Merry Christmas

Dear Santa, Our Recruiters Have Some Requests

Merry Christmas

Dear Santa,

It’s been almost a year since we last sent you our Christmas list here at Johnson Search Group. And we were so pleased with what you brought us last year that we had to write another list this year!

This year, we were able to place tons of candidates with great companies and continue to grow Johnson Search Group. We broke records, started new marketing campaigns, and added a few new faces to our growing team. 2018 was filled with great ups and some downs, but as we get closer to the holiday’s, we’re getting very excited to see what you bring us. Because to be honest, we’ve been even better this year! So, if you’re able to bring us some Christmas cheer, here is our list.

Perry Paden, Senior Vice President of Johnson Search Group

Dear Santa,

There is one thing I would like you to bring to our office this Christmas. If you can bring everyone the realization that they can reach their full potential in 2019 that would be fantastic!

Mining’s Christmas List

Dana Belstler, Manager:

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas I would like to ask for a prosperous year for all! Especially, all of us here at Johnson Search Group who I see every day working hard to hit their goals, and help their clients find the perfect candidates. I’d also like to continue meeting and working with the great people in the Mining industry!

Ken Heller, Account Executive:

Has it been a year already? Wow. First, let me thank you for kindly bringing me what I asked for last year. Over the last 12 months, I’ve been able to build some fantastic relationships with Mining industry leaders that I value greatly. This year, I’d simply ask to grow those relationships and add new ones.

Merry Christmas!

Alex Price, Team Lead – Mining:

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year I want a new client with a lightning fast hiring process and the Seahawks to win the Superbowl. If you can bring me this, I promise to be so good in 2019!

Thanks, Santa!

Nick Crider, Account Executive:

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year, since I really was so good, I would like the perfect candidates for all my job orders in order to win an awesome trip for reaching my annual goal! Also, a great head coach for my Green Bay Packers would be ideal (because they need to start winning some games)!

Thanks, Buddy!

Jeremy Johnson, Account Executive:

A bigger toolbox for the garage. If they make one with a fingerprint so all my tools are always right where I left them, that would be great! I’m kind of leaning toward a framed in piece down the center aisle that the drawers can open to either side. So, if you can swing that Santa, I’d really appreciate it! From a work standpoint, I’d like to have the chance to make impacting hires. Seeing people I placed getting active online and enjoying their new career is always rewarding.

Banking’s Christmas List

Tracy Isakson, Manager

Dear Santa,

I would really like two things for Christmas: the US banking market to continue to do well and banks to continue to hire (especially my candidates). If you can do this for me, I would truly be filled with joy! Have a great Christmas, Santa.

Krista Portolesi, Account Executive

For Christmas this year, I would like to help a new financial institution by placing top talent in their organization, a full night sleep, rock-hard abs, and a new immune system that works. All jokes aside, I hope each and every person I’ve spoken to this year has a great Holiday with their loved ones. Cheers to 2019! And thanks for everything, Santa!

Healthcare’s Christmas List

Tracey Smith, Manager

Dear Santa,

If you could provide two more hours each day, my clients would be forever grateful! With the current employment market, our hiring managers keep telling me if they had two more hours in each day, they would be able to work in the time to interview more of my candidates. I always try to provide everything my clients want, even if it means working miracles. And I know you do that! Thanks for your help, Santa.

Michelle Smith, Account Executive

Dear Santa,

If you could send me new clients that would be happy to have great candidates I am currently working with, I would be ecstatic to help add to their teams! Oh, and if you could maybe fit a new horse in your Santa bag, I would greatly appreciate that! Thanks, Santa!

RaChelle Pederson, Account Executive

Dear Santa,

Since I have been a perfect angel all year, I would greatly appreciate it if everyone I contact would be excited to hear from me and realize the value I bring to their company. I also wish that each one had a job order they wanted me to fill immediately and understand the heart and dedication I put into placing quality candidates for their organization. I do not want to be greedy, but I would loooooooove when given job orders, that the perfect resume would pop up in my email instantly! However, what I wish for the most is everyone will have their best Christmas ever!

Merry Christmas from Johnson Search Group!

