Balance: How Work-Life Balance is Crucial to Your Career’s Success

When it comes to your work-life balance it’s about juggling all your responsibilities in just 24 hours, every day. And it can be difficult trying to manage your time between family, work, friends, and of course, you. But balancing your work and life is a crucial part of you having a successful career.

Ways to instill work-life balance effectively

Something that is super important in becoming successful with your career and at home, is balancing your responsibilities. You can do this by making sure you’re doing things you enjoy. Whether that means enjoying your job or having fun outside of work. It can help balance you out when one of those two things are stressful or vice-versa.

Also, make sure you’re with a good company that respects you and your home life. This is key to any working relationship. When you feel appreciated and cared for, you come into work knowing what you have to do that day, as well as knowing it will not be coming home with you.

When you interview for a job, you’re also interviewing the employer to see if they are the right fit for you! You get to choose who you share your talents with (especially, with the candidate-driven market we are in). And you want to make sure it’s a company that respects and knows the difference between your family time and work time.

By taking initiative upfront, it will be easier to focus on your work-life balance and help you understand the importance of it. Without that balance, your work production and health could suffer due to unnecessary stress. Which no one wants to deal with when you’re just trying to enjoy your life and career.

How to ensure you have a good Work-Life Balance

With these simple steps, you can make sure you’re taking steps to de-stress and unplug from work and life stresses.

Workout and eat healthily – whether that is going for a walk 3-4 times a week or going to the gym. Make sure you’re taking care of your physical health. Giving yourself that time to work on improving your health will only help you feel better about yourself and accomplish more in your day to day duties.

Hobbies – Reminding yourself of the importance of doing things other than work and house chores keeps you happy and excited for what the next day brings. Having different hobbies helps you relax and take that time you need to debrief from life and work. Because de-stressing and doing the things you love to do ‘just because’ will help you stay healthy and happy. Which only keeps you more productive in the office and life.

Un-Plug from work and technology – With work and technology being so hand-in-hand nowadays, it makes it hard to truly leave work… at work. But it’s important to remember that work will always be there tomorrow. Your loved ones, friends, that age your child is today, is and will always be changing. Make sure you’re spending that time with them. Enjoying every stage of life, because one day you won’t be able to.

Your work-life balance will determine your career and life successes, so make sure you take the time to focus on each role and balance them accordingly.

“As far as I know, you only get one shot at this life. It only goes around once and time is precious. When (your) not working, you’d better spend that time with someone important.”Benjamin Bratt


Dear Santa Christmas Wish List From Our Recruiters

Dear Santa: A Christmas Wish List From Our Recruiters

Dear Santa,

We here at JSG have been very good this year. We’ve placed hundreds of candidates with dozens of great companies, and accomplished milestones and broke records along the way. We didn’t eat (too many) sweets, and we only teased each other during meetings a few times (a week.) There are a few things we want to ask for this Holiday season, and we so hope that you’ll deliver! (We’ll even save you some cookies from our Christmas party!)

Perry Paden, Senior Vice President:

Alex Price – A complete case of Rolling Rock (his favorite beer)

Jeremy Johnson – A frown so he does not smile so much

Dana Belstler – A new cooking set so that her husband will cook more food for the office!

Kenneth Heller – A 24-hour radio station that only plays Shakira

Krista Portolesi – A mini-fridge for all her snacks

Mike Muglia – Another saying other than “alright, alright, alright”

Tracy Isakson – 11 lords a’ leaping (or kids in Tracy’s case)

Dallas Williams – An abundance of Halloween decorations to make his haunted house ever better

James Borders – More Filipino food from his mother so he can share!

Dana Belstler, Team Lead – Mining:

Dear Santa,

I have been so good this year and I would like to ask for the perfect candidate, also known as a “Unicorn.” I don’t need one with a horn, but rather the following: Must be degreed, have a P.E., EIT, have ITIL and MSHA certification (I would really like one with part 46, 47, 50, 56 and 57 certification) and have in-depth knowledge of ERP, VPN and HRIS systems. They need to be multilingual and have experience with pretty much every material, ever mined on planet Earth. I forgot to mention I would like an MBA with that PE and EIT. Santa, I know that this Unicorn is really, really expensive, but I have confidence that you and your team can find me one! Oh! One more thing! I need it to be programmed to say, “Yes, I will relocate anywhere,” “I have 5-10 years’ experience,” and “$52K?  Sign me up!.” Thank you, Santa! I can’t wait to unwrap my Unicorn.

