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JSG Teammates

Meet The Newest JSG Teammates

Our team at Johnson Search Group continues to grow as we help our clients navigate this challenging labor market. We wanted to take a few moments to introduce our newest teammates and share a few fun facts about each of them!

If you’re looking for your next career opportunity or if your hiring team needs help sourcing talent in this competitive market, please reach out to one of our newest teammates!

George Hamel – Banking Recruiter

Territory: Pacific Northwest

Fun facts:

  • I used to work on a daytime talk show called Windy City Live!
  • I did hair and makeup for the movie Boone (filmed in the garland district of Spokane)
  • I am loving my new adventure as a recruiter with JSG

Taylor Caitlyn Clark – Banking Recruiter

Territory: Texas

Fun Facts:

  • I have one cat right now and she is about 4 months old. Her name is Dr. Addison Montgomery Clark. I like to name my cats after TV show doctors. For example, my last cat was a grey tabby, so I named her Dr. Merideth Grey. My cat before that was very antisocial with anyone that wasn’t me, so his name was Dr. Sheldon Cooper. I’m thinking my next cat will be Dr. Spencer Reed.
  • I do like trying new coffee places, but I am mostly just very passionate about my favorite place – Mug Shots. They make (in my humble opinion) the very best coffee in town.
  • My kids are my whole world. My daughter Quinn is 10, and started 5th grade this year. She is full of sass, curiosity, independence, and adventure! Declan, my son, will be 8 on the 25th of this month. He started 2nd grade this year. He is very pensive, funny, and persistent. They have both been absolute saints throughout the chaos of the last few years, and I am incredibly proud of them both!

Shaun Coyle – Healthcare Recruiter

Territory: Southeast

Fun Facts:

  • I have 2 daughters
  • I like to hunt and bass fish in the great Pacific Northwest
  • I like watching sports

Faron Fry – Mining & Heavy Industrial Recruiter

Territory: West Coast

Fun Facts:

  • I have over 100 acres in Idaho that I like to play on with my family and ATV’s
  • I enjoy hunting for crystals and garnets in the mountains of Idaho
  • My son is busy with boxing, my daughter loves all bugs and animals, and my husband is a talented glass artist

Jennifer Cumbie – Healthcare Recruiter

Territory: Southwest

Fun Facts:

  • I lived overseas in Germany as a child when my dad was in the Army
  • I enjoy watching nature documentaries with my two daughters
  • My husband and I love traveling and visiting art museums
Job Market Insights From An Industry Expert

Job Market Insights From An Industry Expert

Today we’re speaking with Krista Portolesi, Division Lead for Johnson Search Group’s Banking and Finance Team. She has experience working with banks both big and small throughout the Pacific Northwest. Krista is also a two-time winner of our coveted Account Executive of the Year Award and the latest to earn our “Circle of Achievement Award” for one million dollars of career cash-in. Krista gives us some insights into the current job market and what we can expect throughout the rest of 2021.

Your accomplishments are impressive! What do you think has contributed to your success in recruiting over the years?

I’ve really established myself in the financial services industry, so I’ve built up my client base as well as my network of talent, so it’s been a great balance. Many of my clients are motivated to hire, so they have a great hiring process and will move quickly to secure top talent. The tools we use at JSG to find the best candidates have certainly contributed to my success in identifying the right people for the critical positions I fill.

What are you hearing from hiring managers regarding their hiring plans for this year?

A lot of hiring managers are optimistic about the job market in 2021 and that hiring is not slowing down. Some trends I am seeing are an increase in contract work to help carry the workload. Whether it’s a long-term IT project, a short term mortgage contract to help with the influx of loans, or even a contract to hire position in the accounting department, we can help!

What skills do you think hiring managers will be prioritizing in 2021?

Since most employees are still working remotely, they’re looking for self-starters, good communicators, someone who works efficiently and collaboratively. Adaptability will be huge for 2021. We anticipate some will go back in-office once things start to open up again.

Senior Vice President of Johnson Search Group, Perry Paden, shared, “Krista started in October of 2016 and is one of the most dedicated recruiters that I have had the pleasure of working with throughout my 35 years in the staffing industry. Krista’s thirst for knowledge, market savvy, and dedication to her clients and candidates go above and beyond what they expect. Krista has worked hard to balance home life with work life, and she has certainly achieved that. Congratulations, Krista, and I look forward to 2021 and beyond.”

Want more information on working with Krista or Johnson Search Group for your next critical hire? Contact us today, and let’s start a conversation about how we can help build your future.

A Few Words Of Encouragement From JSG’s CEO, Dale Slater

Dale Slater, Founder & CEO of Johnson Service Group, wanted to take a few moments to reflect his gratitude to our entire staff and share a message of support during this challenging time.

