4 Ways To Attract Candidates To Your Company

4 Ways To Attract Candidates To Your Company

With the unemployment rate at its lowest since the pandemic started and more job opportunities opening, many companies are having difficulty finding qualified talent to fill their positions. It has become increasingly important for employers to make sure they stand out from their competitors in this crowded job market. Below are a few tips on how your company can attract candidates and retain employees.

Have a Speedy Hiring Process

A speedy hiring process is important in a candidate-driven market. If yours takes too long, top talent will turn to competitors. The demand for quality talent has increased, but the supply of actual skilled talent has decreased. You also have to consider that highly sought-after talent is currently employed. If they are willing to explore their options but encounter a slow hiring process, they will likely choose to stay with their current employer. 

Offer Unique Perks and Competitive Pay

Quality talent understands that their skills are in high demand and that they have options to choose from. By offering competitive wages and benefits packages, you set yourself apart from your competition and attract candidates. Additionally, companies that offer unique perks such as gym or hot spring memberships, complimentary chiropractor visits, in-house childcare, free food, and more are securing talent more quickly.

Create a Company Culture That Attracts Employees

Studies have shown that an employee’s happiness at work is linked to interpersonal relationships, company culture, and work environment. So, the stronger and more enjoyable your company’s culture is, the more likely your employees are happy working for you. As a result, your retention statistics will increase. Top talent will be drawn to the fact that your employees are not only happy, but most of them have decided to stick around for a long time.

Offer Professional Development Opportunities 

Many workers care a lot about professional development in today’s market. So, you must make it a top priority if you want to attract candidates. Invite knowledgeable speakers in your industry to your office from time to time to lead seminars. Invest in continued training and coaching activities or trade shows and conferences, and encourage your employees to attend. Knowledge is always a great investment.

If your company could use a hand with attracting top talent, please reach out to our experienced recruiters at JSG, who will consult with you and discuss your needs thoroughly in order to find you the talent you need and the quality you deserve.

Why You Should Partner With JSG To Find Your Next Employee

Why You Should Partner With JSG To Find Your Next Employee

There’s no doubt that it has been a rollercoaster of a year. With everything that has occurred, your department leaders are probably being pulled in a million different directions. This, combined with the pressure to ramp up business back to “normal,” leaves little room for hiring. And while the candidate market is busting at the seams, that does not mean it’s easy to secure the employee you need.

In an over-saturated market, the best candidates are buried under thousands that just aren’t quite the right fit. Additionally, the employee you need to take your team to the next level may still be employed with a competitor, just waiting for the right opportunity to make a stable move. Today we’ll break down a few of our biggest industries and the benefits of partnering with a recruiter, no matter which one you’re in.


As bonus season comes and goes in the banking world, many professionals are left wondering if they are with the right firm. It’s the perfect time for them to make a change. However, most banking professionals conduct very private searches so as not to tip off their current employer. Many exclusively partner with a recruiting firm like Johnson Search Group to find their next job so that we can ensure they get the right salary in the right location at the right time. A great example of this is our recent placement of a VP of HR at a local bank. This quick hire fulfilled our candidate’s need for growth and our client’s need for employee direction and support.


The healthcare industry was turned completely upside down last year. As a result, priorities for many organizations changed dramatically. Now that things in healthcare are stabilizing, many leaders are trying to pick up the pieces. There’s now room to focus on growth and future security. On top of it, many of your employees may have experienced severe burnout during 2020. This makes it a great time to add to your team and offload some of their burdens. However, budgets are tight, and you can’t afford a bad hire. A professional firm like Johnson Search Group can help you avoid costly mistakes, make quick hires, and ensure you’re hiring the right fit for your team. Recently, we placed a CFO with a rural hospital, allowing them to fill an essential need while continuing business as usual.

Mining & Manufacturing

As the mining and manufacturing industries pick back up, many companies are looking to fill leadership positions. Additionally, mid-level positions at large established companies are opening, such as maintenance, production, and other skilled-trades professionals. If your organization is still testing the post-pandemic waters, contract staffing is the perfect solution. At Johnson Search Group, we offer flexible, custom contract options that will fit your company’s needs. You decide the length of the contract, and if they are a great fit, we can help you can convert them into permanent employees. Then, we’ll help you negotiate a competitive rate to secure the best on the market.

Information Technology

The online and virtual aspect of most businesses has absolutely exploded recently. While this enables your company to stay connected even while far apart, it also exposes you to a whole new world of technological risk. Your best bet is to tackle these risks head-on and protect your data by partnering with IT experts. At Johnson Search Group, we offer IT solutions in both staffing and consulting. Whether you need to add to your current IT team or you’re looking to outsource your needs to a fully-staffed team of experts, we have options for you. No matter what, we will help you find an IT professional who fits not only the hard skills required but also the company culture and customer-centric mindset.

Ready to partner with JSG to find your next employee?

