3 Ways to Combat the Great Resignation

3 Ways to Combat the Great Resignation

With the end of the year quickly approaching, many job seekers are taking advantage of the plethora of job openings and looking to make a move. If you are searching for a new job, the world is your oyster! Now is an excellent time to reshape your career by moving to a new industry or securing a pay bump. However, if you are a hiring manager, you are probably at your wit’s end. From making counteroffers to completely redesigning office spaces, companies are going all out to lure new candidates. But are these drastic measures enough to be competitive in today’s wild labor market? Here are a few steps you can take to combat the Great Resignation.

Streamline your hiring process

It’s a candidate-driven market, and that means job seekers are in the driver’s seat. The best candidates on the market will not wait around while you drag your feet. In today’s market, candidates have several opportunities in play and are entertaining multiple offers. If your hiring process is lagging, the candidates you think are on the hook will flop off at the last second. To combat this, you must simplify your hiring process. Take a 1,000-foot view of your process and eliminate any unnecessary steps. Can you forgo an onsite interview for a video call? Are there parts of your application process that are redundant and making people fall off? Put yourself in the candidates’ shoes and see what your team can do to improve the experience of your process.

Create competitive offers

Another easy way to combat the Great Resignation is by presenting your candidates with competitive offers. Since the best job seekers have multiple things in play, now is not the time to lowball your candidates. If you want to onboard them before another employer snatches them up, build a competitive offer from the very beginning. To beat the competition, you must meet (or exceed) your candidate’s compensation expectations. Also, it’s essential to review your team’s current compensation packages and ensure they are up to par. If you notice a spike in resignations, it may be time to overhaul your salary and benefits packages to avoid costly turnovers.

Focus on career development

During the pandemic, many people reevaluated their career goals and took the plunge to shift directions. It’s impossible to retain every employee after such a life-shattering event. Still, your team can take steps to help employees make lateral moves to satisfy their new career ambitions. Whether that’s employees switching to another department or tackling additional responsibilities, it’s imperative to support these transitions.

Your team can also offer training and other resources to help your employees hone new skills. Supporting new training programs will make your employees feel valued while helping them develop valuable skill sets. Investing in your current employees is one of the best ways to combat the great resignation and attract new employees in a competitive labor market.

Want to be a little more proactive?

The best offense is a great defense in this tight labor market. If your team is ready to tackle the Great Resignation head-on, partner with a recruiting firm! Whether it’s a temporary staffing need or a critical direct-hire role, JSG can help your company find the talent you need. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can be your best ally in this market.

Employers Are Getting Creative to Attract Candidates

Employers Are Getting Creative to Attract Candidates

It’s no surprise that companies across the globe are struggling to attract (and retain) talent. Candidates are backing out of job offers days before their start date, while others fail to show up without so much as a word. As a result, employers are getting creative to attract candidates in this tight labor market.

Employers are offering plush amenities to lure talent back to the office

Companies are rethinking the designs of their office space to make it more attractive to improve retention rates and attract new candidates. Some employers are going all out, including offering fancy lounges, coffee shops, state-of-the-art ventilation systems, and cafeterias with free food. These companies are pulling out the red carpet in hopes of making the office so nice that there are no excuses not to show up. However, are these fancy amenities enough to interest workers to return to the office or attract new talent? Some are arguing this is no different from the stereotypes that Millennial-aged workers want foosball tables and happy hours; in reality, they care more about fair compensation, healthy company culture, and employers who listen to their employees.

Time will tell if this creative office redesign helps attract candidates in this tight market.

Overhauling PTO policies

With more people working from home than ever before, workers aren’t using their sick days the same way. For most, sick days are utilized when you’re feeling unwell and to prevent the spreading of illnesses to your co-workers. But with remote work the new norm for many workers, people can continue to work while feeling under the weather. However, this is causing more employees to experience burnout and longer recovery times as workers fail to use their sick time to rest. This leads to “presenteeism” — showing up for work when you’re not feeling up to it and not doing your best job.

