3 Lessons From The Army That I Still Use At Work Every Day

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During my 20 years of service to my country, I learned and grew a lot (Literally – I was a 17 year old scrawny kid when I first entered). And now that I’ve transferred to the civilian working world as a recruiter, I’ve found that many of the lessons I learned were not left behind. Here are three things that I continue to apply to my professional life every single day:


Any time I try to tackle something new, my military experience kicks in. Whether it’s recruiting for a new position, writing a blog, or putting together a toy for my son, I take it step by step. In the Army we learned everything A-Z, one letter at a time. Before moving on to the next step, I mastered all the steps before it. This strategy makes any task, no matter how daunting it may seem, easy to accomplish and by the end you are an expert.


So many of the things we do in today’s world are complicated and multi-faceted. We’re expected to multitask and accomplish tasks instantly and with precision. In the Army, we were taught to combat overwhelming processes through repetition. Most people come in throwing a grenade incorrectly. But after thousands of repetitions doing it correctly, our muscle memory starts to take over. This practice of repetition is what allows me to consistently have the highest call volume in the company.


For any goal that I was given or set in the Army, I gave 100% until it was accomplished. You didn’t question why you were doing this or ponder over how in the world you would get it done, you pulled up your bootstraps, set a strategy, and went after it. When I have a client with a critical need, I do whatever it takes to get them the all-star candidate they need.