Santa, we know some of these may be hard to fit in your bag, (especially, the Seahawks winning the Superbowl…) But! You haven’t failed us yet, and with us all working so hard this year, we know you won’t leave us hanging. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and we can’t wait to see all the amazing goodies you bring us and everyone else this year!

industries in review

JSG’s Industries in Review: Looking Towards 4th Quarter and Beyond

industries in review

It’s officially the 4th Quarter of the year. The labor market is as strong as it has been in almost two decades. With current projections of 3.1 percent growth for the U.S. economy for 2019, it doesn’t look like the job market will be slowing down anytime soon. We sat down with Johnson Search Group’s divisional managers to hear their thoughts on our candidate-driven market and the challenges their teams face moving into 4th Quarter and even 2019.

Mining in Review

Dana Belstler, Mining Divisional Manager

What trends do you see in the Mining industry as we approach 4th Quarter and 2019?

The mining industry is on fire. The Permian Basin is expanding faster than talent can be brought in and mining companies across the U.S. are growing. Frac sand companies are opening multiple new plants across the country. Even the gas and oil companies are getting into the frac sand business. Since October 2016, the Mining industry has added a total of 104,000 jobs; 6,000 jobs were added in the month of August alone. It’s a good time to be in mining, and I see this growth trend continuing into and throughout 2019!

What challenges is your team facing in this tight job market and how are you addressing them to help your clients find qualified candidates?

Candidates are in the driver’s seat, without a doubt. With 6.7 million job openings and only 6.3 million people to fill them, the disparity is glaring. The mining team at JSG has noticed that candidates are becoming more selective with the opportunities they will consider. They are sticking to their guns on salary requirements and many are choosing to not relocate. This is where our partnership with our clients and our understanding of who they are and their vision for the future, comes into play. We take the time to educate the candidates on the companies; My team shares the company’s vision and helps them visualize how their career could grow. We are truly matchmakers, and our goal is to make both our client’s and candidate’s happy with their mutual decisions.


Tracey Smith, Healthcare Divisional Manager

What trends do you see in the Healthcare industry as we approach 4th Quarter and 2019?

Technology is being integrated more often to meet many of the challenges faced with additional patient load and regulations; that includes addressing organizational planning, patient outcomes, and protection of health information. Technology has become a huge part of healthcare and I see it continuing to be this way. Although, this can be both good and bad and it may create unforeseen challenges when there aren’t enough people to address the need. And this is especially true when we are so reliant on technology to fill this need. One example we addressed in a recent blog discusses the human difference compared to the technology of applicant tracking systems. This illustrates how technology differs from the human touch, but it’s certainly needed because of how rapidly the Healthcare industry is growing!

What challenges is your team facing in this tight job market and how are you addressing them to help your clients find qualified candidates?

With Healthcare becoming the number one employer in the U.S., hiring managers are becoming busier than ever. Finding time for interviews is a huge challenge for many hiring managers. Which is why now is the best time to be working for a recruiting firm whose process is concise like ours. This includes us doing all the initial interviews, so we can get to the very best talent. This helps to not waste hiring managers’ valuable time, that could end up taking away from patient care.


Tracy Isakson, Banking Divisional Manager

What trends do you see in the Banking industry as we approach 4th Quarter and 2019?

All things are looking very busy. The fed rate will rise again, but the economy appears so good, it will most likely only create a small hiccup in the future. With that being said, banks and financial institutions are busier than ever. We will also see more mergers and acquisitions activity as institutions are looking for strategic growth.

What challenges is your team facing in this tight job market and how are you addressing them to help your clients find qualified candidates?

We are seeing candidates who are ready to make a move today. When a candidate is ready to find a new career opportunity, they are getting in contact with three, four, or even five institutions that are all wanting to hire them. Some banks are not making hiring a priority which is causing them to lose great talent. When they take weeks to ask great candidates for an interview they are leaving the door open for another institution to move in on the candidate. This creates a problem for banks who need to fill their critical roles quickly because they lose out on great candidates to the competition. It’s essential that financial institutions are moving quickly in this tight job market.

Let’s work together

4th Quarter is among us, and many organizations are looking to add talented candidates to their teams. If you are struggling to fill open positions in this tight market, you’re not alone. Reach out to us and let’s have a conversation. We can help you find the talent your organization needs as we quickly approach the new year.

passive candidates

Why Passive Candidates Are Catching the Eyes of Employers

passive candidates

As we all know, the job market is on fire right now. As of July 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an unemployment rate of 3.9% with a total of 6.7 million job openings across the country. With only 6.3 million unemployed Americans, many organizations are struggling to find the talent to fill job openings.

Where are employers turning to find candidates for those roles that drastically need to be filled? Passive candidates.