To combat this epidemic, more companies are overhauling their time off policies. Instead of vacation days and sick time, companies are offering PTO policies where employees have a “bucket” of paid time off they can use as they please. JSG recently made this transition to better suit our employees in the post-pandemic market, and it’s getting excellent feedback. But overhauling your PTO policies isn’t enough. Your leadership teams must encourage your staff to use this time. This transition will not benefit your staff if they don’t feel comfortable using the time off that they have earned.

Partnering with a staffing professional

New office designs and PTO restructuring may help you attract candidates in this competitive market. But if you are looking to make an immediate impact on your hiring strategy, try partnering with a recruiting professional. Firms like Johnson Search Group have a vast talent pipeline with passive candidates ready to make a career move. We ensure the candidates we represent fit your culture, your community, and the role. Our extensive vetting process ensures your new hires will show up on the first day and be ready to make an impact on your organization. Are you ready to get the talent you have been searching hard to attract? Reach out to our recruiting team today!

The Perks and Incentives Job Seekers Actually Want

The Perks and Incentives Job Seekers Actually Want

Most of us have probably driven by a local business and have seen a help wanted sign with a sign-on or retention bonus. But in the post-pandemic market, the service industry is not the only one offering new perks, incentives, and even cash bonuses to attract new talent. However, as companies resort to creative means to entice new candidates (and retain their current employees), what perks and incentives do job seekers actually want?

Work flexibility

In the heat of the pandemic, many office-based workers grew accustomed to their newfound flexibility. Millions of workers began working from home and enjoying a little more freedom in their workdays. As we continue to recover from COVID-19, job seekers are looking for opportunities that continue to offer this flexibility. According to a recent poll from LinkedIn Senior Editor Andrew Seamen, 78% of participants believe flexible work options are the most desirable perk and incentives. So, flexible work options can be a hybrid work schedule or even supporting a remote workforce entirely. Either way, most job seekers are looking for new employers that will offer flexible working conditions.

Healthcare benefits

It’s no surprise that more people are more concerned with the healthcare coverage a prospective employer offers. According to LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index, 41% of respondents report that healthcare and benefits are more important than salary. A few years prior to the pandemic, healthcare coverage did not even hit the top five list of things more important than salary. Therefore, to attract the best candidates on the market and keep your current employees satisfied, your company should review your healthcare coverage and ensure it’s competitive. In today’s market, it’s essential to put your employees’ needs first and understand what healthcare benefits they need.

Relocation assistance

Relocation assistance is something that can vary by industry or even from company to company. Some companies simply offer a lump sum of money to assist with the relocation expenses. Other employers have a more detailed relocation package to reimburse new employees. It can be expensive to relocate across the state or even the entire country. So, your candidates will be much more likely to accept your offer if they get some relocation assistance. These relocation reimbursements can include temporary housing, moving company expenses, packing services, home-selling assistance, and additional support. With millions of Americans relocating during the pandemic, you can make your offers more competitive and cast a much larger candidate net if you offer relocation assistance.

You don’t have to go through this alone

These are three perks and incentives that job seekers are looking for in today’s market. The pandemic has shifted job seekers’ priorities, and employers need to follow suit. If you need assistance attracting top talent in today’s competitive market, you are definitely not alone. But that doesn’t mean you have to combat this hiring blunder without enlisting the help of a professional. If you need help sourcing candidates in this competitive labor market, reach out to us today. Our recruiting team here at JSG is ready to help you navigate these challenging times.

How to Attract and Retain Candidates in Today’s Chaotic Market

How to Attract and Retain Candidates in Today’s Chaotic Market

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed the landscape for many organizations over the past year. Throughout the last 18+ months, employers transitioned to a remote workforce, laid off or furloughed staff, and some even were forced to close their doors for good. Now that many areas are beginning to reopen, the job market is hot, people are hiring, and candidates are starting to make career changes.