As you can see, people are hiring. Some of the roles we’re currently recruiting for include ControllerPatient Care ManagerQuality Control SupervisorVP Sr. Compliance Officer, and Director of IT Services. If you’re looking to fill positions like these, give us a call. We can talk through a custom staffing strategy based on your needs, budget, and location.

How To Secure Talent In A Competitive Market

How To Secure Talent In A Competitive Market

In such a competitive candidate market, many companies are losing great candidates to competition. With business being so hot and candidates ready to make a move, they have a considerable amount of options! As a result, frustrated hiring managers are coming to me asking questions like, “how can I secure experienced talent that is ready to commit to my team?”

It’s definitely a difficult market right now, particularly in areas like the mortgage industry. However, no matter what space you’re in, securing the right talent is imperative. This is where I can help! Candidates need to see the whole picture when deciding to work for you over your competitor.

Sell Your Value

Do you offer an excellent benefits package, work-life balance, a competitive salary, a family-like atmosphere? Or maybe your management team genuinely cares and wants to help individuals grow. Whatever your most significant selling points are, I, as your recruiter, can help convey that to your strongest prospects. I find out what is driving a candidate to consider making a change in the first place. Then, I share how your position meets those criteria and all the other benefits of working for your company. I will also be upfront with you. When I get the feeling a candidate will not be on the market for much longer, I’ll be honest with you and advise you to move as quickly as possible.

If you have recently found yourself missing out on great candidates because the market is just so competitive right now, give me a call. Let’s have a conversation about how I can help you secure the right talent for your team, rather than losing another great employee to a competitor.

4 Ways to Retain Employees in 2021

4 Ways to Retain Employees in 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, employers are looking ahead to the new year. One of the most critical issues employers are facing in the new year is employee retention. Not only can losing an employee cost a lot of money but losing an employee can have a lasting effect on the team. Team productivity, employee engagement, and morale can all suffer as a result of this.

If you don’t have a good retention strategy in place, it may be an excellent time to start thinking of one. So, what can you do to minimize the risk of losing your key players and increase retention rates in 2021? Here are the top four ways to attract and retain employees in the new year.

Hire the right people

Not only will you need to find candidates with the technical knowledge to do the job (or someone trainable), but you’ll need to find someone who fits well with the “culture” of your organization. According to Built In, “47% of active job seekers cite company culture as their driving reason for looking for work.” So, the first step to retain employees next year is to hire the right ones from the beginning.

Listen to your employees

One of the easiest ways to make your employees feel valued and heard is to listen to them. According to Business News Daily, the number one reason employees don’t step up and take the initiative at work is because their leaders or managers fail to get employee input before making decisions. 

Compensation and benefits are competitive

Although pay isn’t the number one driving force for employees leaving, offering fair compensation will make employees feel more valued than those making less than market value. Plus, if they are making competitive wages, they will be less likely to get poached by another organization.

Celebrate the “wins”

Employees want to know that they’re doing a good job and that their employer appreciates their hard work. When celebrating these wins, you should not limit them to work-related events either. Personal milestones such as getting married, having a baby, or even an employee’s birthday, should be celebrated. We’re not talking parties for each of these things but having a team lunch or a verbal or written acknowledgment goes a long way!

As a recruiter, I like to know and understand my clients’ culture to find job seekers that fit that environment. I have conversations with candidates to see if their goals and values align well with one of my clients. We identify red flags early on with the tough conversations we have with candidates. If you need help implementing a strong retention strategy, let’s have a conversation!

2021 Recruiting Trends

2021 Recruiting Trends

As 2020 comes to an end, I think it is important to analyze the information we learned this year to project what to expect in the new year. While this year created a lot of uncertainty, there are several recruiting trends in 2021 that hiring managers and recruiters should keep an eye on. I specialize in recruiting for mining, manufacturing, and heavy industrial positions, but these changes have been occurring across all industries.

Recruiting trends over the last couple of years

From 2017-2019, the focus of my recruiting efforts was on technical engineering or niche company-specific positions. During this time, many of my clients were trying to grow their engineering departments with various duplicate jobs. It seemed that nearly every job order focused on Six Sigma, lean manufacturing, or process improvement (I even wrote a blog about it)! My clients were growing, expanding their business, and fine-tuning their operations to get the most out of every employee.

How 2020 Changed Recruiting Trends

Enter 2020; there was obviously a dramatic shift in the positions I began recruiting for. At first, around March, many of my manufacturing clients’ hiring efforts came to a screeching halt. As the dust settled, the positions I was working on were canceled. Suddenly, I received several new requisitions with a glaring trend. Almost all companies switched their focus to three main departments: Safety, Maintenance, and Production Operators.

My mining clients nearly in unison reached out to me, “Alex, cancel the previous roles you were working on. We need haul truck drivers, mechanics, electricians, general laborers, and safety experts.” And then the manufacturing clients, “Alex, we need contract safety people, mechanics, electricians, and machine operators.” This is a drastic shift for employers to make the necessary accommodations in today’s market.