What’s a passive candidate?

A passive candidate is someone who is open to new opportunities, but they are not actively seeking one. Basically, these types of candidates are subscribed to job alerts or occasionally check out job boards. Passive candidates are often loyal employees and aren’t interviewing anywhere else, so they need to be convinced to make a move and sold on your company and position.

And there are more passive candidates than you think. 58 percent of workers look for new job opportunities at least once a month. The majority of the country’s workforce is casually searching for their next career move. In fact, 44 percent of workers subscribe to job alerts. Now, that doesn’t mean these people are actively searching for new positions. However, over half of our workforce would be open to discussing a potential career move.

Why focus on passive candidates

Despite the limited talent pool employers are fishing from, if you ignore passive candidates, organizations are missing out on some fantastic skills and employees. Passive candidates are 120 percent more likely to make a strong impact on your organization. Since they are currently working, they are more likely to have highly sought-after skills and bring extensive experience to your organization.

According to a study from LinkedIn, 75 percent of the people an organization would ideally hire aren’t even looking for a position. And for critical roles, 95 percent of the people you’d want to hire also aren’t looking. The consensus? The best candidates are the ones not even on the market!

How to attract candidates that aren’t even looking

Attracting passive candidates is easier said than done. They are typically happily employed or at least need a lot of incentive to make a move. And in our current market, candidates have options. With more job openings than people to fill them, passive candidates have the opportunity to be picky over what offers they wish to pursue.

As a result, it’s getting more difficult to get a candidate to accept relocating for a position. In 2017, 3.5 million American workers relocated for a new job opportunity. However, that’s a steep 10 percent decline from the 3.8 million in 2015. With an abundance of jobs, candidates can find similar positions nearby, avoiding a costly and disruptive relocation. If you’re having troubles filling roles with local candidates, you may need to relook at your company’s relocation package to better attract out of market candidates that may otherwise happily join your organization.

Partner with a recruiter

If your organization is struggling to fill open positions, you are not alone. Hundreds of companies are having difficulties finding the right talent to fill their most critical positions. However, that doesn’t mean you have to tackle your recruiting alone.

It’s time to take the extra step in your recruiting process to obtain the talent your organization needs. With JSG’s expertise in our current job climate, we can help your company fill your critical positions. Let’s work together.

The growing more interest of passive candidates

Recruiting Methods

Why Traditional Recruiting Methods Aren’t Working

Recruiting MethodsMost companies are having a hard time in today’s job climate filling their critical positions. This may be because their traditional recruiting methods of finding talent aren’t working.

With the unemployment rate nearing the lowest it has been in over 18 years, seeking out great talent is difficult.

More Jobs Than Workers

In the latest reports, the amount of positions open to be filled has well surpassed the number of people the Bureau of Labor Statistics says are unemployed. This obviously causes a huge problem for businesses for multiple reasons: One being other employees are having to pick up the slack, without receiving any benefit from it. This, in turn, can generate more open positions because employees know they have options. And if the price and position are right, they will move.

So now, companies are having to make a choice: Either raise wages or risk losing internal and external candidates to other opportunities.

It’s a Buyer’s Market

With candidates knowing they have options, it leaves companies vulnerable to losing their good talent if they feel unappreciated. But it also causes a problem for companies that are searching to fill positions. Candidates are not just looking at one offer nowadays; they are looking at multiple.

Which leaves your company vulnerable to being ‘ghosted’ by great candidates who found an even better offer. Traditional methods simply aren’t helping you lock down the candidates you want.

This Market is Costing Employers

An annual report in June 2018 illustrated that workers received their largest wage increase (of 2.8%) in nearly a decade. This means employers are having to offer higher wages to attract and keep qualified candidates. With this hike in salaries, it’s putting more pressure on good companies to fill their currently vacant roles.

And it’s making them either increase their salaries or find another way to recruit good candidates. The environment is causing a lot of stress for companies but thankfully, there is a great option for them.

Partner With an Expert

As you’ve read, job boards and the traditional recruiting methods for finding great candidates aren’t working anymore. But that’s what JSG is here to do. We work solely for our clients to find them the best candidates for their positions, so they don’t have to. We know that our clients are just as busy as we are, and they deserve to have experts pushing their companies forward while still filling their critical roles.

With JSG’s expertise in our current job climate, we can help your company with those critical positions that desperately need to be filled. By partnering with an expert, we take stress off you, but we also take stress off your current employees who are having to do extra work just to keep things moving.