Alex Price, Account Executive – Mining:

Dear Santa,

I want exactly what Dana wants, and a Red Ryder BB gun. 😊

Tracy Isakson, Team Lead – Banking:

My wish list is extensive. Can you please send me candidates that are a perfect fit for all the job orders I will receive in 2018?  That way, I only have to make 1 call and they will get hired. And world peace.

James Borders, Account Executive – Healthcare:

Dear Santa,

Other than diapers for my son that’s on his way in January, all I want for Christmas is to be connected with great clients in the Midwest, given endless job orders and bringing them the best of the best candidates, gaining some mutual success for 2018. I’ve been a good boy, for the most part.

Mike Muglia, Account Executive – Banking:

St. Nick, if you could fill my stocking with a list of Hiring Managers that will pick up the phone on the first call and give me a job order that needs to be filled immediately, because every other recruiter they have talked to is on the “Naughty List,” therefore they only want to work with me… It would be the best Christmas EVER!!!

Dallas Williams, Account Executive – Healthcare:

It has been many, many years since I wrote to you, I hope you remember me!

I am sitting at my desk thinking of things I would like for this Christmas (oops, wait a minute. I must break away, I have a Candidate calling me) okay, I’m back.

So, here are a couple things:

As a Recruiter in the Healthcare industry,  I wish that, when I leave a voicemail about a fantastic talented candidate with a Hiring Manager, or a fantastic opportunity with a fantastic facility on a possible candidate’s voicemail, I get a return phone call (no, I’m not selling timeshares).

I wish that I could thank the Doctor (again) who saved my Daughter’s life in 1992 when she was seven (okay, so I’m kind of old) for two beautiful grandchildren that I now have (because he was recruited from a facility in Colorado to Spokane) as he was the only Doctor in the area that had ever seen or treated what she was ill with (oops, wait a minute. I must break away again, I have a Client calling me).

Okay, I’m back again, (sorry, that was just another one of the 100+ calls I make or receive daily, between the 300+ emails) so my final wish is that everyone has a great Christmas and Holiday Season (yes, even those that miss spending it with their families because Health-care is a 24/7 industry), and that we all take a little time to spend with the ones we love and that we smile just a little bit more so we can pass that smile on to those that may just need to see one, to get them through the day.

Krista Portolesi, Account Executive – Banking:

Dear Santa,

This Christmas, I wish to be more engaged with my LinkedIn connections come 2018. I want to be effective in what I write, innovative with my words and bring value (and a little bit of humor!) to the folks in the Banking and Finance industry. Also, I want all my clients and/or potential clients to remember that as they think about their Christmas list this year… I don’t know what else you could possibly wish for when you have ME! 😊

Jeremy Johnson, Account Executive – Mining:

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas most is eggnog. I love this time of year. Of course, quick feedback would be great as well. I’m trying to help my companies out, help me refine my search, let me know what you thought about candidates, so I can do a better job for you, and then eggnog!

Youssef Alonzo, Account Executive – Banking:

Dear Santa,

My Christmas wish is to hire a Technical Helpdesk Specialist that is also ready to fix my home laptop almost each week! And on top of that, I’d like to wish all my family and friends a joyful holiday time!

Ken Heller, Account Executive – Mining:

Dear Santa,

My wish is for clients to know that recruiting is more than just a job of placing candidates. It’s about building relationships.

JSG Holiday Traditions

JSG Holiday Traditions

JSG Holiday Traditions

We love the holidays here at JSG. The extra cheer in our client’s voices, the promise of the new year, (and of course the pumpkin pie!) This year we are starting a few office traditions centered around giving back to our community. We plan to go caroling in local neighborhoods to spread some Christmas Cheer with our friends from the Arc of Spokane Community Center. We’ve also decided to start an office gift exchange with a charitable twist – buy a toy you think your coworker would have loved when they were a kid and we’ll donate them to Toys For Tots!

Now, we know that every office and family has Holiday traditions of their own (You can read some of our individual traditions below!) – and we encourage you to share some of yours! Tag us on social media or shoot us an email to join in the Holiday spirit!

Tracy Isakson, Banking Team Lead:

One of our favorite things to do during Christmas is going to the “Christmas Tree Elegance” at the Davenport hotel. My kids get to see some of the most beautiful tree’s and they get to see all the “stuff” that organizations put into their tree.  The kids like to dream and wish for their favorite tree and we get them each a few tickets to try to win the tree.  We put their name on it as well, so they would know if they won the tree.  And how could you not love the davenport.  One of the most beautiful old hotels in the nation as a backdrop to the amazing trees.  Just makes for a very fun day with the family downtown.

