3 Reasons Why Veterans Are Ideal Candidates


It’s finally the month of May. April’s showers are bringing May’s flowers as we start seeing nicer weather. But did you know May is also National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM)? In 1999, Congress designated the month of May as NMAM, thanks to the late Senator John McCain.

Throughout May, there are actually six national observances during NMAM to remember and honor the sacrifices of the brave U.S. Armed Forces, both past and present. Here are all six of them and the day they fall on, this year:

  • Loyalty Day: May 1st
  • Public Service Recognition Week: May 5th – May 11th
  • Victory in Europe Day (VE Day): May 8th
  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day: May 10th
  • Armed Forces Day: May 18th
  • Memorial Day: May 27th

According to the Department of Labor, there are a total of 19.4 million veterans in the U.S. And nearly half of all veterans (9.7 million) are in the workforce. In other words, there are millions of fantastic candidates in today’s workforce that have skill sets, experiences, and mindsets that no other candidates possess.

Here are three reasons why U.S. veterans make incredible candidates in today’s job market.

Intangible soft skills

Throughout their time in the military, members of the U.S. Armed Forces develop intangible soft skills that can’t be gained anywhere else. Veteran’s possess natural leadership qualities that any employer would love to add to their team. From their first day of service, military members begin developing leadership qualities that are transferable to any job or industry. Day in and day out, military members must lead by example and make tough decisions in stressful or tense environments.

Our brave military veterans have inherent teamwork ability. From day one, the military stresses the importance of teamwork. In the military, you must think about what’s best for the team and what they can do to make the team stronger and more successful. Teamwork is essential in any working environment, and our veterans are some of the best teammates an employer can find.

Training and education

Throughout their military career, veterans receive rigorous training and education on a daily basis. They’re immersed in regular training courses that stress the importance of safety, enhance critical thinking, and hone crystal-clear communication. And these skills developed from years of training and courses are extremely valuable to employers; they make the transition from a military career to civilian occupation smooth, for both veterans and employers.

Many veterans even take professional military education courses and academics to help them assimilate to their next phase in their careers. Additionally, veterans are also very trainable workers. They undergo constant training and drills in the military. Thus, in the civilian world, if you hire a veteran, they are easily coachable and trainable, making onboarding simple. Even if they don’t have the necessary experience with certain software or procedures, you can bet you can train them to do so.

Tenacity and grit

It takes a lot of guts and tenacity to stick out a career in the military. There’s a reason why only 19.4 million people out of the entire U.S. population are military veterans. It’s not an easy career path. And it takes grit to persevere. Any employer will welcome these characteristics with open arms!

They experience situations that many of us couldn’t even imagine, some of which are even life-threatening. Throwing in the towel when a situation gets tough or when a roadblock surfaces won’t happen, because veterans don’t give up. Therefore, they are exactly the type of employee your organization wants (and needs).

Thank you

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces are fantastic candidates for any organization. At Johnson Search Group, we’ve had the privilege of working with numerous veterans throughout the years. One common quote that we hear from some of our clients is, “We love hiring people that have a military service record. These are trained professionals who truly understand mission, vision, and value.” In other words, we enjoy working with them and our clients love hiring them.

Thank you to all the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our great country. And remember, freedom isn’t free. It’s fought for.

What Memorial Day Means to JSG - In Memory of Many, In Honor of All

What Memorial Day Means to JSG

What Memorial Day Means to JSG - In Memory of Many, In Honor of All

Memorial Day means something different to everyone. Whether you have served, are close with someone who has served, or are simply grateful for those who have served to protect our country, Memorial Day is a day to honor and remember those who have put their lives on the line. To help honor America’s heroes, the staff at JSG is sharing what Memorial Days means to them:

“For me, Memorial Day is a time to remember those who I served with, and all of those who made the supreme sacrifice for our great nation. It is also a time to reflect on the friends and family of those who served, and the sacrifices they made supporting those who felt the call to service.”

Richard Baker, Senior Technical Recruiter – Philadelphia

What Memorial Day Means to JSG - Ken Slater

“Memorial Day has always been a big part of my life as far back as I can remember. Before I ever thought of joining the Army, I remember as a child my family going to the cemeteries placing flowers and flags on the headstones of family members and friends that served our nation. This was not a day for BBQ’s and camping but a day of memory. As my life transitioned into that of a Soldier Memorial Day has always been a humbling day of remembrance for not just my family members that served but for all the service members that gave the ultimate sacrifice for this nation. As my service progressed into that of wartime service the sacrifices hit home even more for now I honor not just the past sacrifices but those of my battle buddies who paid the ultimate sacrifice not just for our nation but for my fellow battles and I so we can still be here today. Memorial Day is not a day to feel sorry for them for they gave freely, knowing the sacrifice that they may one day have to give but a day to celebrate the lives of Americas finest citizens, our service members, police, and first responders that paid the ultimate sacrifice for you and me. To all my Battles that went before me, save me a drink at the Fiddlers Green!”