Traditional Recruiting Methods Are Not As Effective

recruiting trends

Recruiting Trends to Watch for in 2018

recruiting trends

For the first time since 2000, there are more job openings than available workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were just under 6.7 million job openings available in April but only 6.35 million eligible candidates for jobs. The market for top-talent is tight and organizations must move fast to secure the best candidates.

If your hiring process is not efficient, you will find yourself missing out on the best candidates. The best prospective candidates are entertaining multiple offers and are sometimes not even actively on the job market.

Is your hiring process hurting you?

According to a report conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), it takes an average of 36 days to fill a position. That’s 36 days from the decision to open the position to the acceptance of an offer. That’s a long time!

If you want to ensure your team doesn’t miss out on the best candidates, you must streamline your hiring process. If you are taking 36 days or longer to extend an offer to a candidate, you will likely lose out on first-rate talent. With our candidate-driven market, interviewees have options (and plenty of them!). If your hiring process forces the candidate to jump through hoops to get an offer, they’ll likely move on.

How to improve your hiring process

If you are wondering where in your hiring process you can make improvements, here’s some food for thought:

As you can see, there’s room to improve your hiring process. Depending on your industry and the type of job opening, these impediments may obviously change. However, for most job openings, your organization can speed up things up. Even if you speed up your interview process by just a few days, you will have top candidates in the running for your company!

And by having better candidates, you will likely experience better retention. The average number of separations within the first three months of employment is 16%. And with the average cost-per-hire hovering around $4,425, your organization will save money AND increase retention by being able to hire elite candidates available.

Partner with a recruiter

The easiest possible way to improve your hiring process is to work with a professional. Your team has enough to worry about. Let JSG help you quickly hire the top candidates on the market that will stick around and make an immediate impact.

JSG Spills Our Favorite Interview Questions

Our team talks to thousands of candidates day in and day out. It’s our job to have conversations with and evaluate hundreds of people for each position to get to the one or two candidates that will make an immediate impact into an organization. From this process, each one of our Account Executives has narrowed down a favorite interview question that really helps them get to know who they’re talking to. We’ve asked them to spill the beans and share those favorite interview questions (and some even gave the answers they look for!)


Jeremy Johnson: Can you do the job? Would you do the job? Will you relocate?

Ken Heller: Tell me about your background.

Jill Pittmann: What makes you passionate about mining?

Alex Price: Why did you join the mining industry?

Dana Belstler: Where do you see yourself going?

Jeremy Johnson: Explain your job in layman’s terms.


Lukas Winslow: What position have you carried with you?

Krista Portolesi: Why are you looking for a new opportunity?

Mike Muglia: What does your next opportunity look like?

Tracy Isakson: Doesn’t really have a specific question – asks a series of questions to really understand each candidate on a deeper level.


Michelle Smith: What do you like to do for hobbies?

Dallas Williams: What does relocation look like for you?

Tracey Smith: Why should I submit you?

Ty Healthcare Recruiter

Meet The Newest JSG Team Members

As our reach throughout the United States expands, so do the needs of our clients and candidates. In order to accommodate these needs, our team continues to grow! Just in the past month, we’ve added 3 new people to our recruiting family. Please join us in welcoming these wonderful people to the JSG team!

Ty Lim, Healthcare Recruiter – Southwest Region

Ty Healthcare Recruiter

What made you decide to join the JSG team?

The recruiting system, technology, and leadership that is in place looked like a successful system that I know if I followed would garner the personal and financial goals that I have set for myself.

What are you most excited about this new career path?

The opportunity to work with an amazing team, learn from the best.

What’s your favorite thing about being a Recruiter?

A new and exciting adventure every hour.  You never know what that next phone call is going to bring.

What do you like to do away from the office?

Tennis, chasing waterfalls, family time.

What inspires you?

The simple good things in life.  Whether it be the kindness of a stranger, people that serve others just out of the goodness of their hearts with no expectations of any return, beautiful sunsets, gentle words that uplift and edify others…just goodness.

If you could learn one random skill, what would it be?

A toss up between jamming on the acoustic guitar or putting in the time to learn how to dance like the king of pop, Michael Jackson.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

I have to make time for myself, some good me time.  Hiking a good dirt path around the Palouse Falls or a good competitive tennis match usually does the trick.

