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Why Candidates Keep Backing Out of Job Offers

Finding talent in today’s competitive labor market is one thing. Having that talent accept your offer and actually come on board? That’s another dilemma. Everything is going smoothly. You find a great candidate that matches your company culture and has all the experience your team needs. They accept your job offer, pass the pre-screening, and agree on a start date. But then, out of nowhere, they call you and say they’ve changed their mind, or they’ve accepted another offer. That is if you’re lucky enough to even receive a call.

In our candidate-driven market, your candidates have options and a lot of bargaining power. It can be frustrating at times for employers. If your company is tired of candidates backing out of your job offers, here are a few suggestions to ensure your new hires show up on the first day of work.

Move quickly and make strong job offers

We’ve said this many times before and we’ll continue to say it. Your hiring process must move fast. If you drag your feet when it comes to making an offer to a candidate, it’s going to cost your organization valuable time and money. According to a recent study, 44 percent of candidates back out of a job offer because they receive a better one. And another 27 percent of candidates back out because their current employers generate a strong counteroffer.

Therefore, the longer you take, the more likely a candidate will receive another offer from one of your competitors or will stick with their current place of employment. That also means you have to come in with an attractive offer from the get-go. If you lowball a candidate, they will likely keep looking elsewhere, even if they do accept your offer.

Get your offer in writing

If you intend to offer a candidate the position, do so quickly and in writing. Don’t just call up the candidate or email them and say you’d like to extend an offer. We’ve heard of and seen employers take DAYS to present an official offer letter. Again, the longer you wait, the more time your candidate has to change their mind or accept another offer. Our best piece of advice is having an offer letter ready to go just during the final interviewing stages. That way, if you find the candidate you’ve been searching for, you’ll be prepared to go right after the final interview. By presenting an official offer letter, it may put your candidates’ mind at ease, and they will be more likely to commit to your company.

Partner with a recruiter

If you are still struggling to keep candidates committed to your offer, we can help with that. At Johnson Search Group, we close the candidates we represent on money, availability, and location throughout the entire process. From day one, they know what to expect from you and are fully invested in your company. We build a strong relationship with both our clients and candidates, so everybody is always on the same page and in constant communication. Partner with one of our rockstar recruiters, and we will help you find candidates that are actually ready to come on board and make an impact on your team.


How a Recruiter Can Help You Find Your Next Job

You likely know what a recruiter is and how they help people find new job opportunities. You may even know of a friend or colleague that has worked with a recruiter in the past. But have you ever considered working with one? Working with a recruiter can help you get a leg up on your competition and boost your career trajectory. Here are three ways a recruiter can help you find your next job.

They have strong relationships

Recruiters have a direct line to hiring managers and human resource professionals. Instead of just submitting your application or resume in an online portal (aka a black hole), recruiters will submit your resume directly to the decision-makers. We have strong relationships with our clients and will get your resume placed on the hiring managers desk instead of stuck in an applicant tracking system.

So instead of letting a piece of software sift through your resume and decide whether or not you’re a qualified candidate, we will have an actual conversation with those who have all of the hiring power. We let them know all about your education, skills, and certifications, and build a case for why you should move onto the next step of the hiring process.

They work on exclusive job opportunities

Recruiters, like ones at Johnson Search Group, often have exclusive job orders. That means you won’t find the jobs we are working on anywhere else. Not on job boards, social media groups, or listed on any website. Our clients trust us to find them the talent they need to grow. Thus, we have opportunities for you that you cannot find or apply to with any other firm or job board. And guess what? A lot of these opportunities are roles with robust compensation packages and within great communities.

They act as your advocate

Recruiters are your biggest advocate. Yes, the client pays our bill for placing you, but if you don’t get hired, we don’t get paid. Thus, your best interest is our best interest. We won’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole. At Johnson Search Group, we will help you find roles that are an excellent match for both you and the client. We want you to enjoy your new role and place you with a company that you’ll be proud to work with every single day. If you’re looking to make a big leap in your career, we can help facilitate that. Or if you are looking to move to a new location, we can help find you a new home and employer. We care about our candidates and want to find your new careers where you will be successful.

