Why Job Seekers Should Utilize A Recruiter in 2021

Why Job Seekers Should Utilize A Recruiter in 2021

Will you be looking for a new career opportunity next year? The job market is in a weird position right now. Some industries are thriving, while others are just trying to keep afloat. If you are searching for a new job, the market is a little rocky, but employers are still hiring. As we edge closer to overcoming the coronavirus, the job market will continue to stabilize, and it may be helpful for you to seek the aid of a hiring professional. Here are three reasons why job seekers should utilize a recruiter in 2021.

Competition is going to be fierce

Let’s face it; there are millions of people out of work, and the competition on the job market will be fierce. Gone are the days of the candidate being in the driver’s seat with multiple job offers in the works. In 2021, employers will still be recovering from the virus but will have more options to choose from. If you partner with a recruiter, we can ensure your resume gets read by the hiring manager instead of getting added to a stack of other candidates. Working with a recruiter, like one from Johnson Search Group, will help your resume actually get reviewed instead of thrown to the side. Hiring managers will have hundreds of applications to sift through, and we can ensure yours gets the attention it deserves.

Elaborate on your transferrable skills

When you are applying for a new job, you may not have every skill listed on the job description. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t an excellent fit for the role. If you have transferable skills, you can take what you know and adapt to similar job-specific skills needed to perform the job. This might be difficult to identify on your resume, so a recruiter can help elaborate your skills. They can help bridge the gap between what you already know how to do and how you can quickly adapt to perform the job successfully.

Exclusive job opportunities

And finally, job seekers should utilize a recruiter in 2021 to have access to exclusive job opportunities. Most job seekers use job sites and company career pages to find jobs. But have you heard about the hidden job market? Millions of job postings are not on traditional platforms. Only about 40% of job postings are advertised online. So, where are all the other jobs? Many are exclusive opportunities from recruiters. Clients partner with us to find them the best candidates on the market. As a result, some of these roles are in our hands and not posted anywhere else. If you really want to elevate your job search, utilize a recruiting firm.

Ready to let a recruiter go to work for you?

So, these are just three of the reasons why job seekers should utilize a recruiter in 2021. If you are ready to get back to work or find a new opportunity, reach out to us today. We work hard, we work together, and we work for you. Please take a look at our available jobs and give us a call today.

You Were Fired – Now What?

You Were Fired – Now What?

Being fired is an experience no one wants to have, but during our careers, it does sometimes happen. Disbelief, anger, depression, and resolve are usually the feelings that occur during this unfortunate event. But there is another feeling that can surface, which you cannot share with friends, family, or work acquaintances: humiliation.  

Your confidence level is down

When you start your job search, the typical reaction is to hide the reason you left your last position. As a recruiter, I run into many individuals who struggle with how to answer this question. 

An unprepared candidate will inevitably stammer and struggle with an answer. This is a severe RED FLAG to recruiters and companies.

Don’t avoid the elephant in the room

If you are working with a recruiter, be honest about your situation. 

Being fired will not necessarily disqualify you for the opportunity. Sharing this information with your recruiter will allow them to access the facts and help you formulate a cohesive answer that should satisfy the interviewer, and thus, will enable you to advance through the hiring process. If you are not working with a recruiter, take the time to write out a brief explanation that makes sense. The key is to make the answer concise and coherent, which comes across as a valid explanation.  

Never lie on your resume or to the interviewer

If you lie, you might as well kiss your opportunity goodbye. Lies ultimately surface and are exposed, and whether it is before or after you are hired, it will tarnish your reputation. Humbleness goes a long way. If the situation was so severe that a generalized statement can’t overcome the concern, you might have no choice but to explain what happened. Never come across angry or as the victim when sharing your story – this will be a deal-breaker. 

Take ownership, acknowledge it is a learning experience, and move on.

 JSG is here to help

Johnson Search Group is a valued partner to many companies in the Mining, Banking, and Healthcare sectors. Whether you are a hiring manager in need of qualified candidates, or a job searcher looking for your next opportunity, we are here to help – give us a call.

Start Your Job Search Strong In 2021

Start Your Job Search Strong In 2021

If you’re one of the millions of North Americans that spent the greater part of 2020 searching for a new opportunity, you’re not alone. As you prepare for a new year and look forward to a fresh start, here are a few ways to start your job search strong in 2021.