SFC (Retired) Aaron Waseca, Account Executive – Spokane

Memorial Day Shahna (3)


“So for me, it’s a day to remember and be grateful for all those who’s ‘check was cashed’ so that I can enjoy all the freedoms that come from living in America.”

Shahna Jacks, Administrative Assistant & Sourcing Specialist – Spokane

“Thinking of all those who served our country to protect our freedom during this Memorial Day. Special shout outs to 2 of my boys, Shaun and Matt Eagan, who were deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan defending our freedom.”

Ed Zetusky, Senior Vice President – Philadelphia

What Memorial Day Means to JSG - Rob Boyle

“Memorial Day means remembering the loved ones that I have lost over the years, and cherishing the happy memories we shared.”

Carrie Delehanty, Account Executive – Spokane

What Memorial Day Means to JSG - Cathy Kennedy

“My dad passed last year and served in the Army. So Memorial Day means to me remembering my dad and those who have served and serve our country.”

Cathy Kennedy, Business Development Manager – San Jose

“Memorial Day reminds me of my grandpa, Daniel Padilla. He proudly served in the United States Army during World War II. Sadly, he passed away this past December at the age of 91. This Memorial Day, my family and I will continue to celebrate and honor him and all of those who served and sacrificed so much for all of us & of course those who continue to do so!”

-Elizabeth Wiss, HR Generalist – Chicago

What Memorial Day Means to JSG - Perry Paden

“Memorial Day to my wife Jamie and myself is a day where we honor all military personnel that have died for this great country while serving. Jamie and I like to take some flowers and American Flags and drive around to different cemeteries locating headstones of fallen war hero’s (because we consider any person that gave their life for this country a hero). That hero’s grave site may not be in the best shape and may have been forgotten so we like to try to clean it up, clip the grass and leave either a flower or a flag. It is our hope that if anyone else happens by that this hero is recognized today and appreciated for their sacrifice. We have a family of service men and women and it is a flurry of calls and/or texts thanking each other for their service. Our daughter Taylor Merrion currently serves this great Nation at the National Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland along with her husband Nick Merrion. Taylor has recently received orders to Field Medical School which is a school to prepare her for assignment with the Marine’s as a Hospital Corpsman and the end of her training at Camp Lejeune North Carolina.”

Perry Paden, Senior Vice President – Spokane

What Memorial Day Means to JSG - Margaret Kraemer

“…. It’s not only knowing those who passed, but rather what their actions have built….

Sometimes the memories come back: holding a screaming 6-year-old in a bomb shelter, unsure where her father out on reserves is, while pregnant. Then I breathe in the US air, and I remember I am home, and safe…thanks to those who served.

When I came back to the US after living nine years abroad I was scared. Having lived in the Middle East had given me a view of the world that I found few others able to understand. Yet despite my anxiety, our homecoming was a breath of fresh air that I hadn’t realized quite how much I thirsted for. For the first time in years the sight of US soldiers graced me with a sense of calm that I had forgotten existed. My daughter, who had no memories of growing up in the US, was a bit startled when a solider patrolling the airport commented that he liked her bow. Looking back now, I suppose this was the first time it dawned on her that a place can exist where a solider isn’t so paralyzed with trauma they have time to smile… and be nice.

In truth though, the biggest surprise for my daughter to come was not the soldiers themselves, but actually the lack of soldiers. Where we had lived soldiers were everywhere; they patrolled the malls, often the schools and any road. Still today, she often comments about how she hasn’t seen any more soldiers since the airport, and still I tell her “the reason you can’t see the soldiers is because of the soldiers.” To be honest, I can’t say for sure if this idea has really resonated with her yet, but she is learning not to listen for bomb sirens anymore.

Her healing process has begun, one based on constant calm and security protected by those “invisible” soldiers. Every moment I can leave her to sleep, allow her to play in the backyard without panic is due to each step taken by a US solider. Someday she will understand this, but for now it is me who appreciates a lifted weight of worry for my children’s future.

This is what Memorial Day means to me. While I do not know anyone who passed on defending our country, I do know a little girl who can sleep at night for the first time because of them.”

Sarah Grossman, Account/Marketing Coordinator – Armonk

What Memorial Day Means to JSG - Jay Kerrigan

“Memorial Day reminds me to be thankful for all who sacrifice for my freedom and show my appreciation to my family, friends, and fellow American’s for their service.”

Melissa Culbert, Corporate Social Media Specialist – Spokane

What Memorial Day Means to JSG - Christopher Willis

And a special congratulations to Christopher Willis, an active service member who is being recognized by the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation for his devoted and unwavering duty to his country.