Mike Muglia, Account Executive – Banking, Southwest:

So our family’s tradition is that starting 4 Sundays before Christmas we take out a little wooden crib that we built that looks like an animal feeding trough and put it somewhere in the front room with a bag of straw next to it.  Then as the days pass every time someone does something kind for each other, or kids listen the first time, or perhaps do extra chores without being asked, or helps a stranger……we put a piece of straw in the crib.  The goal is to make a nice comfortable bed for the Baby Jesus on His Birthday.  On Christmas Eve while the kids are asleep “The Angels” come and decorate the space and replaces the empty crib with a bigger and very real looking Baby Jesus Doll – and sometimes a special little gift for the family!

Jessica Sems, Account Executive – Healthcare, Southeast:

We never had traditions growing up, so I want to start making my own traditions. One tradition I want to start is having my brothers come to town and celebrate it with me every year because that is all we had growing up is each other. We will always give each other something we need never something on our want list. The essentials. I want them to know the importance of having stuff we need versus stuff we want.

Dana Belster, Team Lead – Mining:

In this busy world, seeing family is sometimes difficult.  Our house has always been the center point, where everyone comes for Christmas dinner. It is a lot of work, but it builds memories, creates bonds and is fun.  Clean up the next day, not so much!

Mary DuBoyce, Account Executive – Healthcare, Midatlantic:

We make an angel food cake and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus at midnight, and every Christmas Eve we open one gift. (It’s always new pajamas!)

Perry Paden, Senior Vice President:

Being the youngest of 5 kids rarely had its good side growing up on the farm. But at Christmas, it certainly had its advantages. Mom would spend 2 days cooking everything from scratch and because I was the youngest, I got to be the taste tester. Everything from the chocolate pudding for pie, the sugar cookies, and the leftover homemade pie crust baked in the oven with butter and cinnamon. My brothers and sisters never complained because there was always plenty to go around. Those are just some of the traditions I got to do growing up. I passed those rich traditions on to my children in hopes of keeping that little twinkle in our eye and the spirit of Christmas alive!

Patrice Sutton, Social Media Manager:

Every year, my family goes to Whitefish Lake Golf Course on Christmas Eve – and it is totally magical! There’s usually a ton of snow in Montana and the dimly lit lodge filled with Christmas Trees and fireplace warmth is the perfect thing to get me in the Christmas spirit!

Leading by Example, Winning by Example

Leading by Example and Winning with Integrity

Leading by Example, Winning by Example

If you’ve ever received a message from me, you’ve seen that my signature carries the phrase, “Leading by Example and Winning with Integrity.” You might wonder, why? Is this a marketing ploy or does this have a place in the business world? Better yet, how can it affect me?

Much more than a marketing ploy, this phrase is an expression of who I am. In the world we live in, we tend to get caught up in “what’s in it for me and how do I get to the top of the heap.” I have always been competitive, and always found myself a natural leader. Early on in my career, I learned that there was a difference between talking a big game and showing up when it matters most. I learned there was a way to be competitive without stepping all over the competition. While many around me used the phrase, “fake it til you make it,” I found that telling the truth even when I didn’t know the answer, eventually taught me the answers I needed to know.

This phrase, which is as important to me as the air we breathe, has served to bring people into my life that share in my values. Home life, business life, friends, and family may not always share my style, but they know where I stand.

Winning is as easy as helping other people get what they want. When you work hard and do the right thing, even when no one is looking, it builds a respect and loyalty that not only lasts throughout your transaction, but also a lifetime and beyond.

Never before has this served me as well as in my current profession. I am in the business of matching people from different cultures, background, and skills with companies, ultimately creating life-altering relationships. Candidates put their trust and confidence in me to help them get more time with their families, more opportunities for their children, a better use of their skills, and more cushion in their bank accounts. Clients look for me to take the pressure off of them to find an employee that wants more than a job, fits in their culture, and is competent in their abilities. Every day as I make phone calls, I keep in mind to lead by example and win with integrity.

Now I ask you, how will you lead by example and win with integrity in your life?

Here’s What Will Be Important for Industrial in 2016

2016, industrial

2016 is on the horizon, and mining & heavy industrial companies are already starting to prioritize what will be most important in the coming months. While we know that security, technology, and hiring will be at the forefront, we wanted to dig a little deeper to find the motivations behind these top priorities. Our Account Executives reached out to their industry contacts to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing their companies in 2016.

Why will hiring process be an important focus for mining and heavy industrial in 2016?

