old school miner

The Mining Imposter: Bits vs. Bytes

old school miner

Disclaimer: This blog was written tongue in cheek.

Unless you live under a rock, most everyone has heard of cryptocurrency and the names associated with it. The cryptocurrency crowd has “borrowed” the term “mining”, to describe how their “product” is produced.  How does the Old School Miner (OSM) compare to the New School Miner (NSM)? Here are some fun facts comparing the two. (Remember: tongue-in-cheek!)

Old School Miner (OSM) VS New School Miner (NSM)

  • OSMs use one bit that takes many bites. NSMs use many bytes to get one Bit.
  • OSMs have a lineup of John Deere, Caterpillar, and Komatsu; NSMs, have a lineup of 1060TIs, 1070TIs, and 1080TIs.
  • OSMs wash their clothes after a hard day’s work. NSMs think about laundering their…after a hard drive days’ work?
  • OSMs eat sleep and talk about their jobs and what they have helped produce, for the benefit of the world. NSMs eat and sleep next to their mining equipment and talk to their machines about how much they have made for themselves.
  • OSMs occasionally bust an arm or a leg on the job, call it a scratch, wrap it in duct tape and keep on working. NSMs stub a toe on their mining equipment while getting out of bed and are rushed to the hospital after calling 911, claiming they have busted a foot. Their BFF comes over and writes “Mining Accident”, with a sad face Emoji, on the pinkie toe cast.
  • OSMs create what is necessary to supply energy and other commodities to the world. NSMs use the energy and commodities to benefit themselves.
  • OSMs refurbish their equipment and sell it to others so that they can continue to create and produce. NSMs refurbish their equipment and sell it to others, so that they can play games, like Space Miner.

Who would have thought that 50 or even 75 years ago, when someone said that they were a miner by profession, they would be asked if they were an OSM or an NSM?

To all the OSMs out there:  YOU ROCK.