If you are interested in reaching out to a recruiter, contact us today. We have hundreds of job opportunities that might be the perfect fit for you and your career goals!

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How To Get Noticed By A Recruiter

recruiter, recruiting, job search

You’ve probably heard that the job market is pretty great right now. You may even be considering putting yourself out there to advance your career! However, if you don’t feel like blindly submitting your resume to a black hole of online applicant tracking systems, you should definitely consider partnering with a recruiter. So what’s the best way to get your resume in the hands of a recruiter that will connect you with a great company?

Overhaul Your Resume

First and foremost, you need to update your resume. No matter how long you’ve been off the job market, there are always changes and improvements you can make! (Check out some of our favorites here.) While you should always customize your resume to each job you apply to, there are some general updates you should make as well. Consider the next step in your career and what skills and experiences you have that will lead you there. Make sure to list measurable results that clearly demonstrate your value.

Get Your Name Out There

Once you have a fresh resume, it’s time to let recruiters know you’re available! Start with updating your LinkedIn with many of the same changes you made to your resume. You want to make sure it’s an accurate reflection of your career thus far. The more skills and experiences you have listed on your profile, the easier it will be for people to find you. While you’re at it, switch on that little setting that lets recruiters know you’re open to new opportunities.

If you’ve spoken with a recruiter in the past, reach out again and let them know you’re interested in making a move. If not, do a quick search on LinkedIn and Google for recruiters that specialize in your industry. At Johnson Search Group, we have teams that specialize in your industry throughout the United States. They established a large network of some of the best companies, and have managed to build solid relationships directly with hiring managers.

Communicate Consistently

The absolute best thing you can do to enhance your relationship with a recruiter is to be available, open, and honest. Keep them updated on your job search process. Check before you apply to jobs you find online because you never know if they already have a contact at that organization. Someone calls to schedule an interview? Congratulations, keep your recruiter in the loop! It’s essential to communicate with your recruiter throughout the entire hiring process.

Ready to start the job search process? Check out what it’s like to be a JSG candidate, and contact us today!

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So, A Recruiter Reached Out to You. Now What?


A strange phone number comes across your phone, so you let it go to voicemail. It’s from a recruiter letting you know about an opportunity that could possibly be the next step in your career.

You decide to give them a call back as your curiosity is peaked and not sure what the next step might be.

They provide you with some information on the job and ask you a few questions and after further discussion, you come to a decision to proceed with the opportunity. It’s part of my job to ensure that you not only have the qualifications they’re looking for but also will be a good fit for both you and the client.

As a recruiter, it’s my responsibility to ensure you have information on the company and the location. If it is a relocation, we will help do a cost comparison for you so you can make an informed decision on if you want to proceed.

So, you submitted my resume. Now what?

Once we submit your resume to the client, we wait for feedback and if I am doing my job correctly, you’ll be getting a first round interview. Depending on the organization and if you are local, this first interview could either be a phone or an onsite interview. At Johnson Search Group, we will provide you with guidance on and walk you through the process of what to expect.

And depending on the type of job and the industry you’re in, you may have other interviews and additional steps throughout the hiring process. Don’t worry. We’ll be here every step of the way to guide you throughout the hiring process to ensure you make the best impression on your prospective employer.

Congratulations, they want to make you an offer!

You did great on your interviews and they want to hire you! If there is any salary negotiation, we will help to ensure you get what was originally discussed. Once we help you get the position, we don’t stop there! We walk you through everything from your potential relocation to you drafting your resignation letter.

Even after you’re hired, we value our commitment to you and we’ll follow up with you. We truly care about you and your career; we want to be certain you like your new position!


As a recruiter in the healthcare industry, communication is key for both my candidates and clients. If at any time during this process you decide to back out, please tell me. I work hard for you and also my clients to make sure that this position will be a great fit. I would never submit you for a job that wouldn’t be a great fit. At JSG, we’ll never try and put a square peg in a round hole.

The next time you get a call from a recruiter, take a moment and hear what they have to say. It could be the opportunity you have been waiting for!