A Message From CEO Dale Slater

“I would like to thank all employees of the JSG family for what you have done and continue to do to weather this crisis and to help our company cope with this situation. Our IT staff worked diligently and continues to do so, to ensure each and every employee has the ability to work remotely in the safest manner possible. Each of our offices has shifted to working remotely seamlessly.

All of their efforts have enabled our employees hours to be transferred to the accounting department accurately and timely each week to make sure payroll and billing can be done as usual. Over the past month, our day-to-day business has continued. The sales staff has been proactive in keeping in touch with their clients, and the recruiters are actively staying in touch with their candidates. I commend each and every one of our employees for their dedication and hard work.

As always, JSG’s main concern is for the well being of all of its staff and their families. We encourage everyone to abide by the safeguards set in place by the State and local municipalities you live in. As States begin to open, each area will be handled on an individual basis, but be assured that the well-being and safety of all is paramount, and every company-wide decision will be made with that in mind.

The global coronavirus has had an enormous effect on every one of us. It has been life-changing, and we all have had to manage our work and private lives like never before. No one knows how long it will take to get back to what we considered normal, but if we continue to take the necessary steps that we are committed to, I am convinced that we will come out of this a stronger and better company.”

Dale W. Slater, Founder & CEO of Johnson Service Group, Inc.

The Team Behind The Talent - Introducing JSG's Newest Employees

The Team Behind The Talent


Dear Santa: Our 2019 Christmas List

Dear Santa,

Wow, can you believe it’s already that time of year again? It’s been almost a year since we last wrote to you, and we are so grateful for everything you brought us! We had great success in 2019 and celebrated several milestones, like our 35 anniversary and receiving three more SIA awards (thanks, Santa!). Our team is continuing to grow, and we are having a lot of fun filling our clients’ critical positions with talented candidates. This year, we have a few more requests for you. But don’t worry, we’ve been (mostly) good this year! So if you’re reading this, here is what’s on Johnson Search Group’s Christmas list for 2020.

Perry Paden – Senior Vice President

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas this year is the opportunity for our team to make a significant impact on our client’s organizations in 2020. We would all be grateful for the opportunity to help our clients fill their critical positions and for the labor market to remain strong in the New Year. If you could do that for us Santa, that would be fantastic!

Dana Belstler – Director of Sales

Dear Santa,

I have been waiting all year to write you another letter and am so excited that the time is finally here! I want to say thank you for making my wish from Christmas 2018 come true!

The relationships built, the successful “matchmaking” between clients and candidates, and the 10 pounds I lost have made me very happy! This year, I would like to ask for continued prosperity for all and a mild winter. Please.

Shahna Jacks – Administrative Assistant

Dear Santa,

What I really want for Christmas this year is for our hard-working contractors to remember to turn in their timesheets on time each week. I would also really enjoy the gift of patience during our home remodel next year. Thanks, Santa!

Jeremy Johnson – Mining & Heavy Industrial Recruiter

I really want the mining industry to experience more growth and success in 2020. We are very dependent on the resources and raw materials produced by mining. Without the men and women of mining, we would not be able to enjoy our current standard of living and technological advancements. Oh, and I would love to be able to spend more time on the lake with my friends and family. If you could do that Santa, I would greatly appreciate it!

Alex Price – Mining & Heavy Industrial Recruiter

Last year, I asked for a new client with a lightning-fast hiring process, and I received several (thanks, Santa!) This year, I am asking for a retained fee as fat as your belly. Oh, and for the Seahawks to win the Superbowl. If you can bring me this, I promise to be so good in 2020!

Tracy Isakson – Banking Recruiter

Last year, I asked for a strong U.S. banking market, and my wish came true! Thanks, Santa! This year, I wish for the ability to find all the right candidates for all my positions in 2020. 

Krista Portolesi – Banking Recruiter

Santa, I would love the opportunity to help more institutions with their contract/temp job openings. I’ve been given the opportunity to recruit so many great candidates on a contract basis and would really enjoy making an impact on another institution next year.

On a personal note, I would very much enjoy a spa day and a full night’s sleep. I’m thankful for all of the great people I’ve worked with this year and looking forward to working with new folks next year!

Stephanie Brown – Healthcare Recruiter

Dearest Santa,

As we approach this next year, where so many blessings have already been given in 2019, I don’t know what this girl could ask for other than a few simple things: First and foremost, I wish for happy and healthy children and to have much laughter in 2020 with those I love! I hope next year I can continue to build great relationships within the healthcare industry. I want the opportunity to return the favor of my daughter being cancer-free for 10 years now! Without every single one of them, who knows where we would be, and I shall forever feel gratitude. I also wish more than anything to bring top talent to Western Washington as my heart is in the water there with my grandparents.

