they cannot find housing in these rural communities. Well, at JSG, we are here to help you facilitate a successful hire for our clients. I have done a ton of research and built relationships in the communities alongside my hospitals. So, when you work with me, finding both short-or long-term housing accommodations isn’t an issue. I simply help make the transition easier for all. The housing market is hot all over the country, but with the aftermath of Covid-19 and more people working remotely, the housing shortage in rural communities has skyrocketed. So, after this candidate received their offer letter, I helped them look for housing. I sent them rental listings in areas recommended by my clients and connected them with local real estate agents so they could have a smooth relocation to their new home.

Partner with a recruiting firm that cares

Nonetheless, know that you are most certainly getting someone helpful during and after the hiring process when you work with one of us here at Johnson Search Group. We truly care about our candidates and do everything in our power to help make their new career moves a success. Reach out to me today, and you shall see how much easier working with candidates is when partnering with a recruiting firm that is here to help.

How Healthcare Careers Offer Long-Term Growth & Stability

How Healthcare Careers Offer Long-Term Growth & Stability

Many industries are leading the way to a swift recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and the recession that came with it. However, healthcare will always be a stable and predictable industry that offers long-term growth and stability.

Why join the healthcare industry?

Job Security

The healthcare industry is expected to grow 14% in the next ten years, which means you will have an easier time finding a job as a professional in this field. So, whether you have 13 years of specialized education or two years of a community college education, there will be opportunities available.

Location Options and Competitive Salaries

Healthcare professionals are in high demand worldwide, meaning you have the option to work in many locations. Additionally, healthcare facilities tend to offer high pay, thus, even entry-level salaries will be competitive. Plus, the more experience, training, and education you receive, the more lucrative your career can be.

Career Advancement

There are many opportunities to grow in your career within healthcare. You can further your education and acquire certification. (Some employers even may reimburse you!) Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement once you start a career in healthcare. Employers often prefer to promote a trusted employee instead of finding someone new for a higher-paying role, especially in healthcare.

Opportunities in High Demand

Medical Coding and Billing Specialists

Jobs in this field are plentiful because every healthcare provider uses coded documentation and records. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that demand for medical billing and coding specialists will rise by 8% in the next decade. Those who have completed a Medical Coding Certification program will be in particular demand.

Registered Nurses

According to the American Nurses Association, there’s a shortage of nurses, and their demand is only expected to go up. Nursing careers offer valuable benefits such as strong salaries, numerous opportunities, and a feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment. Additionally, there are many nursing specialties to choose from, and the expected growth for this field is 15% in the next decade.

Information Technology Specialists

Growing telemedicine needs, emerging technologies, and potential security threats create an even greater demand for talent. As healthcare continues to evolve, more jobs are developing that combine the skills of both IT workers and healthcare workers, which means IT is here to stay.

How to find your next career move…

When you look for a job in the healthcare industry, it is crucial to find a position you’re interested in with steady growth that you will enjoy for many years to come. If you could use a hand with updating your resume or finding your next opportunity with a reputable healthcare organization, please reach out to Ivonne Garcia at JSG. I will consult with you and discuss your options thoroughly to find you your next career move.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Company’s IT Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Company’s IT Services

In today’s healthcare market, most mid-sized and smaller healthcare facilities outsource their IT needs to stay competitive. But is this an option that will work for your organization? If your team is considering outsourcing your IT services, here are some of the key benefits you can gain.

Cost and effectiveness

Facilitating all of your internal IT needs may seem like the cheaper option at first; however, when you utilize an IT consulting firm, you only pay for the services you need when you need them. We can develop a custom solution that meet’s your organization’s unique needs.  

Efficiency and Competitiveness

Outsourcing your IT services gives you access to similar technologies and support that larger corporations utilize without the outrageous development costs or software requirements. When you enlist the help of a third-party IT consultant, you can reduce your research, development, and implementation time by using experts that will do it for you.

Qualified, Trained, Experienced, and Certified Assistance

IT services companies are better equipped to deal with problems than your internal IT team that has never experienced. If a problem arises, you’ll instantly have a knowledgeable, certified professional to restore order and keep your sensitive records safe.

Compliance and Security

Unless your hospital’s IT department specializes in network security, it may be wise to utilize an IT consulting company. Your hospital has countless documents and sensitive patient information. By outsourcing your network security and compliance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your hospital data and records are not at risk of a potential attack.

