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Considering A Career Move?

career move

There are a lot of factors that can go into helping you make the right decision. This age-old method can be very useful in everyday decisions, but I find it invaluable in considering a career move. Make it as simple as considering the pros and cons of your next step. Here are a few things to keep in mind when contemplating a shift in your career.

Research is key

If you have found yourself considering new employment, research is critical. Learning as much as you can about your prospective employer and the community can help you make the right decision, for both your professional and personal life.

First, why are you looking? Management, growth opportunity, stability? You can do some research and ask yourself those questions to get to the bottom of your job search.

What types of things do you enjoy? Look at the local area for things to do that fit your interests. It’s just important to find a community and environment that matches your lifestyle.

As a recruiter in the Mining and Heavy Industrial space, I try to provide my candidates with as much information as possible. I try to help the process be less about leg work and more about being excited about the new opportunity and location.

We have written a number of articles on dusting off your resume and interviewing tips. Here are a few that will help you through the job search process:

Think of the big picture

If your favorite pastime is fishing, and your prospective job is in the fishing capital of the world, with more time off and a competing company, you’ve checked off the personal and professional boxes, it might be time for a career move.

If you’re looking at a company with no growth potential, and a big component of you considering another career is that your current job has become stagnant, this just might not be the right role for you.

I’m proud to say that I’ve seen each of my coworkers here at JSG help candidates make informed decisions about their career and life moves. If you’re reading this and part of that group considering making a move, get ahold of one of us here or check out our jobs board. Let us help you with your next career move. In any event, good luck with your job search!