Perry Paden: We understand that coal will remain flat in 2016. That does not mean that hiring will be non-existent. Currently, there are over 10,000 Plant Management positions, 26,000 Maintenance Manager positions, and 12,000 Safety Engineer positions open across the United States (And that’s just the tip of the ice berg). The message for 2016 is that companies are still seeking top talent, and it’s more important now than ever to secure qualified, experienced professionals. There will be two main components for hiring that contribute to competing for this top talent: a streamlined hiring process and what sets your company apart.

How will constant regulation changes affect the industry?

Dana Belstler: The constantly evolving regulations in the industrial market will require new certification from candidates, making it more difficult to find the right candidate for critical positions.

Why will effective Project Management be crucial for companies next year?

Dana Belstler: Project management will be key to maintaining budgets and completing projects on time. A Project Manager has to understand the industry and the technical details of the job being performed. They are responsible for the team members and making sure they have the skills, education, and experience to be a productive member on the project. With competition for projects increasing in 2016, great management will make all the difference in landing big projects and executing them successfully.

Here’s What Will Be Important for Banks in 2016


2016 is on the horizon, and banks are already starting to prioritize what will be most important in the coming months. While we know that security, technology, and hiring will be at the forefront, we wanted to dig a little deeper to find the motivations behind those top priorities. Our Account Executives reached out to their banking industry contacts to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing their companies 2016.

Why will hiring process be an important focus for banks in 2016?

Tracy Isakson: With the economy driving the ship, we are but passengers to the candidate-driven market. Because the economy is growing, banks have more money to spend and that means competition for the best talent will rise. Banks must be at the forefront of the hiring curves in order to capture the best talent. That means streamlining their hiring process, or they will lose top talent to the competition.

How will information security affect banks in 2016?

Jana Green: Information security will become one of the most important focuses for banking in 2016. With the growing dependency on technology, customers are becoming increasingly concerned about data breaches. Banks that can ace the information security sector next year will win the respect and business from new and existing customers.

How will BSA/AML Compliance evolve next year?

Kimberley Fulcher: BSA/AML, compliance and quantitative analysis will continue to play off of the always evolving regulations in 2016. Additionally, as an election year, 2016 could bring about many changes to compliance and regulations that we cannot even foresee currently.

What part will contractors play in the hiring plan for banks?

Mike Muglia: Contract hiring helps the bank fill a position very quickly, allowing higher flexibility, cost savings, and easier accounting.

Why is the need for Quantitative Analysis rising in the banking industry?

Jana Green: Data, data, data! The need for sophisticated data analysis is ever increasing. With the capture technology that banks are utilizing on their websites, applications, and transactions, they can only help put themselves on the top of the market by utilizing quant analysis. There is so much information that can be derived from a simple ATM transaction, just imagine what can be derived from other platforms!

We’re Thankful For…

we're thankful for... (1)

As we approach the holiday season, we wanted to take the time to reflect on what we’re thankful for here at JSG. Here’s what some of our employees had to say:

I am thankful for the JSG Team, including each and every member of our organization. I am also thankful for the culture that we continue to develop at JSG that makes our organization competitive, collaborative and an exciting place to work. 
— Ken Slater, Executive Vice President

I am thankful for all the Team Members at Johnson Search Group. They are all great people and I am humbled by how hard they work and their dedication to the job. 
— Perry Paden, Senior Vice President

I am thankful to work in an environment where open forums are commonplace because it allows our team the opportunity to share ideas and thoughts in a productive way! 
— Jana Green, Executive Recruiter – Banking & Finance

I am thankful for JSG because they took a risk with me and it is paying off for both them and myself. They have given me the tools and leadership I need to succeed. My leader, Perry Paden, lights a fire in me to help my clients get the best people for their organization. 
— Tracy Isakson, Executive Recruiter – Banking & Finance

I am thankful for all of the opportunities JSG has given me to develop and grow. I have learned so much since coming on board, and the support and encouragement I continue to receive astounds me every day. Thank you JSG! 
— Patrice Sutton, Social Media Manager

I am thankful for great clients, wonderful candidates, and the best co-workers here at JSG who make every day an awesome adventure! 
— Kimberley Fulcher, Practice Lead – Banking & Finance

I am thankful for the people I serve and interact with, because I am impacting lives daily in an intensely positive way. 
— Mike Muglia, Executive Recruiter – Banking & Finance

I am thankful for Johnson Search Group because they truly care about their employees and helping to making us the best we can be, in the industry.
— Dana Belstler, Executive Recruiter – Mining & Heavy Industrial