Sending you much love and blessings. Cheers, Santa!

Christian Southerland – Healthcare Recruiter

Create great relationships with clients and to make 2020 a great year for myself, family, and Johnson Search Group.

Patrice MacMillan – Director of Marketing

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a viral blog post. That way, everyone can see how effective we are at placing incredible candidates at successful companies! Oh, and I wouldn’t mind a trip to a tropical location. Winters in the Northwest are COLD!

Matthew Bennett – Digital Marketing Manager

Hey Big Guy,

What I really want for Christmas is for the engagement of our monthly newsletters to keep growing. Is that so much to ask, Santa? After all, there’s some great stuff in there! Industry trends, exclusive job opportunities… the list goes on and on (much like your list!) If you could encourage our clients and candidates to open up our newsletter, I would be forever grateful! Also, I would enjoy a few more days at our family cabin this summer. Thank you, Santa!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us to you!

Thank you to all of our clients and candidates for making 2019 such a year of success. We had a lot of fun this year, and we look forward to working with you all in 2020. Santa, we know some of these items won’t exactly fit in your bag, but since we’ve been so good this year, please see if you can squeeze them into your sleigh.

From all of us at Johnson Search Group, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

JSG Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Johnson Search Group!

This year, everyone here at Johnson Search Group has a lot to be thankful for. Our clients, our candidates, our friends and family, and a strong labor market, just to name a few. 2019 was a fantastic year filled with milestones, such as celebrating our 35th anniversary and being named to three more Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) awards.

Thank you for partnering with Johnson Search Group

All of these accomplishments couldn’t have been possible without the support of our clients across the United States. We thank you for partnering with Johnson Search Group and trusting us to fill your critical roles. The labor market is holding strong in the last quarter of the year, and 2020’s job market is going to pick up right where 2019’s left – tight. We look forward to continuing our partnerships and bringing you the best candidates on the market.

We would also like to express our gratitude to our talented candidates. Thank you for trusting Johnson Search Group and our recruiting team to help you find the next step in your career.

Our team wanted to take a few minutes out of their busy schedules to share what they are grateful for this year.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Johnson Search Group! We hope you have a fun and safe Thanksgiving and holiday season.

Dana Belstler

Introducing Johnson Search Group’s Director of Sales, Dana Belstler

While Dana Belstler may be a familiar face to those of you who have been following Johnson Search Group for a while, we are incredibly proud to announce that she will be taking on some additional responsibilities as our new Director of Sales! We sat down with Dana to learn more about her new role and what’s next for JSG.

How are you going to balance your time as Director of Sales and Executive Mining Recruiter?

That is a great question! I will be busy – incredibly busy – but I am so ready for the challenge. I have the best clients out there (in my humble opinion), and I also have the honor of leading the best Account Executives in the industry. My team just got larger – along with my responsibilities – but nothing else has changed. Focus, strategy, planning, and time management will be my best friends in this new chapter of my life! Did I mention that I am so ready?

What’s your vision for continuing growth for Johnson Search Group?

LOL! I laugh because if I give an answer, it will be considered a commitment to producing those results! I do have some thoughts, but they are currently evolving – and they are top secret! What I will say is that a significant portion of the secret lies in the answer to the first question! Stay tuned and continue to follow us on LinkedIn and our website as the secret vision unfolds… (cue in, the top-secret sinister laugh – heh, heh, heh)

What is the most exciting part of this new role and responsibilities?

Finally! An easy question! The answer is OUR TEAM! I couldn’t be prouder and happier to be leading such an incredible team and working with them to take Johnson Search Group to the next level. They make coming to work so much fun!

Congratulations Dana on your Promotion AND GRIT Award!

We Simply Get People Hired

We Simply Get People Hired

When we talk about what we do as recruiters, we simply get people hired. The same way your cell phone is simply purchased and used to make a phone call. It’s a straightforward concept, but there’s a reason why only a handful of firms continue to emerge as the best of the best. According to the American Staffing Association, there are 20,000 staffing companies in the U.S. with combined 39,000 offices.

A lot is going on behind the scenes. When you partner with a recruiter at Johnson Search Group, you’re getting the technical expertise and refined processes tailored to fit your specific needs. We design our process to get you the skillset, attributes, and candidate experience to help you meet your hiring goals.

Take a look at the numbers

Over the last 35 years, JSG has consistently been named to several prestigious industry lists, including SIA’s Fastest Growing, Largest Firms (in the U.S. and Canada), and notably this year, the 13th Largest Engineering Staffing Firm in the U.S.