People are quitting their jobs at record rates

According to JOLTS Report, 4 million quit their jobs in April with a renewed confidence in their career prospects. As the labor market continues to strengthen become competitive again, employed job seekers feel good about pursuing other opportunities. The industries where workers are quitting their jobs at record rates are retail trade; professional and business services; and transportation, warehousing, and utilities.”

Employers are struggling to retain their staff

April showed a record 9.3 million job openings – which means employers will need to work harder to retain their current employees. Employees are beginning to see that they have the upper hand; they continue to have negotiating power while they’re in the process of getting a new job. Also, the best candidates on the market are seeing an increase in counteroffers and retaining bonuses.

Not only are candidates quitting their jobs to go to other companies, but many people have had to become creative to generate income. Side hustles have been on the rise over the last couple of years, with more than 2 million people entering the freelance game in 2020.

What can your team do to attract candidates?

My clients have recently had to become creative in how they attract and retain talent. Retention bonuses, especially within mortgage positions, have increased significantly. Companies are also starting to offer sign-on bonuses to attract new talent.

If you’re having trouble attracting or retaining talent in today’s job market, reach out to me. I’ve helped several of my clients come up with solutions to fill positions and retain their best workers. We talk to candidates all day, every day, asking them the questions of what it would take for them to consider a career change. Partner with us, and let’s work together to create a plan that will help you attract and retain candidates, even in today’s chaotic market.

Five Trends That Are Making Hiring Difficult

Five Trends That Are Making Hiring Difficult

As a recruiter, I get a front-row seat to the hiring market. This allows me to gain perspective from both candidates and the hiring companies. Undoubtedly, the landscape has changed. It has been interesting to watch the dynamics between companies and candidates unfold. In recent years, we have discussed that we were experiencing a “candidate-driven market,” but from my viewpoint, that phrase now has a new meaning. Candidates are in the driver’s seat, and here are five trends that are making hiring difficult.


I think every hiring manager and human resource professional can remember looking through resumes in the not-so-distant past and seeing applicants with multiple positions in their work history and only one or two years with each employer. Switching from employer to employer is a strategy often attributed to Millennials looking to gain experience and lucrative opportunities. This strategy was commonly known as job-hopping, but not any longer! Older Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) are bucking past trends, including postponing marriage, homeownership, and family and diving into all three with gusto. With newfound responsibility – priorities change. This paradigm shift has propelled job security as a top priority. Thus, many of these candidates are reluctant to change, especially if they are happy with their current employer.

No desire to relocate

The past year and a half have been interesting, to say the least. For the first half of 2020, hiring pretty much screeched to a halt as employers and candidates alike tried to understand and navigate the new landscape of the job market. By the second half of the year, people were starting to figure it out. Maybe not seeing the value in the past, companies quickly embraced virtual interviewing, and candidates happily jumped in with them. With interviewing back in full swing and opportunities flowing, one thing stands out: relocation has become a challenge for many organizations. Candidates are digging in their heels and are not wanting to relocate. They have a house, kids in school, and spouses with their own careers; it is a long list, and each factor ties into job security.

Job Title

While for many, security is the priority, there is still a substantial population of candidates looking for perceived prestige and respect in the form of a title. Companies got smart a long time ago and realized that they just need to provide title upgrades to keep good employees. A managerial title often overrode the lust for more money. This tradeoff has backfired a bit. The title “Manager” has become diluted to the employer, but not the employee. These candidates are now wanting to advance in their careers and are very selective about the type of opportunity they will pursue. They do not want to make a lateral move. With so many positions including the word “Manager” out there, getting to the next level is a waiting game. As a result, it has become challenging for employers looking to hire lower-level leadership.


