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What Super Bowl 51 Taught Us About Motivation

What Super Bowl 51 Taught Us About Motivation

Super Bowl 51’s lesson comes in the review of the circumstances that have played out since Super Bowl 50 and the controversy surrounding Deflategate; no pigskin in history ever got so much attention! The Patriots could have focused on the past and what they felt were unfair sanctions, but instead they chose a different attitude, they chose to aim for making it to the big show again. No matter what side of the football and sanction fairness controversy you fall on, the challenges that the Patriots had to overcome to win has already become legend.

Much of success and what defines you boils down to motivation and putting forth the effort to succeed.  It takes all the motivational elements you can muster to be successful, just like this year’s Super Bowl champions. With their starting quarterback suspended, the team chose to use the suspension as motivation. We should all remember that the team won 3 out of the 4 games while he was suspended!

Tom Brady was continuously asked if the suspension was going to motivate him to win, but he said it was his teammates’ attitude and his personal desire to succeed. Brady said:

“It takes a lot of work to get to this point. Nothing that has happened in the past is going to help us win this game. What’s going to help us win this game is going through that process we talked about and being ready to go. That’s enough motivation for me.”

What Super Bowl 51 Taught Us About Motivation

What does that mean for you in seeking a new opportunity? Has your company done a reorganization and you have been let go? Have you been told for the 3rd time that you did great but you were the companies second choice? Did you get passed over for the promotion you worked so hard for? We all want to win, but the best way to guarantee a win comes down to the right attitude and the desire to overcome.

To accomplish this you must start by realizing that these circumstances don’t define you. Answer the question ‘What kind of team player do I want to be?’ Use the knowledge and experience that has led you to this point, and become the best version of yourself possible. At Johnson Search Group, we are honored to continue to be a resource to answer these questions and be a resource to help you become the winner you desire to be!