Establish Productive Goals

There are a lot of factors affecting your job search that are totally out of your control, especially over the past year. So, to start this year on a productive note, focus on creating goals for things you can control. Whether it’s applying to a particular number of jobs per week, dedicating a certain number of hours towards free online courses per day, or even just reaching out to contacts at target daily. Achieving small goals will give you a sense of accomplishment and help you make solid steps towards progress.

Continue Expanding Your Network

Referrals are one of the most powerful tools you can have in your job search. It’s important to continue expanding your network of professional contacts during your downtime. Write personalized messages on LinkedIn to people at your target companies, join mastermind groups focused on your industry, and even put yourself out there with a social media post. No one can help you land a new job if they don’t know you’re looking!

Cultivate Your Online Presence

In today’s world of social distancing, your online presence is more important than ever. Do you have a personal website featuring your resume and highlighting your skills? It can be a great way for a potential employer to browse your portfolio. If your career is in sales, marketing, or customer service, it can even be beneficial to start a blog!

Take Some Time To Recharge

Yes, it’s okay to take some time off from actively job searching! It’s important that you recharge so that you’re able to fully commit yourself to find your next opportunity. Be sure to soak up time with your loved ones and reflect on what you really want in your next position.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re heading into 2021 without your dream job. Take this time to reset and prepare for a new year full of new opportunities. If one of your goals is to add more job search experience to your arsenal, explore our candidate resources!

Secure A Job by The End of the Year

How to Secure A Job by The End of the Year

With only a few short weeks left of 2020, you may be one of the many Americans looking to lock down a new job by year-end. But with the coronavirus still in full effect, landing a job before January 1 is much easier said than done. So, whether you are unemployed or just looking for greener pastures, here are a few tips to help you secure a job by the end of the year.

Resume must-have items

The first step to secure a job by the end of the year is to craft a top-notch resume. Take a good look at your current resume and analyze what is missing. Did you receive a new certification this past year that needs to be added? Or did you play a significant role in a successful product launch? These are simple items you can add to your resume to make it shine!

The easiest way to beef up your resume is to add a skills section. There, you can nicely display a list of skills that you have worked hard to hone over the years. A simple bulleted list is all you need to illustrate your skills to hiring managers or recruiters.

Writing a killer cover letter

A lot of job seekers underestimate the power of a cover letter. Yes, they can seem a bit dated, and yes, they can be time-consuming, but in this competitive job market, they are more than worth the time! Start with a strong introduction that draws the reader’s attention and expresses why you are interested in the opportunity. Highlight your relevant experiences that a hiring manager will find useful and finish with an enthusiastic closing.

Once you develop a solid template, you can save it and tweak it in the future to streamline the job application process. If you are looking for more help, here’s how to write an outstanding cover letter to help you secure a job by the end of the year.

Step up your virtual networking

If you are serious about securing a job in the next couple of weeks, you need to step up your virtual networking. There are so many benefits to networking; one, of course, is finding a new career opportunity. Tap into your existing network and let them know you are searching. Do you have a connection that works for one of your target companies? Then send them a friendly email on InMail. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to new connections on LinkedIn that may help you extend your job search reach. Join groups on social networking sites to help you learn new job search hacks or meet other professionals in your industry.

Regardless of how you choose to network, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Be confident, be professional, and be kind. There are a lot of other people in the same position, so don’t be shy. You will be surprised how helpful a stranger can be to your job search!

Partnering with a recruiter

The last tip we have for successfully receiving a job offer by the end of the year is to partner with a recruiter. Recruiters can be your secret job search weapon in challenging times like these. The job market is tight, and you have a lot of competition. By enlisting the support of a professional recruiting firm, you have someone who will go to bat for you. They will champion you to the hiring manager and ensure your resume actually gets read. If this sounds like what you need to boost your job search, reach out to us today!

time to look for a new job

Three Signs It’s Time to Look for A New Job

It’s no secret; the workplace environment looks entirely different for most people these days; however, the reasons workers think about searching for new opportunities are the same as they were pre-pandemic. Looking for a new job in our current economic climate might sound scary, but there are plenty of exciting roles available – you just have to take the plunge and decide that it’s time for a career change. Here are the top three signs that it’s time to look for a new job.