Jill Pittmann, Mining Recruiter – South Midwest Region

Jill Pittmann mining recruiter

What made you decide to join the JSG team?

The passion of the team members and the opportunity to help place the right people in the right seats on the right bus. 😊

What are you most excited about this new career path?

The opportunity to learn about the mining industry and the possibility of uncapped earning potentials.

What’s your favorite thing about being a Recruiter?

Helping clients find the best person for a position and helping candidates find jobs they love that will provide for their family.

What do you like to do away from the office?

Go to Priest Lake, take road trips in my boyfriend’s Corvette, cook and try new restaurants.

What inspires you?

This team and my parents.

If you could learn one random skill, what would it be?

Eating with chopsticks and playing guitar.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

When I’m at work, I’m fully present at work. Being new, I have set expectations at home so people understand that I will be dedicating some home time to learning more about my new job. I set the alarm for a set amount of time and when the alarm goes off, I put work away and am present at home for my family and friends. I make sure that I keep commitments and enjoy ME time (walking, reading, and journaling) to stay at the top of my game and make sure I don’t get burned out.

Michelle Smith, Healthcare Recruiter – Midwest Region

Michelle Smith healthcare recruiter

What made you decide to join the JSG team?

I was ready for a completely different career change and was told how challenging the job was and how supportive and great JSG is to work for!

What are you most excited about this new career path?

Being able to connect with people and learn about a different industry.

What’s your favorite thing about being a Recruiter?

Talking with people and listening to them talk about their careers.

What do you like to do away from the office?

Besides spending time with my grandkids, I enjoy riding horses, working out and anything involving the outdoors.

What inspires you?

Seeing others paying it forward!

If you could learn one random skill, what would it be?

Barrel Racing!

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

I head to the gym! It helps me to focus.

Follow along as Ty, Jill, and Michelle forge their path here at JSG by following our company on LinkedIn, subscribing to our YouTube channel, and checking the JSG Blog regularly!

Valentine's Day

Show Your Employees some L.O.V.E. this Valentine’s Day

For most people,  Valentine’s Day is a great day to show the people closest to you that you love them. Whether its flowers, chocolate, or a nice dinner, showing a little extra attention to those most important to you leaves a lasting impression.

Now imagine the impact it would make to give or receive something from a colleague on Valentine’s Day. Feels great, right? You feel loved, cared for, and appreciated.

This Valentine’s Day, you should show some love to your employees. Not only will it make them feel important, it will boost your morale at the same.

Here are four simple ways to spread the L.O.V.E at your office this Valentine’s Day.

Let them eat cake

Give your employees a special treat. Order a Valentine’s Day themed cake or cupcakes. Have a cookie decorating contest where the whole office gets to unwind and have some fun. Any sugar on this day is good, and you can never have too much!

Kick it up a notch by buying them lunch too! It can be as simple as a few pizzas or a tray of sandwiches. Nothing screams company love more than free food!

Offer them incentives

Consider giving some extra time off or half day Fridays for the rest of the month. Give your employees something to work towards and look forward to. Now that we’re over a month removed from December, the holiday cheer is long gone. Your employees will love any and all incentives you have to offer them to get those spirits up.

Take it a step further and offer them dinner for two as an incentive. That way they can use it as a Valentine’s gift for their loved one. It’s a win-win!

Voice your appreciation

This one is easy and takes very little effort. I’m a huge fan of saying “thank you,” and my favorite places I have worked at say it all the time. Not only will the employees feel good, but so will you. They’ll know they’re getting recognized for doing a great job and will strive to do even better.

Kick it up a notch by writing a thank you card to your employees. It only takes two minutes and it goes so much further than you know. Employees will keep looking at it as motivation until they get another one. Now you have a great circle of motivation.

Excite them about the future

No one gets excited to come to work without knowing their plans for the future. Build up that excitement by sharing the latest and greatest accomplishments in the company. Tell them about future plans that will make the company grow, or tell them what they can do to grow within the company. Excited employees almost guarantee an increase in productivity.

Take it a step further by setting goals for them to meet. When you get your employees thinking about the long-term, it’ll allow them to think past the current day. They’ll love the thought of goals and will strive to meet them, ultimately making everyone happier.

Not too hard right? Given that Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year, doing something to show your love to your employees will get them over that mid-week hump.