I work with a very passionate group. We are committed to doing what it takes to bring the talent our clients need. Currently, JSG has over 4,000 hires in the last year. However, we represent only 0.1% of the offices in the country; operating only around 40 of the 39,0000 staffing offices here in the states. These numbers show our dedication to staffing and recruiting only the best for our candidates and clients.

We work to provide quality over quantity

If you don’t want a better and faster hiring process, we might not be the best recruiting firm for you. Or if you are looking to comb through 100s of resumes on one position, again, we might not be the best fit.

We work diligently to do the work behind the scenes. We thoroughly vet candidates to fit your requirements and present to you the best possible talent on the market. So as far as it pertains to your next hire, if you partner with JSG, all you need to know is we simply get people hired.

We want to do the hard work so that you can meet your hiring and production goals. Reach out to one of our experts in your industry today; let’s work together to get your team the talent you need to head into 2020 confidently.

interview process

Personal Brand: How to Promote Your Personal Brand During A Job Search

personal brand

There are so many aspects that go into finding a new job. Your job search takes you on a journey that goes through ups and downs but in the end, will help you find a position you enjoy. It takes time and patience to go through each step. And there is one, in particular, that could really help you stand out in front of those companies you interview with: your personal brand. Promoting your personal brand can seem intimidating but it’s all about using the resources you have to help you be successful, not only in your career but also throughout all your job search.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is all about personal brand. It can have an impact on you not only reaching positions you want but also improves your chances of getting an interview with a company you like. All because your personal brand is easy to see and shows companies that you’re a candidate they want. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to interact with your career, your company, and just get yourself out there, and in the end, that’s all you really want, especially on a job search.


Network with people in your career, school, and co-workers. This will help you gain more confidence in yourself and help you reinforce the personal brand you’re trying to create when looking for a new job. Most of the time when you’re on the hunt, you’re keeping it quiet because you have a current job. Networking is the perfect place for you to feel out what is out there in your career field and see if anyone knows of a job you just can’t pass up.

Keep Social Media Private & Acceptable

Don’t forget about your personal accounts! Which is easy to do in our society today. It’s rare to meet someone between the ages of 20 – 60 who don’t have a social media account. But you need to make sure that what you’re sharing personally is still professional. It’s necessary for you to keep your personal brand in tip-top shape! Future employers will and DO look at your personal social media account. And if you have something that can seem like a red flag, they’ll probably pass on hiring you.

Share Successes

Using your successes as a stepping stone for a personal brand is a great way to show your dedication to your career and the will to always want to get better. Your “reputation,” or personal brand as we’re calling it, is something that should be handled with care but also celebrated, especially on a job search and interviews. When sharing successes, talk about the hard work you did to accomplish it, praise the people who helped you get there, and always be thankful. This will keep you on the right track of being humble and showing prospective hiring managers that you’re a good fit!

Team Player

In my experience, I would say being a team player is instrumental to not only having a strong and liked personal brand but to nailing job searches, and most importantly, interviews. When you focus on what you can do to help others, whether that’s in a job or just your daily life, it says a lot about who you are. Focusing on what you get out of it and what you can do to help others will be a trait that will take you very far in your career. Which is something every company is looking for in a candidate, right?

Overall, when you think about your personal brand, think about how you want to be perceived. In business, your reputation is everything. So be a good person. Do your best to always be respectful, stay true to your word, and make it a point to try and be better every day. If you can follow these points, you’ll you be successful in your job search and reach your aspirations, too.

Johnson Search Group

Johnson Search Group 2018 Divisional Meeting Awards

Johnson Search Group

At the end of each year, Johnson Search Group holds a divisional meeting to celebrate the year, review our growth, and celebrate the wins, both big and small. Every year, JSG presents awards to our staff members congratulating them on their successes throughout the year. Here are this year’s JSG award recipients.

Employee of the Year: Nicole Clements

Here at JSG, we honor our employee’s every year. Out of all the awards we give out, the Employee of the Year is the only award voted on by everyone in the Johnson Search Group office. Help us congratulate this year’s winner, Nicole Clements, our Marketing Specialist, as the 2018 JSG Employee of the Year!

AE of the Year: Dana Belstler

Please help us in congratulating our Mining Manager and AE of the Year, Dana Belstler! Her hard work this year has led her and her team to amazing success! And JSG cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for them. Congratulations!

JSG Team of the Year: Mining Team

Please help us congratulate our Team of the Year here at Johnson Search Group: The Mining Team! Ken, Jeremy, Alex, and Dana have worked so hard this year for their clients and candidates and it did not go unnoticed. Congratulations on being JSG’s 2018 Team of the Year!