Responsive Results

When you rely internally on all of your IT services, it can be challenging to address unexpected issues. If your network goes down or there is a potential security risk, your entire IT team stops everything to address the issue. However, when you outsource part of your IT services, you can rely on quick resolutions before they become catastrophic. With JSG’s IT Consulting Services, we offer 24/7 support to solve any issues with your network or other IT services. We can provide support remotely or send in a certified IT professional onsite to restore order in your organization.

Are you interested in outsourcing your IT services?

So, whether you are looking for helpdesk support, network security, or disaster recovery planning, there are numerous benefits to outsourcing your IT services. If your healthcare organization is looking to outsources some (or all) of your IT services, JSG is here to help. We have a wide variety of IT consulting service offerings and will work with your team to create a custom solution that is the perfect fit for your organization. Or, if your IT team is struggling with being understaffed, JSG can help you source a qualified contractor or full-time employee to boost your internal IT efforts. Reach out to us today, and let’s work together!

Why Your Hiring Team Needs A Recruiter by Their Side

Why Your Hiring Team Needs A Recruiter by Their Side

In our current labor market, it is crucial to have a good recruiter by your side. As a healthcare recruiter, my job is to make as many calls a day as possible to source qualified candidates for your organization’s most critical roles. We listen to our clients’ needs, and we get to work. In rural healthcare, it is essential to find candidates with the necessary qualifications and a strong culture fit. In our country’s current situation, you may find yourself needing our help in the future, so next time you receive a call from one of us, hear us out.

An experienced healthcare recruiter helps you read between the lines

Sometimes great candidates had some mishaps in their work history or have recently taken on a completely different challenge or role. As an experienced healthcare recruiter, I provide all of the information you need, so your hiring team can better understand their situation. Everyone’s story is different, and especially in this job market, it can be challenging to find the right candidate for your team. People are so much more than their resumes, and we can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together to make the right hiring decisions.

Recruiters genuinely care about your team

As a recruiter, I strive to ensure no stones are left unturned throughout my search; I work hard for my clients and endlessly. We have the tools at Johnson Search Group that set us apart from many other recruiting agencies and the passion too. My team and I value the relationships we make along the way and the journey we take with our clients and candidates. We are all in this together, that is for sure, and I love staying connected with the hiring managers I get to aid.

Let’s work together

So, if you need help sourcing the right candidates in this ever-changing market, give me a call today. If you are looking for today’s top talent for a critical role, please do not hesitate to reach out to my team at Johnson Search Group.

emerging medical technologies

3 Emerging Medical Technologies and Their Benefits

The pandemic has changed our lives in many ways and has shaken up some of our routines and normalcies. Technology in healthcare has made significant transformations throughout the last six months. This industry has taken an enormous step forward as we become more reliant on new technologies and processes. Here are three emerging medical technologies that are helping us overcome these challenging times and their long-term benefits.

Telehealth and Telemedicine

Telehealth is a quickly developing technology that allows patients to virtually receive medical care through highly personalized mobile apps or video calls like Zoom. Telemedicine enables patients to speak virtually with physicians and other medical professionals to receive instant diagnoses and medical advice instead of waiting for face-to-face appointments with their doctor. Major benefits include improved access to healthcare, cost-effectiveness, and improved quality. This is a great solution to increasing patient demand, especially in rural and remote areas.

At Johnson Search Group, we work with many rural healthcare organizations. One of the biggest struggles we hear in rural areas is access to medical care. It can take hours to drive to the nearest healthcare professional, so telehealth is drastically shaping these communities’ healthcare access.

3D Printing

3D printing enables prototyping, customization, research, and manufacturing for healthcare professionals. Surgeons can replicate patient-specific organs with 3D printed devices to help prepare for procedures, and many medical devices and surgical tools can be 3D printed as well. It makes it easier to cost-effectively develop comfortable prosthetic limbs for patients and print tissues and organs for transplants. It can also ‘print’ pills for patients containing multiple drugs, which improves the organization, timing, and monitoring of numerous medications.

Medical robots

Many believe that an autonomous robot could soon be a regular member of any hospital’s medical staff. These devices may perform duties, such as taking a patient’s pulse and scanning vital signs, reading case notes, and even performing surgery!

One unique example that we may not think of is the Disinfecting Bots that take the place of error-prone humans. Modern disinfecting robots can move autonomously to patient’s rooms and bombard the empty room with high-powered UV rays for several minutes until no microorganism is left alive. These robots are obviously in high demand while our country struggles to combat the virus outbreak. These machines ensure the elimination of bacteria and help keep staff and patients healthy.