An Interview With JSG Executive Vice President Ken Slater

An Interview With JSG Executive Vice President Ken Slater

An Interview With JSG Executive Vice President Ken Slater

With almost 25 years of experience in the recruiting industry, JSG Executive Vice President, Ken Slater, brings a wealth of knowledge and strategy to how we do business. We sat down with Ken to learn more about how JSG got where it is today and what is on the horizon in the new year. (Spoiler alert: it’s all about creating a “flexible, committed relationship.”)

What are the key factors that allow JSG to achieve such large revenue growth?

Clients are increasingly looking for scalable and flexible recruiting partnerships. Our focus is to provide flexible, long-term solutions. When we partner with a new company, we’re poised to adapt to their procedures and requirements. We’re small enough to be flexible and we’re large enough to be able to provide a variety of talent and services.  Our clients like that.  JSG works hard to build a rapport with our clients so that we can quickly and efficiently align our strengths with our clients’ needs.

Which industries are seeing the highest potential for growth this year?

Companies in our top industries, Mining, Healthcare, and Banking, will continue to look for ways to deliver better products, advanced technology, and compete with growing competition. Our clients will look to remain competitive in a candidate-driven market, keep up with the latest technology trends, and provide superior products and customer service throughout 2018. We feel our services to these industries will remain in demand during good economic periods as well as difficult ones as we provide specialized services, flexibility, and efficiencies that are desirable to our clients in any economic environment.

What is on the horizon for JSG in 2018? 

In 2018, JSG will continue to focus on growing our successful client relationships. As a company, we will strive to sustain value for our clients by providing quality talent to match their needs and developing and executing flexible service plans that fit their evolving needs. As the industries that JSG services continue to advance and develop, we will quickly and efficiently align our strengths with our clients’ plans and visions. It has always been our goal to help our clients achieve goals, because when they succeed, so do we.

Dear Santa Christmas Wish List From Our Recruiters

Dear Santa: A Christmas Wish List From Our Recruiters

Dear Santa,

We here at JSG have been very good this year. We’ve placed hundreds of candidates with dozens of great companies, and accomplished milestones and broke records along the way. We didn’t eat (too many) sweets, and we only teased each other during meetings a few times (a week.) There are a few things we want to ask for this Holiday season, and we so hope that you’ll deliver! (We’ll even save you some cookies from our Christmas party!)

Perry Paden, Senior Vice President:

Alex Price – A complete case of Rolling Rock (his favorite beer)

Jeremy Johnson – A frown so he does not smile so much

Dana Belstler – A new cooking set so that her husband will cook more food for the office!

Kenneth Heller – A 24 hour radio station that only plays Shakira

Krista Portolesi – A mini fridge for all her snacks

Mike Muglia – Another saying other than “alright, alright, alright”

Tracy Isakson – 11 lords a’ leaping (or kids in Tracy’s case)

Dallas Williams – An abundance of Halloween decorations to make his haunted house ever better

James Borders – More Filipino food from his mother so he can share!

Tracey Smith – A watch that yells “shut-up” 5 minutes into a conversation

Dana Belstler, Team Lead – Mining:

Dear Santa,

I have been so good this year and I would like to ask for the perfect candidate, also known as a “Unicorn.” I don’t need one with a horn, but rather the following: Must be degreed, have a P.E., EIT, have ITIL and MSHA certification (I would really like one with part 46, 47, 50, 56 and 57 certification) and have in-depth knowledge of ERP, VPN and HRIS systems. They need to be multilingual and have experience with pretty much every material, ever mined on planet Earth. I forgot to mention I would like an MBA with that PE and EIT. Santa, I know that this Unicorn is really, really expensive, but I have confidence that you and your team can find me one! Oh! One more thing! I need it to be programmed to say, “Yes, I will relocate anywhere,” “I have 5-10 years’ experience,” and “$52K?  Sign me up!.” Thank you, Santa! I can’t wait to unwrap my Unicorn.

Alex Price, Account Executive – Mining:

Dear Santa,

I want exactly what Dana wants, and a Red Ryder BB gun. 😊

Tracy Isakson, Team Lead – Banking:

My wish list is extensive. Can you please send me candidates that are a perfect fit for all the job orders I will receive in 2018?  That way, I only have to make 1 call and they will get hired. And world peace.

James Borders, Account Executive – Healthcare:

Dear Santa,

Other than diapers for my son that’s on his way in January, all I want for Christmas is to be connected with great clients in the Midwest, given endless job orders and bringing them the best of the best candidates, gaining some mutual success for 2018. I’ve been a good boy, for the most part.

