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Are You Gambling With Your Career?

Are You Gambling With Your Career?

So, you have decided that it’s time to look around and see what other jobs or career possibilities are out there. There are many reasons why this might be the case. (Maybe your current boss is a caveman or woman?) Maybe you’re looking for a new challenge, you want to move to the next level in your career, you’re already sick of the snow, or you may just be seeking a new adventure. Whatever the reason, your search needs to be done correctly.

Some of you may think this means applying to any and every job that comes across your internet search. Let me tell you, this is just gambling with your career and there’s only a small chance it will lead to a jackpot! If you are applying for every job that looks remotely close to a possible match to your skill set, there are a few things that may happen:

  1. You can look desperate
  2. Your resume can go into a black hole, often referred to as the HR Department Portal
  3. You submit your resume blindly and your boss gets wind that you are looking
  4. You get submitted to a position through a recruiter you feel has your best interests at heart, only to find out that HR already has your resume and you no longer have the direct line to the hiring manager that can exist with a great recruiting firm
  5. Worse yet, a great recruiter submits you only to find out that one of the links you clicked on provided your resume to someone who blankets the world with your resume until they get a hit. Now your credibility is in question because you said you had not been submitted there, and some hiring managers will not get in the middle of an awkward situation. (Be careful who you give your resume to!)
  6. The passive or ‘secretly looking’ candidates get interviewed first and you lose out
  7. You are no longer ‘special’ in the eyes of the HR Department or hiring manager
  8. Your resume does not contain the exact phrases or keywords that were programmed into the keyword ‘best match’ list for the automated resume screening software

Do you really want to gamble? This is your career we are talking about! If you want to see what else is out there, be intentional, be smart, and above all else, partner with a recruiting firm that truly has your best interests at heart.