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Personal Brand: How to Promote Your Personal Brand During A Job Search

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There are so many aspects that go into finding a new job. Your job search takes you on a journey that goes through ups and downs but in the end, will help you find a position you enjoy. It takes time and patience to go through each step. And there is one, in particular, that could really help you stand out in front of those companies you interview with: your personal brand. Promoting your personal brand can seem intimidating but it’s all about using the resources you have to help you be successful, not only in your career but also throughout all your job search.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is all about personal brand. It can have an impact on you not only reaching positions you want but also improves your chances of getting an interview with a company you like. All because your personal brand is easy to see and shows companies that you’re a candidate they want. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to interact with your career, your company, and just get yourself out there, and in the end, that’s all you really want, especially on a job search.


Network with people in your career, school, and co-workers. This will help you gain more confidence in yourself and help you reinforce the personal brand you’re trying to create when looking for a new job. Most of the time when you’re on the hunt, you’re keeping it quiet because you have a current job. Networking is the perfect place for you to feel out what is out there in your career field and see if anyone knows of a job you just can’t pass up.

Keep Social Media Private & Acceptable

Don’t forget about your personal accounts! Which is easy to do in our society today. It’s rare to meet someone between the ages of 20 – 60 who don’t have a social media account. But you need to make sure that what you’re sharing personally is still professional. It’s necessary for you to keep your personal brand in tip-top shape! Future employers will and DO look at your personal social media account. And if you have something that can seem like a red flag, they’ll probably pass on hiring you.

Share Successes

Using your successes as a stepping stone for a personal brand is a great way to show your dedication to your career and the will to always want to get better. Your “reputation,” or personal brand as we’re calling it, is something that should be handled with care but also celebrated, especially on a job search and interviews. When sharing successes, talk about the hard work you did to accomplish it, praise the people who helped you get there, and always be thankful. This will keep you on the right track of being humble and showing prospective hiring managers that you’re a good fit!

Team Player

In my experience, I would say being a team player is instrumental to not only having a strong and liked personal brand but to nailing job searches, and most importantly, interviews. When you focus on what you can do to help others, whether that’s in a job or just your daily life, it says a lot about who you are. Focusing on what you get out of it and what you can do to help others will be a trait that will take you very far in your career. Which is something every company is looking for in a candidate, right?

Overall, when you think about your personal brand, think about how you want to be perceived. In business, your reputation is everything. So be a good person. Do your best to always be respectful, stay true to your word, and make it a point to try and be better every day. If you can follow these points, you’ll you be successful in your job search and reach your aspirations, too.

3 Keys To Getting Discovered (And Hired) Online By A Recruiter, recruiting, mining, heavy industrial, price, smart,

3 Keys To Getting Discovered (And Hired) Online By A Recruiter

3 Keys To Getting Discovered (And Hired) Online By A Recruiter

In today’s job market, there are more ways than ever for job seekers to find employment opportunities in any industry. Social media and online resume databases have become the primary source to connect candidates to their dream jobs. As a recruiter, I rely heavily on social media to find and contact potential candidates. So today, I’m sharing my secrets on how to stand out on social media and get noticed by recruiters like me.

First, you have to understand that when a recruiter embarks on a search to find a “perfect candidate” for their job, they are sifting through thousands of resumes. Throughout this massive pile of resumes, there are a few simple things that make a candidate’s resume stand out online. Follow these 3 resume guidelines and you’ll be on your way to being discovered in no time:

  1. Clear

Most social media platforms will capture key words off resumes so they know who to include in searches. It is important to have industry specific words on your resume so the recruiter’s search will pull up your resume. This includes job titles, specific skills, and industry related experience. For instance, if you have OSHA certification, make sure it’s on your resume so that my search will find you if that’s a “must have” skill for the company I’m partnering with.

  1. Current

You would not believe the amount of old and outdated resumes we find online. Be sure to have an updated version of your resume when posting with current contact information. The more updated your resume is, the more industry-related keywords and accomplishments it will contain, and the better your chances of being found!

  1. Concise

If your resume contains irrelevant positions, keywords, or education, you’re doing yourself a disfavor. With only a short amount of time to review each resume, a recruiter could see a position that doesn’t match the skill set or career trajectory they’re looking for, you could be overlooked. Instead, keep only the most relevant and recent positions and education listed on your resume.

Keeping resumes clear, current, and concise with industry keywords, education, and experience will make them rise to the top of a recruiter’s search online.