Mike Muglia, Account Executive – Banking:

St. Nick, if you could fill my stocking with a list of Hiring Managers that will pick up the phone on the first call and give me a job order that needs to be filled immediately, because every other recruiter they have talked to is on the “Naughty List,” therefore they only want to work with me… It would be the best Christmas EVER!!!

Dallas Williams, Account Executive – Healthcare:

It has been many, many years since I wrote to you, I hope you remember me!

I am sitting at my desk thinking of things I would like for this Christmas (oops, wait a minute. I must break away, I have a Candidate calling me) okay, I’m back.

So, here are a couple things:

As a Recruiter in the Healthcare industry,  I wish that, when I leave a voicemail about a fantastic talented candidate with a Hiring Manager, or a fantastic opportunity with a fantastic facility on a possible candidate’s voicemail, I get a return phone call (no, I’m not selling timeshares).

I wish that I could thank the Doctor (again) who saved my Daughter’s life in 1992 when she was seven (okay, so I’m kind of old) for two beautiful grandchildren that I now have (because he was recruited from a facility in Colorado to Spokane) as he was the only Doctor in the area that had ever seen or treated what she was ill with (oops, wait a minute. I must break away again, I have a Client calling me).

Okay, I’m back again, (sorry, that was just another one of the 100+ calls I make or receive daily, between the 300+ emails) so my final wish is that everyone has a great Christmas and Holiday Season (yes, even those that miss spending it with their families because Health-care is a 24/7 industry), and that we all take a little time to spend with the ones we love and that we smile just a little bit more so we can pass that smile on to those that may just need to see one, to get them through the day.

Krista Portolesi, Account Executive – Banking:

Dear Santa,

This Christmas, I wish to be more engaged with my LinkedIn connections come 2018. I want to be effective in what I write, innovative with my words and bring value (and a little bit of humor!) to the folks in the Banking and Finance industry. Also, I want all my clients and/or potential clients to remember that as they think about their Christmas list this year… I don’t know what else you could possibly wish for when you have ME! 😊

Jeremy Johnson, Account Executive – Mining:

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas most is eggnog. I love this time of year. Of course, quick feedback would be great as well. I’m trying to help my companies out, help me refine my search, let me know what you thought about candidates, so I can do a better job for you, and then eggnog!

Youssef Alonzo, Account Executive – Banking:

Dear Santa,

My Christmas wish is to hire a Technical Helpdesk Specialist that is also ready to fix my home laptop almost each week! And on top of that, I’d like to wish all my family and friends a joyful holiday time!

Ken Heller, Account Executive – Mining:

Dear Santa,

My wish is for clients to know that recruiting is more than just a job of placing candidates. It’s about building relationships.

Tracey Smith, Manager – Healthcare:

Dear Santa,

I am a Manager for Johnson Search Group, but then again, you probably already knew that. I have been very blessed this year as I have been promoted twice, and am the “Account Executive Of The Year” for the second year in a row. I have tried to be really good, and I have helped make a huge impact into rural communities recruiting for hospitals, which is a gift all of its own for me; However, I do still have three items on my wish list this year. I know none of these are things you can bring down the chimney or put under the tree, but actually, that may be an advantage to you in the additional weight on the sleigh category.

The first is good health and happiness for my family, as we have had a number of unusual things come up this year. Although I must add that this has given me an even better insight and appreciation for the inner workings of a hospital, it has presented many challenges and we are looking for a happy and healthy 2018.

The second is giving my hospitals a better process to hire. Many take freaking forever to interview and make a decision! I sell the hell (sorry for the language) out of the hospital and the location, but then a candidate can lose heart and hope and take a job somewhere else instead.

The third and final thing, can you do something about HR departments or Administrators that do not return calls, please? I have great relationships with many hiring managers who want my help, but when I have to call HR to get agreements signed, get job orders, get feedback on interviews, get salary ranges etc., they often just ignore the call. I think they believe we are just ‘salespeople’ so they don’t want to talk to a salesperson, but it’s part of their job to get open positions filled. If they don’t have time or don’t have the network I do, they will have a ton less turnover and burnout if they just return a phone call! I can, and do, fill open jobs for my clients, maybe the gift would be give the hospital bottlenecks (whether it is HR or Administration), a clear vision of my abilities and the great work we do?

I know these are somewhat unusual requests but anything you can do would be most appreciated.