“Show me the money!” was a statement made famous in the movie Jerry Maguire. This statement is true today with candidates. I am seeing a big disconnect between companies and candidates when it comes to money. Some large organizations realized earlier that along with a job title – money can keep employees happy, and with security so crucial for many, it has worked. They don’t call them the “Golden Handcuffs” for nothing. This appetite for larger salaries has caused a disconnect in the market. Smaller organizations who deal in commodities with lower or fluctuating value have a hard time competing for top talent. I am finding that the candidate they want would have to make a lateral financial move to take the position. Throw relocation into the mix, and it is a recipe that falls flat for employers.

Multiple offers

You found that candidate who is in the money and willing to relocate! Congratulations! You get them into the interviewing process. However, due to calendar delays with the hiring team, it has been a month and a half since the candidate first applied. Talent who is willing to relocate, take a lateral move, or miraculously are in your salary range is no longer on the market long. It is almost a guarantee that they have multiple companies vying for them. In today’s market, companies are hurting themselves with long interviewing processes.

There is a fine line between companies taking time to ensure that a candidate is the right fit and acting quickly enough to get them on your team (and off the market). All it takes is one day for that perfect candidate to accept another offer. Companies with an inefficient hiring process will have a tough time filling their positions.

Need help overcoming these hiring trends?

With so many hurdles to overcome, consulting a staffing firm, such as Johnson Search Group, is a smart move. With over 35 years of experience, our team has become trusted partners. We help organizations across North America find those perfect candidates in today’s competitive market. So, give us a call, and let us go to work for you!

How To Stand Out In A Competitive Job Market

How To Stand Out In A Competitive Job Market

The good news is companies are hiring! The hard part is, we are seeing more willing applicants than ever. 2020 significantly changed the hiring landscape, and we are seeing those effects play out in the hiring market now. In light of this competitive job market, I wanted to share some of the latest interviewing and hiring trends and best practices to navigate seeking employment.

2021 Job Market Trends 

First, we need to talk about the job market. More jobs open up every day, with states across the country reopening at an increasingly faster pace and mandates being rolled back or removed. Many of these jobs are backfilled with candidates laid off or furloughed in 2020 and are nearly filling themselves. However, there is a tremendous number of new jobs opening as well. This can result in candidates not returning to previous employers, changes in the companies hiring needs, and numerous other company-related factors. As a result, people are ready to get back to work and even confidently changing their careers. Overall, there is a sense of urgency and excitement amongst candidates and hiring managers.

Candidate Challenges

While a competitive job market is a good thing for employers, it can create challenges for candidates seeking employment. Finding a way to stand out is critical. First, you have to always assume you are in competition for the position you are pursuing. There are generally several strong candidates and many unqualified candidates applying for the same position as you. Just browsing LinkedIn, many of the job posts have hundreds of applicants in the first few days, resulting in a talent acquisition professional qualifying the resumes. The best and easiest way to stand out is having a recruiter represent you for the position.

The Benefits of Partnering With A Recruiter

Working with a recruiter to find your next job will do several things. A recruiter will have already done an initial screening with you to ensure your qualifications, experience, location, and desired compensation align with the company’s needs. Secondly and most importantly, a great recruiter will already have a relationship with the company. This essentially can result in you “skipping the line.” (The line being those other 100 applicants currently waiting for a response!) Suppose you are not working with a recruiter. In that case, I recommend connecting with some of the company’s hiring team on LinkedIn. Then, ensure your resume is incredibly clear and concise with directly related experience to the job listing.

Navigating the job market is tough for anyone. If you are a company looking to hire, I strongly recommend connecting with a recruiting agency specializing in your industry for the best and quickest result. If you’re on the job market, make sure to do significant due diligence on the company you are applying for. Partnering with a recruiter to represent you and share new opportunities with you may be your quickest way to landing new employment in a competitive job market. Reach out to me, let’s work together.

