Offer Letter: 8 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

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It’s very exciting when you receive an offer letter! Especially after all the hard work you’ve done to get to this point. But… The stress isn’t over with yet. Before accepting a job offer, you want to ensure it’s something that’s good for you and your family, as well as the one you deserve. You worked extremely hard to find a new job that you love and that rewards you. By considering these eight things before you accept an offer, it’ll help you ensure that this is the right move for you!

Job responsibilities and expectations

Make sure you read over what is expected of you. Do you have to work odd hours? Is overtime required? Will your schedule vary? These are all important things to know before accepting an offer that looks great but may end up being more than you bargained for.


Do they have a relocation package? If you must relocate, you may receive some sort of a relocation package. If you don’t, that may be a huge decider on whether this is the right position for you. But if they are willing to give you one, this can be a big sigh of relief and help make the transition to a new town a lot easier. This especially comes into play when you have a family. Relocating can be hard. But if you have a great company that is willing to help you through it because they want you as part of their team, it makes it easier.

Employee benefits

Employee benefits are crucial but can also be a place to negotiate if they can’t budge on the salary. Knowing how many days you have off, whether they have sick leave, and what kind of insurance they offer are all important to know before saying yes. This position may have seemed perfect while interviewing but checking it on paper will really prove if it is or not. Good benefits will keep good employees at the company and not make them look for a better one after only a couple of years.


Do they have a retirement package? A 401(k) or stocks can be a great advantage to you as an employee because having your company support your retirement during your tenure with them shows their appreciation. If retirement is a needed thing for you, you’ll need to look at this section carefully.


You can always try and negotiate. Nothing is set in stone until you sign the offer letter. So, if you feel your experience and skills deserve more, ask. The worst thing they can say is no but they most likely will try and work with you to see what else they can do to make you 100 percent on board with their offer.


What to do when you receive a counteroffer from your current employer can sometimes be difficult. If it’s only about the money for you then you’ll probably take it. But if you were looking for a job for genuine reasons, it will be an easy decision. You started looking because you wanted a change. The reason for that may be amicable or not, but now is your time to choose what you really want to do. Look deep into why you started to look for a new job in the first place. It’s important to be respectful, but if you’re looking for something different than your current company, a counteroffer won’t change that.

Culture Fit

Before diving in and signing your offer letter, think back to your interview. Did you feel good there? Was it an experience that may have been hard, but you felt accepted and a part of the team? Culture fit is essential when considering an offer letter. If you don’t like the people, the atmosphere, or your higher-ups, you may not be the right fit for the job, even if you like the position.

Now it’s time to accept or decline the offer

Depending on these topics we discussed above, it’s now time to determine whether you’re ready to accept or decline. After going through these points, it will be clearer on which route you’re ready to take. In other words, this will help you not regret your decision later. Again, receiving a job offer is amazing, but make sure you’re taking the right one for you.

You’ll always be able to find another position, even if that means you must be on the job market a little longer than you’d like. Don’t accept an offer that you aren’t fully on board with because you’ll only end up back on the job market sooner than later. And by going through these steps, you’ll be able to ensure if accepting this offer is the right career move!

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Countering The Need To Accept A Counteroffer

Countering The Need To Accept A Counteroffer

You have been miserable at your current position for a long time. You feel unappreciated; especially, having just found out your counterpart is making $5K more a year than you are. You are now seething internally. The solution is to find another job; a company that will appreciate your talents, see your worth and treat you with the respect you deserve.  It must be fate, because the next day a recruiter calls you out of the blue and tells you about this incredible opportunity that seems to have been created, just for you!  You are excited! This is what you have wanted! You ace the interview and receive a letter of offer from the company. The offer is $8K more a year and you have finally gotten that management position you have always wanted. Can things get any better?

You sign on the dotted line, ace the background check and your references come back glowing. You are now free to give notice to your current employer and you just can’t wait. You will show them! You type up your resignation letter and let them know that it’s been great, but they can’t provide a career path and company “B” not only has made you a manager, they gave you a $8K raise! It felt so good to throw the raise and promotion in their face; albeit, in a professional manner.

You float into work the next day – letter in hand – strolling into your boss’s office and asking if you can talk. Door closed, palms sweating, heart pounding; the feeling of apprehension and giddiness, simultaneously flooding your body, you present your letter of resignation. Done!  Or is it?  He reads your letter, removes his glasses, and looks you in the eyes. He then tells you that he doesn’t want you to leave. That you were going to be getting a promotion once the dust settled from the layoff that just occurred. Two managers were let go and now they are considering you, to oversee both departments.  While they can’t give you the $8K the other company did, they can give you an additional $5K, with a management title. Before he accepts your resignation, he asks you to think about it and let him know the next day.

What a day! It just can’t get any better! You feel important, valued; finally, someone at your company has noticed!  Or have they?  In this scenario, you are just filling an immediate need they have.  You are a temporary solution and by accepting the counter, you will burn a bridge with Company “B”.

Counteroffers rarely work out.  Accepting a counter is easy to do; it doesn’t take you out of your comfort zone, it offers an incredible boost to your ego and it gives you a false sense of reality.  But here’s the reality check, per a Wall Street Journal Survey:


Countering The Need To Accept A Counteroffer

Source: Survey by the Wall Street Journal

You wanted to leave for a reason and those reasons are still there. Once the euphoria fades, the ego deflates and reality hits home, you are back to where you were; only now, the recruiter is gone, that incredible opportunity is gone.

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