Valentine's Day

Show Your Employees some L.O.V.E. this Valentine’s Day

For most people,  Valentine’s Day is a great day to show the people closest to you that you love them. Whether its flowers, chocolate, or a nice dinner, showing a little extra attention to those most important to you leaves a lasting impression.

Now imagine the impact it would make to give or receive something from a colleague on Valentine’s Day. Feels great, right? You feel loved, cared for, and appreciated.

This Valentine’s Day, you should show some love to your employees. Not only will it make them feel important, it will boost your morale at the same.

Here are four simple ways to spread the L.O.V.E at your office this Valentine’s Day.

Let them eat cake

Give your employees a special treat. Order a Valentine’s Day themed cake or cupcakes. Have a cookie decorating contest where the whole office gets to unwind and have some fun. Any sugar on this day is good, and you can never have too much!

Kick it up a notch by buying them lunch too! It can be as simple as a few pizzas or a tray of sandwiches. Nothing screams company love more than free food!

Offer them incentives

Consider giving some extra time off or half day Fridays for the rest of the month. Give your employees something to work towards and look forward to. Now that we’re over a month removed from December, the holiday cheer is long gone. Your employees will love any and all incentives you have to offer them to get those spirits up.

Take it a step further and offer them dinner for two as an incentive. That way they can use it as a Valentine’s gift for their loved one. It’s a win-win!

Voice your appreciation

This one is easy and takes very little effort. I’m a huge fan of saying “thank you,” and my favorite places I have worked at say it all the time. Not only will the employees feel good, but so will you. They’ll know they’re getting recognized for doing a great job and will strive to do even better.

Kick it up a notch by writing a thank you card to your employees. It only takes two minutes and it goes so much further than you know. Employees will keep looking at it as motivation until they get another one. Now you have a great circle of motivation.

Excite them about the future

No one gets excited to come to work without knowing their plans for the future. Build up that excitement by sharing the latest and greatest accomplishments in the company. Tell them about future plans that will make the company grow, or tell them what they can do to grow within the company. Excited employees almost guarantee an increase in productivity.

Take it a step further by setting goals for them to meet. When you get your employees thinking about the long-term, it’ll allow them to think past the current day. They’ll love the thought of goals and will strive to meet them, ultimately making everyone happier.

Not too hard right? Given that Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year, doing something to show your love to your employees will get them over that mid-week hump.