We can help staff for these emerging medical technologies

These three technologies are rapidly growing and are quickly becoming a permanent addition to healthcare systems. As a result, hospitals and medical groups are adding new talent to their IT departments to keep up with demand and changing system requirements. My team and I specialize in healthcare recruiting throughout the United States. We have recently seen an increase in IT hiring within the healthcare field. If you want to discuss different staffing strategies to get some great candidates on board, reach out to me. Johnson Search Group is here to help. We offer both direct-hire and contract staffing solutions and would be more than happy to discuss a partnership.

The Expensive Cost Of Vacancy In Healthcare

The Expensive Cost Of Vacancy In Healthcare

Here at Johnson Search Group, we understand that times are different for healthcare organizations. Stress is high, and according to recent studies, some healthcare workers are experiencing high levels of insomnia, and many are sleeping restlessly due to bad dreams. Basically, we are all on overdrive. This tends to be more problematic for healthcare professionals than others as it may affect your patient care, working relationships, and even bleed over to your personal life. Additionally, have you considered how the cost of vacancy is even more elevated during this period of uncertainty?

How Cost Of Vacancy Comes Into Play

On top of everything else, when positions are left unfilled, it puts a strain on the entire department, and everyone must pick up the slack. It’s hard for anyone to smile when they are exhausted to the core, let alone make sound decisions

And now you start to see how the cost of vacancy can be so taxing. Let’s say you have a position with a salary of $50,000 per year, which is critical to your organization’s functionality. The daily cost of not filling that position is $681.82, which means if left unfilled for 34 days, it will cost you $23,000. Then, pair that with overworked staff and, “Houston, we have a problem.”

Want to know more about how we calculate cost of vacancy and what yours is for any given position? Contact us today and we’ll give you a custom cost of vacancy and help you build a strategy to mitigate it.

How We Can Help

Last week I was tasked with filling two critical positions for my client, an EVS Manager, and an Accountant. Not only was I able to find qualified candidates, but also candidates that would be a great culture fit. The best part? My client was able to hire these incredible candidates within a week of issuing the requisition. 

There are incredibly talented people all over the United States, whose situations change daily. Your recruiter can find them for you. We have built the networks, we foster the relationships, and we know exactly what you’re looking for. Let us fill that position, drive down your cost of vacancy, and help your patients, all while helping your staff.

We have extended our service fee deadline for clients in need, and we have no problem doing so if you are as serious about the process as we are here at Johnson Search Group. We have not just your organization in mind while finding you top talent; your staff, your communities, your patient care, and your health are top of mind as well. So, let us work together to fill the vacancies that are costing your team more than money can buy.

Let’s Get Started

Call me today, Stephanie Brown at 205-588-8075, because I understand the needs of your organization. I only bring candidates that are a strong culture fit and qualified, so they make work more enjoyable during these hard times (for you and your patients!). Together let’s work towards the best patient care and self-care we can.

rural healthcare

Rural Healthcare is Making a Comeback from COVID-19

Over the past three months, I have had many conversations with the rural healthcare facilities I partner with in Washington state about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted them. Lately, my searches for critical need positions have certainly looked different during this crisis; many of my clients have expressed that they don’t want to hire clients poached from other hospitals, given the circumstances. This mindset is very respectable, and thankfully, my team and I can source fantastic job seekers in the healthcare industry without stealing them from other hospitals that are also in need of staff members.

Some good stories amongst the negative

These past three months have been filled with wonderful phone conversations and lots of touching stories. Hearing these stories of communities coming together to support their local hospitals has made my heart happy. There have been parades, small businesses making masks and shields for their hospitals, financial support from the communities, and a sense of comradery. This is especially true for rural healthcare, which has taken quite the hit this year. There is so much light during these uncertain times, and this is what keeps us pushing forward.

Rural healthcare is taking a hit

Of course, there were the hard stories, the scary stories regarding rural health. Many of my clients had to furlough great employees, lay off staff members, take a low census, and freeze all elective surgeries. Nurses were begging to work; coders are without outpatient or inpatient work; it was a standstill. I often heard the Tom Petty song playing in my head, “The Waiting.” Everyone was merely scared and did not know what to expect with this pandemic. Therefore, many stayed away from the safest place of all, our hospitals.

