Hiring Insights From Industry Experts

Hiring Insights From Industry Experts

Today’s hiring market is unlike any we’ve seen before. While some companies are feeling unstable and unsure of the future, others are thriving and ready to grow. No matter which mindset you are in currently, there is an opportunity to take advantage of the incredible talent on the market today. We sat down with two of our expert recruiters who have been successfully serving their clients during this uncertain time as well as partnering with new clients to help them develop an effective hiring strategy. Learn more from Krista Portolesi, Division Lead of our Banking and Finance team, and Beth Tensfeld, Mining and Heavy Industrial Recruiter for our Mountain West Region.

What are you hearing from clients about the current hiring landscape?

Krista: People are doing lots of virtual interviews and offering flexible working options like working remotely. As well as requiring proper social distancing protocols. This is allowing our clients to hire during this time while still being safe.

Can you describe some of the candidates you’re working with?

Beth: Due to recent layoffs, I am working with some amazing candidates. These workers span from entry-level Laborers to Safety Managers with decades of experience.

Krista: I also have extraordinary candidates with leadership skills due to downsizing or consolidating. I have noticed that candidates are open to contract work as they are more flexible with what they’re looking for.

How can companies take advantage of this incredible talent on the market right now?

Beth: Start recruiting immediately! Whether you’re in a hiring freeze or not, you need to start building your candidate bench now.

Krista: Companies can benefit from partnering with a recruiter to discover passive candidates that are currently working, as many people are open to changing positions right now!

What about companies who may be hesitant to hire but need to fill critical positions?

Beth: Utilize contract options! We can fill the role temporarily, and we can convert to permanent once the company is stable. At that time, your candidate will already be trained and easy to transition.

What is your #1 tip for companies in today’s market?

Beth: Don’t wait! These great candidates won’t wait for you to decide it’s time to go.

Krista: Absolutely. Companies must implement a quick hiring process because your competitors are looking for the same type of people!

Even if you are unsure of your current hiring needs, build a relationship with a recruiter today. We can evaluate your situation, assess your current team makeup, and build a custom strategy that works for you, when you need it.

Start Building Your Customized Staffing Strategy

Start Building Your Customized Staffing Strategy Today

Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak and continuing as we adjust to a new normal, companies are finding themselves unsure of how to proceed with hiring. Some teams are still working from home and may continue to be remote for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, others had to trim their workforce and are now finding remaining employees feeling stressed and overworked. And in some cases, companies have had to totally rethink existing structures to meet increasing demand (we’re talking about you, Amazon!). Now more than ever is a perfect time to have a customized staffing strategy in place.

So how do you go about crafting a hiring plan that will meet current demands, account for uncertain futures, and provide a safety net for critical openings? We’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide to creating a staffing strategy perfectly customized to meet your specific hiring needs.

Hire Contract Workers

In uncertain economic times, contractors will be essential to your team makeup. Contractor workers help your bottom line by reducing fixed personnel costs and paying strictly for time worked. Hiring temporary workers allows your department to weather economic rollercoasters with little to no effect as you are able to adjust your workforce accordingly.

Prioritize Critical Searches

If you are one of the many hiring managers ramping up your hiring, you may find yourself faced with some fierce competition for both top candidates and for your recruiting team’s time. As your internal recruiting team balances hiring for the entire company, make sure you communicate your priority roles, preferred strategy, and a strict deadline for when you need the position filled.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Speaking of hiring deadlines, it’s essential to have a streamlined hiring process. There may be a lot of candidates on the job market currently; however, a smaller percentage are highly qualified for your specific position. Additionally, many of your competitors are going to take advantage of that. Once you find a candidate you like, interview them, and present an offer as soon as possible; even if that means conducting a virtual interview!

Partner With A Recruiting Firm

Does all of that sound a little overwhelming on top of your essential day-to-day duties? That’s what we’re here for. At Johnson Search Group, we work together with you to build a customized staffing solution that will fit your needs when you need them. Whether that’s a combination of direct hire and contract, a mass hiring event, or even just establishing a relationship with a recruiter so you have a professional at the ready when you need them. Get started today!

contract staffing

Contract Staffing: The Key Hiring Strategy Your Bank Is Missing Out On

contract staffing

The current hiring market for the banking industry is extremely competitive. One of the best ways to get a leg up on your competition? Incorporate contract staffing into your hiring strategy! There are many benefits to hiring contractors, for both you and contractors. Moreover, contract staffing can be utilized in almost every department of your organization. Having partnered with several top credit unions and banks in the Pacific Northwest, I can attest that the need for contract staffing will only continue to drastically increase.

Contract staffing is everywhere

According to the American Staffing Association, America’s staffing agencies and companies employ 17 million contractors each year. Additionally, one-third of those contract employees end up receiving a permanent job offer from the company they are on assignment with.

Almost half of employers utilize contract staffing for IT positions

The need for contract staffing in financial services and banking covers a range of positions; from administrative duties to the mortgage department and even one of my specialties, IT. For example, according to Interactive Business Systems, 48% of companies have used a staffing agency for IT-related job functions. The era of digital banking is here and the need for talent in those areas is increasing.

According to Ernst & Young, “A recent study found that 62% of senior leaders in the banking industry believe that the digital talent gap, or the disparity between the supply of qualified people with digital expertise and the demand for those candidates, has been widening in recent years. As the needs of banks change, they will sharpen their focus on recruiting people with specific technology expertise.” In other words, there is a talent gap in the banking industry for exceptional IT professionals.

Mortgage loan professionals are great for contract staffing

My clients find that their need to hire support staff increases as the number of mortgage loan applications fluctuates throughout the year. Typically, I recruit very heavily for banks and credit unions at the beginning of the year to beef up their mortgage support teams. These contracts range anywhere from 6 months to one year. Thus, these assignments are just long enough to get them through their busy season. Fortunately, I have a large network of mortgage talent that I’ve built up over the years. This allows me to service the same clients year-over-year in accordance with their busy seasons.

Whether it’s a short-term contract or a long-term project you’re looking to hire for, I am happy to help! I understand the need for top-talent and the shortage of qualified candidates on the market today. Let me help you source contractors that are not only qualified but also excited about contract assignments!