Looking Towards 2021 Recruiting Trends

As we wrap up the year, I gained a new appreciation for my clients and their ability to adapt and change with the circumstances. Additionally, I greatly admire all of the hourly workers and skilled trades professionals I partnered with this year. As we move into 2021, I foresee many of the same trends. Companies will continue to emphasize creating a strong safety culture and keeping those key hourly workers in place to maintain optimal production levels.

Over the 4th quarter, I have seen a steady increase in more salaried, management, and engineering roles as well. I look forward to what 2021 recruiting trends will bring! If your company is looking to add a new contributor to the team, please reach out to me directly. I would be happy to assist in bringing qualified individuals to your organization.

Don’t Hire For Culture Fit, Do This Instead

Don’t Hire For Culture Fit, Do This Instead

For years, it has been trendy to hire for culture fit. Culture fit is loosely defined as when “employees’ beliefs and behaviors are in alignment with their employer’s core values and company culture.” Companies ventured out in search of employees who would be a good fit with their teams, only to find that they suddenly lacked necessary diversity. So, it’s time to hire smarter. Instead of hiring for culture fit, assess candidates using these three guidelines.

Look For Cultural Complements

When you hire for culture fit, you are limiting yourself by only hiring people who are similar to you or your current team members. Instead, try interviewing for cultural complements. Assess candidates based on their goals and how well they understand your company. As Harvard Business Review explains, hiring for cultural components “moves us away from the tendency to hire people who think the same and towards a company built on diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas that complement culture while also enriching it.”

Exploring different methods of accomplishing the same goals will lead you to hire exceptional talent that may have otherwise been a culture mismatch. If you really want to jump out of your comfort zone, purposely seek out candidates that are different from your current employees. These newcomers could shake things up and break down invisible boundaries. 

Set Up A Diversity Hiring Program

Of course, every company needs to abide by equal employment opportunity laws. However, it’s a great idea to go a step further and implement diversity hiring initiatives. In fact, your competitors are already doing it. Companies such as Intel will pay up to $4,000 in bonuses to employees who refer a woman, minority, or veteran to their workforce. Develop a diversity initiative and get everyone involved. Initiate staff training, team-building activities, and inclusion awareness company-wide events. Be sure to communicate your diversity programs early and often to keep them top of mind! This will ensure that your entire organization understands and supports your mission to diversify. 

Partner With A Recruiting Team

Inclusive hiring is one of the many unsung benefits of partnering with a recruiting firm. Because we have an exclusive network of nationwide candidates, we have a pulse on the diamonds in the rough. We understand candidates’ qualifications beyond what’s on paper. Our dual vetting process goes deeper than an ATS screening. When we submit a candidate, you can rest assured that they are qualified, excited about your opportunity, and meet any expectations you set forth. 

Are you ready to improve your hiring process? Set up a consultation with one of our recruiting experts today! We can help you hire the diverse talent you need to take your company to the next level.

Recruiting Firm

3 Tips For Maximizing Your Hiring With A Recruiting Firm

Recruiting Firms

If you’ve made the decision to partner with a recruiting firm, you’re already on your way to securing qualified candidates ahead of your competition. However, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of your relationship with an experienced recruiting firm. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to hire the talent you need and establish a long-term working relationship with your partnered recruiters.

Be open to advice

Consider why you decided to partner with a recruiting firm in the first place. In an effort to focus your time and passion on what you do best, you hire a professional team to fill your critical needs. So, it’s essential to your success as a team to lean on our experience and expertise. We spend thousands of hours researching the labor market and hiring statistics specific to your market. We know exactly what the cost of vacancy is for your team, what the cost of living is in your area, and how quickly you need to make an offer in order to secure the candidates you need. If you’re open to advise from your recruiting firm, it allows us to go to work for you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Go in-depth on your expectations

The more information you can share the better. Don’t be afraid to get in-depth about the role, your team, and your company as a whole. We can be more successful in recruiting passive candidates if we have all the details about what makes this position great. Do you offer a flexible working environment? Is your department more team-oriented? Does this role require extensive experience in one area? Our favorite thing to do is to sell how awesome your company is, so this is the perfect time to pull out the humble brags!

Communicate effectively

Above all, effective communication is key to a successful relationship between you and your recruiting team. From our first call to closing the offer, the more open the lines of communication, the better. If a candidate’s experience quite didn’t match your expectations, detailed feedback will allow us to find someone who will. Did you have a stellar interview with a candidate that knocked your socks off? The sooner we know, the sooner we can pass that information along, which will set your company up for success. Especially if the candidate is juggling multiple offers.

Ready to take your hiring to the next level? Partner with Johnson Search Group to hire the qualified candidates you need to help your team succeed. Contact us today!