Hottest Mining and Manufacturing Jobs in 2021

Hottest Mining and Manufacturing Jobs in 2021

Things are looking up for the labor market! Every day on LinkedIn, I see more and more new job postings; it’s a beautiful thing. I am a recruiter that specializes in the mining and manufacturing sectors. However, I am witnessing new opportunities open up across the board. Here are the hottest mining and manufacturing jobs in demand so far this year.

The hottest manufacturing jobs

This year I am working on many job orders with multiple clients in the mining and manufacturing industries. I have the privilege of working with both established, newer startups and everything in between.

One of the most exciting companies I am working with is a startup just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. I am searching for numerous leadership positions, including maintenance, quality, and production roles, and hopefully some hourly positions here shortly. These are excellent opportunities that provide substantial room for growth with an exciting organization that directly impacts the building materials sector. I am also working with a metal processing company in Nevada that has a product that will change the recycling industry as we know it. Thus, this client needs skilled-trades professionals and engineers. Candidates with the right attitude, aptitude, and work ethic who can come together to achieve a common goal are precisely the type of candidates my clients are interested in this market.

The hottest mining jobs

Additionally, I am closely working with big producers in the mining industry. These companies are more established and offer excellent job security. Two of these mining clients are in Idaho and Arizona. I am working with them to help develop their maintenance teams. Therefore, I have numerous openings for mechanics, electricians, millwrights, and skilled-trades positions across the nation.

How to secure one of the hottest mining and manufacturing jobs

As for my team here at JSG, they are working on opportunities across the country. We are currently recruiting on manufacturing roles in Wisconsin, mining positions in Tennessee, and opportunities within the forestry and pulp & paper industries. So, if you’re a candidate who is actively on the job market, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If I don’t have what you’re looking for, I can share your resume with our entire recruiting team across North America. And if you’re an organization looking to bring in top talent this year, we have the tools, experience, and resources to bring you the best candidates on the market.

Job Market Insights From An Industry Expert

Job Market Insights From An Industry Expert

Today we’re speaking with Krista Portolesi, Division Lead for Johnson Search Group’s Banking and Finance Team. She has experience working with banks both big and small throughout the Pacific Northwest. Krista is also a two-time winner of our coveted Account Executive of the Year Award and the latest to earn our “Circle of Achievement Award” for one million dollars of career cash-in. Krista gives us some insights into the current job market and what we can expect throughout the rest of 2021.

Your accomplishments are impressive! What do you think has contributed to your success in recruiting over the years?

I’ve really established myself in the financial services industry, so I’ve built up my client base as well as my network of talent, so it’s been a great balance. Many of my clients are motivated to hire, so they have a great hiring process and will move quickly to secure top talent. The tools we use at JSG to find the best candidates have certainly contributed to my success in identifying the right people for the critical positions I fill.

What are you hearing from hiring managers regarding their hiring plans for this year?

A lot of hiring managers are optimistic about the job market in 2021 and that hiring is not slowing down. Some trends I am seeing are an increase in contract work to help carry the workload. Whether it’s a long-term IT project, a short term mortgage contract to help with the influx of loans, or even a contract to hire position in the accounting department, we can help!

What skills do you think hiring managers will be prioritizing in 2021?

Since most employees are still working remotely, they’re looking for self-starters, good communicators, someone who works efficiently and collaboratively. Adaptability will be huge for 2021. We anticipate some will go back in-office once things start to open up again.

Senior Vice President of Johnson Search Group, Perry Paden, shared, “Krista started in October of 2016 and is one of the most dedicated recruiters that I have had the pleasure of working with throughout my 35 years in the staffing industry. Krista’s thirst for knowledge, market savvy, and dedication to her clients and candidates go above and beyond what they expect. Krista has worked hard to balance home life with work life, and she has certainly achieved that. Congratulations, Krista, and I look forward to 2021 and beyond.”

Want more information on working with Krista or Johnson Search Group for your next critical hire? Contact us today, and let’s start a conversation about how we can help build your future.