 You feel underappreciated

There’s truly nothing worse than feeling undervalued or unseen within the workplace. If your colleagues don’t see your value and efforts, it can create self-doubt in your mind and fail to provide you with a sense of belonging. One thing you can do to remedy this is to praise others on your team or within the organization to shift the culture. Also, take a few moments each week to reflect on your accomplishments and work wins. When there is a lack of praise from your colleagues or boss, self-praise can help you fill that disparity and make you feel good about your accomplishments.

If you find yourself in this situation, you are not alone. As much as 82% of employees within the workforce would prefer praise to a gift. If you are still yearning for more appreciation, it may be time to check out other opportunities. After all, employee recognition boosts employee satisfaction, motivation, and productivity.

You no longer feel challenged

There’s a big issue if you’re feeling bored at work. This can lead to your skills being underutilized (or not used at all) and damper your workplace motivation. Or, maybe there is not a more significant end-goal in sight, such as growth or upward mobility. Not having a healthy challenge in the workplace can make you feel stuck in your career. To mitigate this, try taking on new projects or new tasks that will take you out of your comfort zone. If this doesn’t feel possible, or there isn’t an opportunity to sharpen those underutilized skills, it may be time to look for a new job.

You dread going to work

There are so many reasons why you might dread going to work every day. No matter what you do for a living, you will always have rough days here and there. But repetitive stress, anxiety, and apprehension about the workweek are signs it may be time to jump ship. Try to identify what you dread about your job so you can understand where it’s coming from. Once you recognize what it is about your job that isn’t favorable, ask yourself if there’s a way to change it. Don’t dwell on things you can’t change. Maybe it’s colleagues, your boss, a toxic work environment, or the fact that it’s just a stressful industry. If the reasons you dread work are things you cannot adapt to or change, it’s best to start looking for a new opportunity.

We can help you look for a new job

So, now that you’re ready to look for a new opportunity, what’s next? Consider talking to a recruiter about reasons you’re looking for a new job or what qualities you’re looking for in your next position. In my experience, I get to know my clients, the culture, and their teams to really vet out candidates for a skill-set fit and culture fit. A recruiter can tell you if you’re going to be a good fit for the organization based on the information you give them and pair you with a client of theirs that matches your career aspirations and goals. If you are ready to look for a new job, reach out to me today, and let’s work together to take your career to the next level.

recruit remote workers

How to Successfully Recruit Remote Workers

Before the pandemic flipped the labor market upside-down, remote work was gaining popularity. Fast forward to today, and millions of Americans are working from home (and likely well into the future). In fact, even as hiring growth has slowed for many companies, there was a 12% increase in remote job listings from July to August. Thus, if you want to be competitive in the post-pandemic labor market, you must be able to attract job seekers searching for remote opportunities. Here is how your hiring team can successfully recruit remote workers.

Use appropriate keywords

To attract the right candidates, you need to use appropriate keywords. This will help weed out candidates uninterested in remote opportunities; the right keywords can also help job seekers find your job posts easier on job boards. Consider adding the word “remote” or other keywords in the job title.

For example, your job title could be “Cloud Engineer – Temporarily Remote.” This helps job seekers know right off the bat that this is a (temporarily) remote opportunity. Some other useful keywords are:

  • Work from home
  • Work from anywhere
  • Virtual
  • Remote
  • Remote Opportunity

Be transparent about what “remote” means

If you want to recruit remote workers, you have to be transparent about what “remote” means to your company. Is this job temporarily because of the pandemic? Is it only remote for a specific amount of time, say six months? Or is it remote permanently? To attract the right candidates, you must clarify this in your job descriptions.

If this position is just remote due to the pandemic, specify what the transition will be like afterward. Just because the job description says “remote,” it does not mean the job is 100% remote. Whatever the opportunity is, define it clearly to ensure you are not deceiving candidates.

Specify location requirements

A common misconception for remote opportunities is that candidates can live or work from anywhere. This is likely not the case for several reasons, such as employment laws, taxes, travel, and so on. Do you require your remote workers to come into the office once a week? If so, they have to live close enough to commute. Does the role involve a lot of travel? If it does, you may need candidates close to metro hubs for easy access to transportation and airports.