We are slowly making a comeback

However, things are starting to turnaround for our rural healthcare facilities. All 50 states have eased their “stay at home” orders, and 26 states have officially reopened. These past two weeks have been so positive; patients are no longer scared to walk the hallways, and elective surgeries can proceed again. In my personal experience, the hospital is the safest place you can be. Perhaps we are no longer as fearful as we were three months ago when the pandemic was spreading like wildfire. Rural healthcare is finally making a comeback.

We can help your healthcare facility

As we start to move into this new normalcy, your rural healthcare facility may need help retooling their staff. My team and I at Johnson Search Group can help source the best talent on the market that fits into your budget and organization’s culture. The candidates we present to our clients are thoroughly vetted to fit both your team and your community. I deliver resumes that are backed with positive people with a want and need to serve, not just your hospital but also your communities. Let’s have a conversation about the needs of your organization and community. We are all in this together.

Conquering The Virus In Rural Healthcare

Conquering The Virus In Rural Healthcare

It has certainly been an interesting month working away from the office (aka the basement of my home). I have undoubtedly enjoyed hearing the patter of my toddler’s footsteps upstairs (along with the incoherent yelling) and sharing lunches with my wife. Still, it has been a strange time, nonetheless.

As a recruiter, COVID-19 has presented an unusual challenge and provided insight that has put a lot of things in perspective. My job allows me to speak with people in all types of professions, one of the main ones being Healthcare. I have heard the toll of this virus in rural Healthcare firsthand. Most of the contacts that I speak with do their best to paint a picture of resilience, but it’s not hard to tell it has been a tough time all over the country. I have done what I can to let them know that I am here to help. All recruiters really want to do is help.

Rounding The Virus Bend

In recent days, I am happy to say that I have started to notice a very palpable change in my conversations regarding the virus in rural Healthcare. My interactions are becoming lighter, laughter is coming more naturally, and people are increasingly hopeful for the return of a new norm. Of course, life and business are not back to the way it was prior to the virus. However, it feels like there may at least be a light at the end of this tunnel.

This, of course, is a great feeling, especially when we consider how many lives this virus has negatively impacted. Looking through an article from Becker’s Hospital Review, it had detailed that nine states are currently re-opening or loosening restrictions, and another seven states are very close to taking that next step. While these may not be earth-shattering numbers, it shows great hope of getting back to a new business-as-usual.

We are here to help

During this uncertain time, we at JSG have been building phenomenal pipelines of talented individuals throughout the Human Resources, Healthcare, Banking, and Mining & Heavy Industrial industries. My responsibility as a recruiter is to help our clients find those people that will bring real value and bring our job market back to life. Let’s have a conversation about how we can assist you in adding essential members to your team today or in the future.

healthcare professionals

The Increasing Need for Healthcare Professionals

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world, our nurses, respiratory therapists, and the entire healthcare system are on the front lines fighting to keep everyone safe. We have a shortage of nurses and respiratory therapists, which is causing a burden on our healthcare system throughout the country. And with 401,000+ positive cases of the Coronavirus in the U.S. alone, our healthcare system is in desperate need of healthcare professionals. Now more than ever, hospitals are in dire need of more healthcare professionals.

The growing need for healthcare workers

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, as of 2019, there will be more than 3.9 million registered nurses nationwide and an estimated 200,000 new nursing positions created each year until 2026. This creates a HUGE burden on our healthcare system as we will continue to have a nursing shortage as more and more Baby Boomers near the age of retirement.

For respiratory therapists, the United States has seen a 21% average growth rate that will continue over until 2028. In other words, the need for ancillary services is skyrocketing; Healthcare organizations are struggling to source the professionals they need. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened this staffing shortage as hundreds of positive cases are surfacing every day.

Healthcare professionals are out there

Even as the need for healthcare workers grows, so does the pool of candidates available. Every day, new healthcare workers graduate from accredited programs throughout the country. As they do so, they are ready to fill our hospitals’ most critical positions and aid our healthcare system. According to Time Magazine, there’s been an influx of healthcare workers leaving retirement to help during this pandemic.

We’re here to help

At Johnson Search Group, we expend significant efforts to find top talent to fill these healthcare staffing shortages. We have a strong pipeline of healthcare professionals to help fill our clients’ most critical needs. We want to solve your staffing dilemmas so you can continue to offer quality patient care during these unprecedented times. If you would like to discuss a partnership, please reach out to me. We work hard, we work together, and we work for you. Stay healthy and safe.