Credit Union Jobs

3 Most Wanted Credit Union Jobs

Credit Union Jobs

Credit Unions have changed their strategies and landscape over the last decade. As I recruit for financial institutions, I’m discussing the hiring pain points of many hiring managers in today’s tight market. These are the top three credit union jobs my clients are in need of in this candidate-driven market.

Loan Officers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for Loan Officers is expected to grow 11 percent from 2016 to 2026. Loan Officers have a significant impact on revenue, especially if they farm that customer relationship. If a Loan Officer gets a customer to switch over to the bank or credit union for all of their banking services, they will generate more revenue for their employer. So, whether it’s a Mortgage, Commercial, or Consumer Loan Officer, this position is essential to financial institutions all over the country.

Information Technology

Just 15 years ago, more than half of all banking transactions transpired inside of banking branches, face-to-face. However, that number fell to below 10% in 2019. Financial institutions are continuously needing to make the shift to keep up with the digital era. Therefore, the need for specialized IT folks is in high demand. We see positions often anywhere from Help Desk to System Administrators, all the way up to CIO positions.

I personally am seeing numerous IT changes emerge throughout my clients’ teams. The great thing about these candidates is that their skills are transferrable across any industry! In other words, there are tons of great IT professionals out there. However, they may be difficult to recruit in today’s challenging job market without partnering with an expert. My team and I have a wealthy network of IT professionals with banking experience. And they are exclusively looking for their next opportunity through us!

Financial Analysts

Similar to the first two positions, employment for Financial Analysts is expected to grow 11 percent from 2016 to 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There aren’t a plethora of candidates with this skillset, typically because my clients look for someone with banking or financial services experience.

Let us help you navigate this tight market

If you’re a hiring manager at a Credit Union, I’d love to have a conversation about the candidates I’ve been working within these areas. Or, if you’re a candidate looking for your next opportunity, reach out to me and my team! I would be happy to discuss any opportunities.

Is Your Mine Being Data Mined?, data mining, cyber threats, lock, computer, guidelines, computer safety, technology,

Is Your Mine Being Data Mined?

Is Your Mine Being Data Mined?

Cybersecurity has been a buzzword across many industries over the last few years. As data is moved into the cloud, Operational (OT) and Information (IT) technologies merge creating an increase in the development of digital innovation along with the competitive nature of the global commodities market coupled with the fluctuation of geopolitical climates, this all contributes to an increase in destructive cyber-attacks and cyber espionage.

After spending 24 years in the Army watching technology develop and an increase of data and platforms that run every aspect of the military, we have all had to learn our place in keeping the personal, sensitive, and intelligence data stored on our computers and databases secure. Though the information and secrets that are on your computer may not jeopardize lives as it does in the military, it still jeopardizes your company’s bottom line, which affects your pay and job. Here are some security tips that you the end user can do to help your IT, IS personnel keep your systems secure.

Security tips everyone can follow

  1. Follow corporate specific guidance at all times.
  2. Proper password management, mix letters, numbers, and special characters. Do not use the same password for multiple things.
  3. Use caution when opening attachments or links.
  4. Never leave your computer unlocked or on when unattended.
  5. When your computer has updates (System or Anti-Virus) run the updates. Don’t let them pile up.
  6. Your social media says a lot about yourself, keep it secure and do not share information that could jeopardize you or your company. Do not share details of that project you are working on. A good corporate espionage expert can piece together information from multiple employees to find a ripe target to go after.
  7. Everyone is a target don’t be a victim!

With 2017 shaping up to be a huge year for the mining industry, there are a lot of companies that are integrating new technologies across all spectrums of their organizations. These technologies are becoming more and more interlocked with each other and becoming more complex. This has started a boom in IT and Information Security (IS) positions due to the mining industry being behind the power curve when it comes to cybersecurity. The question is what are you and your company doing to combat this data mining?