If there are location requirements, even if the position is mostly remote, you must clarify that in the job description to successfully recruit remote workers.

Partner with a recruiting firm

Working from home is a new concept for thousands of employers and employees alike. As a result, it will be challenging to recruit remote workers in the post-pandemic era. If your team is struggling to hire strong candidates in today’s market, partner with a recruiting firm. Johnson Search Group has connections all over the country with talented candidates ready to get back to work. Reach out today, and let’s discuss a partnership.

How To Sell Yourself On An Executive Resume

How To Sell Yourself On An Executive Resume

Selling yourself during a job search is awkward and uncomfortable. It’s even more challenging for an executive-level professional. Chances are, you have tons of experience, a toolbox of skills, and a huge list of accomplishments. It’s important to condense your qualifications and highlight your best ones. Here are three guidelines to follow when crafting your executive resume.

Highlight Your Qualifications First And Foremost

On average, a hiring manager spends 7 seconds looking at your resume. This means that you need to make your qualifications clear right off the bat. For every job you submit a resume to, make sure to customize four or five bullets at the top to highlight your most relevant credentials.

Quantify Your Achievements

When looking for executive-level talent, hiring managers want to see RESULTS. Be sure to quantify your achievements, like budget management, goals, and team leadership. Be as specific as possible when demonstrating financial and business impact: highlight goal percentages, click-through rates, average sales figures, cost-savings, and other metrics. Again, customize your achievements to fit each job description.

Clean Up Your Formatting

Some of the most sought-after skills for executives are organization, prioritization, and attention to detail. Showcase your proficiency in these areas before you even enter the hiring process by having a crisp and clean resume. Only include relevant management experience. Don’t feel the need to make your resume excessively long. Typically, you don’t need to go farther than 15 years or so. Use clear headings, bulleted lists, and consistent spacing throughout. Finally, have someone proofread your resume. Even the best automated spell-check can miss grammatical errors!

So, need more guidance for your executive job search? We partner with companies across the United States and Canada to place top executive talent. Explore the rest of our blogs and contact us today.

Land Your Next Job Through Virtual Networking

Land Your Next Job Through Virtual Networking

Have you heard the rumor that “at least 70% of jobs are not even listed online?” This could be a gross underestimate in today’s market where there are millions of qualified candidates actively looking for a new position. If you are trying to land a job in the near future and networking is not a part of your strategy, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. Here are a few strategies you can use to brush up on your virtual networking skills and secure your next job.

Tap Into Your Existing Network

You may have more powerful connections than you ever realized! You never know who has an open position or a connection who is currently hiring. Head to social media to share that you’re looking. Turn on the “open to work” feature on LinkedIn. Upload and share your resume on LinkedIn and Facebook. We understand that putting yourself out there can be awkward, so here’s a template for what to say based on LinkedIn’s #OpenToWork campaign:

Hi everyone – I am looking for a new role related to UX/UI specialties and would appreciate your support. Thank you in advance for any connections, advice, or opportunities you can offer. #OpenToWork

Reach Out To Potential Connections

It can be intimidating to try and grow your connections during a time like this. Additionally, there is a right and wrong way to do reach out to new professionals via virtual networking. Do not cold-contact someone and ask for something right off the bat. It’s most important to establish a connection based on mutual interests. Here’s a great initial message:

Hi {name},

I read the blog you shared on professional networking, and it really resonated with me. It was perfect timing as I am currently working on expanding my network. I’d love to connect so we can stay in touch.

Join A Group

The world of social media is full of networking opportunities. Particularly with the growth of Facebook groups, there are tons of opportunities to grow your professional circles. Do a quick search for your job title or skills on Facebook and filter by groups. Then, do a little browsing to find one that piques your interest. Generally, you want one large enough to foster engagement, but small enough to have meaningful conversations. Only you can decide your sweet spot.

Just because contact is limited doesn’t mean connection has to be. There is no better time to grow and nurture your professional connections through virtual networking. Interested in more job search advice? Explore our blogs here.

Closing Candidates in the 4th Quarter

Closing Candidates in the 4th Quarter

Here we are, in the 4th Quarter of 2020 already. It’s hard to believe, and chances are, you thought your year would be a heck of a lot different. Hundreds of companies have experienced an overall workforce reduction this year; however, many companies have a hiring need somewhere within their organization. Maybe it’s a department that’s been understaffed for months, or a new need for talent has surfaced due to changing demands in our current economic climate. Whatever your hiring may be, closing candidates is never a sure thing and has become increasingly challenging this year.

