Who’s Your Hiring Quarterback?


The number one thing an NFL team needs in order to be successful and win championships is an all-star Quarterback. And like an NFL team, every company needs their Quarterback – a strong hiring process. Let me break it down for you.

The Quarterback should be the first in the building and last person to leave when preparing for an upcoming game. Quarterbacks get paid more than all other positions, and they set the foundation for a strong team. It is crucial that they work extremely hard and inspire their teammates to do the same through extraordinary leadership. Take the New England Patriots for example. Over the past 10 years, this legendary team has had 122 wins, 9 playoff appearances, 9 Conference Championships, and 1 Super Bowl. The single constant with the New England Patriots that drives their success is Quarterback Tom Brady.

On the flip side, if a Quarterback does not establish themselves as a leader early and often, the team is likely to fail. There is no room for fooling around or waiting for greatness to find you. For instance, the Cleveland Browns have been in the bottom of the league for the past 10 years. During this time, they’ve had 16 different starting Quarterbacks. With no strong foundation, they are unable to establish themselves as a successful program.

Every company needs their Quarterback, a strong foundation upon which they can build a successful business. The Quarterback of business is undoubtedly the hiring process. A great hiring process is vital for a company to hire the A-level candidates they need to grow a stable team. The desired attributes for NFL Quarterbacks and a great hiring process are the same. You want a Quarterback that will be fast, communicate with their team, and can think on their feet. The process for hiring top candidates also needs to be fast, well-communicated and decision-oriented.

As we approach a candidate-driven market in 2016, candidates will have more choices than ever. The companies that prioritize fluid communication and making decisions in an urgent manner, will win out. I urge you, going into the new year, to gather your team and have a strategy session. Get all team members involved, open the lines of communication and allow your Quarterback to lead your team to success with a great hiring process.

How to Compete in a Candidate-Driven Market


All predictions point to 2016 being a true candidate-driven market, and the best advice that experts have given is “get ahead of the curve.” Recruit and hire to round out your team now, before multiple offers and counter offers become common place. It’s more important now than ever to attract the best talent on the market.

Even with all of the great tools that are out in today’s world of sophisticated technology, growing databases, and social media, it’s still about the individual person. Candidates are people with lives who want a career to support their families, dreams, and aspirations. This becomes evident when you analyze the top reasons people leave their jobs:


Infographic from BambooHR

Candidates will have more choices in 2016, and to attract the best talent, employers will have to adjust their strategy. The key factors for hiring in 2016 will be team enhancement and fresh perspective, rather than industry knowledge.

It will be essential for companies to identify their mission and values in order to compete. Employers must differentiate themselves and partner with recruiters who understand the company’s branding and values.

Standard hiring processes will no longer be viable. While hiring managers are out on scheduled meetings, taking vacations, and following business as usual, top talent will be in a final interview with a competitor. Hiring managers need to be prepared to make a decision quickly when the right person is placed in front of them. It will be important to extend the offer and secure the top candidate because as they say “time kills all deals.”

Salary will continue to be a main driver, but the entire offer package will come into play. Things like cultural development, education, work-life balance, and team outings will affect a candidate’s decision to accept an offer.

As we approach this increasingly competitive market, don’t solely rely on internal processes to secure top talent. Great recruiters understand the game and they want to assist in your success. They will incorporate your passion for your work into finding you your next great team member.

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Looking Forward With SVP Perry Paden

We caught up with Johnson Search Group’s Senior Vice President to find out what’s in store for the hiring forecast, JSG, and what companies can do to keep up.

What does hiring look like for the rest of 2015?

Here at JSG, we are seeing an increase in hiring essential positions across all of our industries.  According to a September report from the American Staffing Association, the recovery has not been as robust as companies had hoped. The report references the fall of unemployment from a high of 10% in mid-2009 to somewhere around 5% as of August 2015. But what the numbers do not indicate is what JSG clients and prospective clients are telling us. Hiring for pivotal positions is more important now than ever. Some of the most in-demand positions stem from the following spaces: Marketing, Accounting, Information Technology, Compliance, and Security. For the remainder of 2015, hiring will continue at a brisk pace in these areas and others. Some companies must fill positions by the end of the year for budgetary reasons, while others are seeking crucial skill sets to remain in compliance into 2016. One thing is for certain: 2016 could shape up to be a true candidate-driven market, making it imperative that companies hire top talent now.

Hiring Sign A blue sign with the word Hiring with an arrow on a brick wall

What is JSG doing to prepare for 2016?

With candidates driving the market in 2016, JSG is taking steps to ensure that our clients and candidates are prepared. Focus will be on continuing to expand our network, building on strong relationships, and helping our clients get the best talent possible. We recently launched a user and mobile-friendly website that provides access JSG at any time, including a job alert function so you can always stay up-to-date on our latest positions. Our newsletter continues to grow to over 40,000 subscribers, sharing industry insights and JSG information monthly. Above all, we continue to grow our internal team allowing us to better serve more clients and candidates across the country.

What advice would you give companies in order to stay competitive in today’s market?

  1. Plan your growth. If growth is on the horizon, build or create a team within your bank plan for that growth. Do not wait until 2 weeks before you need that person to engage a recruiting firm to assist in filling that roll. Average time to fill is now averaging 52 days. Our recruiting team can play an important role in the planning stages of these roles, and can relate your opening to our pipeline of candidates.
  2. Many hiring managers interview candidates with a “Why should I hire you?” attitude. I advise companies to be prepared to answer the candidate question “Why should I come to work for your organization?” in 2016. Thousands of organizations across the US are in need of qualified professionals. For example, there are over 1 million management jobs currently available across the country. This competition is forcing companies to be prepared to attract top talent with the culture and benefits of your organization.
  3. When it comes to a hiring process, companies that have a stream-lined hiring process will win the talent war. At JSG, we have seen it progress throughout 2015 and most reports say it could worsen in 2016. My advice to our readers is when you find a candidate you like, engage with them early, often and with urgency. Don’t hold off thinking you can find that perfect fit, because you may miss a great fit right in front of you.