The 5 Hottest Banking Jobs in the New Year

The 5 Hottest Banking Jobs in the New Year

2020 has been a tumultuous year for many industries. The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the labor market for most of the year, but business is finally returning to (a new) normal for many sectors. The banking space has been able to adapt and even flourish in certain areas. As a result, banks are making significant hiring pushes next year. Here are the five hottest banking jobs in the new year. 

Commercial Lenders

Typically, banks are always looking to add commercial lenders this time of year. If you are searching for greener pastures in the new year, now is a great time to start looking so you can make the change mid-first quarter. If you are a commercial lender, relationship manager, or business development officer and aren’t super happy with your current bank, reach out to me about making a move. I can help you make that career transition to a banking institution that will appreciate you.

Credit roles

Many of my banking clients are looking for additional help within the credit space. This hiring push runs from the entry-level credit analyst roles all the way up to Credit Administrators and credit executives. With the uncertainty in the market, banks are looking for additional talent in this space to help them stay profitable and continue their growth.

Information Technology

Technology is always changing, and innovations are constantly evolving in this space. Plus, with millions of people now working remotely, the demand for IT professionals is at an all-time high in the banking environment. With this new shift to working from home, information technology and information security are in a massive growth state.

Mortgage roles

Usually, the mortgage space is not an area we talk about at the first of the year. However, over the last two years, the mortgage market has been one of the hottest spaces in banking. All things mortgage as well, not just MLOs. We are seeing record numbers of processors, funders, and admin roles. With interest rates at a historic low, mortgages will be a significant revenue stream for banks in 2021.

Risk Management

With the coronavirus causing millions to work remotely, banks are bulking up their risk department to improve their institutions’ safety. This growth is occurring in all areas of risk, such as analysts, VPs, and even SVP-level roles. Some organizations are even hiring Chief Remote Working Officers to improve the safety of their at-home workers.

Are you ready to make a career move?

So, those are the five hottest banking jobs we’ll see in the new year. There might be a few areas that are not as busy, but overall, banking institutions will be off to a hot start in the new year. Employers are finally making a comeback from COVID-19, and business is, for the most part, back to normal (except for the retail front levels). If you are in banking and considering making a career transition, now is the time to accept that recruiter’s call and have a discussion with them about your next career move. It might just be the best thing that happens to you in 2020.


Leadership is the Key to Hiring Better Candidates

When I am recruiting for my clients, one of the keys to hiring better candidates is exhibiting stable leadership. Organizational leadership is a huge selling point for candidates in this labor market, even more so than salary or other prevalent deciding factors. Job seekers want to know that their next career move (and their new home) will offer robust mentorship, encouragement, and, ultimately, healthy leadership.

When I have conversations with my clients, I develop an understanding of their management style. For instance, I work closely with a 200-bed facility. Their executives always make themselves accessible to answer my questions and discuss their hiring needs. Thus, I can sell that leadership style to the candidates I am working with and use as a tool to attract the best talent in the healthcare industry. Job seekers want to know they are going somewhere where there is GREAT management.

Servant leadership goes a long way

I recently learned the philosophy of Servant Leadership. Last week while recruiting, I came across two candidates that mentioned it. One recently retired and brought up Servant Leadership. She explained how much she missed her staff and told me about the leadership style of her former employer; she was so delightful to speak with.

The other candidate I was speaking with discussed his desired leadership style and how he wants to work for an organization that fosters “servant leaders.” The philosophy of “lead by walking beside your people” is something every candidate is looking for in today’s job market.

Let me sell your organization’s management

Let me share your management philosophies with job seekers to help your team hire better candidates. Everyone wants to work with kind, supportive, and encouraging leaders. Let me have the opportunity to find those healthcare professionals for your team.

Reach out to me today if you are searching for great RNs, MTs, Coders, and other healthcare professionals for your organization. Whatever your needs are, I simply source for the best candidates that are excited to be part of your team’s culture.