Over the past decade, candidates’ offer-to-acceptance rate is usually right around the 70% mark, and even lower in some specific job categories. Throughout 2020, it’s safe to speculate that this number could potentially be even lower. Here at Johnson Search Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to close candidates, and over the past few years, have been nearly 20% higher than the industry average. Here are a few tips to help your hiring team ensure you are successfully closing candidates in the 4th Quarter.

Establish an efficient hiring process

It’s really pretty simple – whether you’re a recruiter, an HR professional, or a hiring manager, you have to be transparent in what you can offer, what you’re looking for, and most importantly, move quickly on the candidates you like. Studies show that the average time-to-hire is approximately three weeks, while top talent is only on the job market for ten days. More so, in recent history, we have seen companies lose top talent to competitors because they are not pumping out offer letters fast enough.

So, what do you do? First of all, you must be transparent on compensation, relocation, and the candidate’s availability. The compensation is often the biggest deal-breaker; this where a recruiter can be a great asset. My team and I submit candidates within our clients’ salary range, and at a rate, our candidates have agreed to accept if an offer is extended. We avoid any negation after the offer, can almost guarantee to and the client knows upfront the candidate’s interest level.

Location is crucial

Location is another critical factor. If it is a relocation, it is essential to get the candidate’s family’s perspective and other decision-makers involved. We make it a policy to close the candidate on the location every phone call. Local candidates are ideal for everyone involved but not always a possibility for some positions; plus, local candidates have a significantly higher acceptance rate. Closing candidates in the 4th quarter will be difficult if they are having cold feet about relocating.

Timing is everything

Availability and time are also essential factors. If you are interviewing top talent, chances are, other companies and recruiters are working with this job seeker. You have to move fast, but be careful not to rush the hiring decision. But if you have determined this is a candidate who is interested, qualified, in the compensation range, you have to pull the trigger before someone else does.

Hopefully, if your team follows these steps, you can successfully close candidates in the 4th Quarter of 2020 and help finish off the year strong. If you are looking for the best candidates on the market, please contact me directly and let me take some of the work off your plate. Let’s work together to finish strong!

Sell your achievements on your resume

How to Sell Your Achievements on Your Resume

Are you sick of sending your resumes to hiring managers or submitting them on job boards and never hearing back? One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a candidate is failing to sell your achievements on your resume. Hiring managers and HR professionals have a lot on their plates right now. If you want to stand out, you need to quantify your wins to your prospective employer. Here are a few tips for selling yourself on your resume to secure a job before the end of the year.

Quantify your results

Hiring managers are swamped juggling their day-to-day responsibilities and sifting through dozens of resumes. There is a ton of competition out there for job seekers, with over 12 million unemployed Americans. As a result, you need to stand out by quantifying your results. Adding metrics will help you demonstrate the scale and context of your contributions to your past and former employers.

Utilize metrics like click-through rates, average sales figures, cost reductions, time savings, and other measurements. To really give context to these achievements, use percentage changes over a certain period to paint a clear picture of your accomplishments. Here is an example that puts all of these pieces together:

  • Created new employee engagement programs that helped improve the company’s employee retention rate by 9 percent over the last five months.

This is an excellent example because it shares an achievement that is scalable and provides a specific time range to create a greater context for this accomplishment.

Use your daily tasks to sell your achievements

It is easier to quantify your achievements when your role directly affects the company’s bottom line. However, if you are struggling to quantify your results, Rework Work CEO Stacey Gordon recommends that you pay attention to your less conventional work outcomes. For example, did you help save your department money? Or did you create a device that saved your team time or reduced waste?

Choose a particular outcome from your daily workday and quantify it. For example, say you write three articles a week for your company’s website. You can quickly multiply that number by an appropriate timeframe, say a month or a quarter, to make an ordinary task sound more like an achievement.

Need more resume resources?

Those are two easy ways you can better sell your achievements on your resume by quantifying them. If you are searching for more resume advice, take a look at our candidate resources. We have dozens of helpful resume resources to help you succeed in your job search!