Being A Professional is Not Always Easy

bad news

As an executive recruiter, there are many aspects of my job I absolutely love. One of the things I love the most is knowing I have the privilege to deliver for a customer and change a candidate’s life with a new opportunity. However, with this job, there are certain responsibilities I have that are not very fun.

As a professional recruiter, it is part of my job to sometimes deliver bad news. It is important my customers and candidates know I am extremely invested in their success and that I am transparent in my communication.

Bad news is better than no news

In a dream world, I would fill every job order with a perfect candidate; every candidate would receive a job offer. But in reality, we all know this doesn’t happen. I’ve heard from customers and candidates on numerous occasions that it is common for recruiters to ‘ghost’ them instead of delivering the bad news. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than not knowing. I get it, nobody wants to make these calls, but as a professional, it has to be done.

On the customer side, it is all about building the relationship, sometimes through brutal honesty. Whether the job requirements or compensation needs to be reevaluated, or a candidate withdraws from the process, my purpose is always to reach the end goal: filling the position with the right candidate.

Regarding the candidates, I understand being notified you are not being considered for a role is never easy to hear. Before making this call, I do everything I can to get feedback to possibly help you in the future.

Communication is key

Whether you are a client or a candidate, my goal when making these calls is simply to continue the clear lines of communication. It’s my job to ensure I am delivering on my commitments. Although sometimes unpleasant, the bad news is better than no news.

If you’re looking for an honest recruiter with clear communication, let’s have a conversation.


Why You’ll LOVE Working with a Recruiter


The job market is tight, there’s simply no denying that. The unemployment rate is currently 4.0 percent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released a report that there were 1.2 million fewer hires than job openings. It’s a candidate-driven market and candidates are the ones in control.

If you’re passively looking for a job, you’ll love working with a recruiter. Many people are under the impression that working with a recruiter is only beneficial for employers. However, there are tons of perks to working with a recruiter to find your next career opportunity. Here’s why you’ll be head over heels with working with one.

Hiring managers are busy

Even though the market is tight and hiring managers are in need of talented candidates, they are busy. Many organizations are struggling to fill open positions because they are too busy picking up the slack of their understaffed departments. With this tight of a job market, employees are leaving without so much as a moment’s notice.

Hiring managers are forced to continue doing their jobs and pick up some of the responsibilities of missing team members. If you are simply applying for jobs on a company’s job board, your resume will likely go unnoticed for some time.

Recruiters have all the connections

Have you ever applied for a job and thought “will anyone even review my resume?” Sadly, it does happen. By working with a recruiter, you’ll have a professional working by your side to ensure your resume gets on the top of a hiring manager’s desk. And who doesn’t love the sound of that!?

Recruiters here at JSG have great relationships with our clients. We don’t just send a resume to our hiring managers and wait for them to call you. We have strong communication with each of our clients and can help you get your foot in the door instead of waiting helplessly for a response.

Recruiters are Match Makers for your next career opportunity

Speaking of matches… Recruiters act as a (professional) matchmaker. Recruiters, especially the ones at Johnson Search Group, don’t just try to pair you with a job that isn’t a great fit for you or our client. We care about your career and want to match you with a company and a position that’s right for you.

We take your background, skills, and experiences to find you a perfect opportunity that will make both you and your new employer happy. It’s a match made in heaven.

If you’re interested in taking your career in a different direction, check out our jobs board.

Partner with a recruiter

And if you’re a hiring manager or in human resources, I am sure you are feeling the stress from the lack of candidates hitting your desk. In this market, employers have to shift their efforts to passive candidates to fill their critical roles. But attracting candidates that are already employed can be difficult.

What’s to LOVE about working with a recruiter?

By partnering with a JSG recruiter, “you get an industry specialist to comb the earth to find the talent you need for your open roles. You don’t have to be alone any longer, says Tracey Smith, our Healthcare Division Manager. “You have someone else doing all the legwork to make your new team members fall in love with your community and your organization.”

Dana Belstler, our Mining & Heavy Industrial Division Manager, says there’s a lot to love working with a trusted recruiting partner. “Having good communication, accessibility, and receiving great candidates compliments our process and helps fill positions quickly.”

Our recruiters at JSG are industry experts. We know our industries inside and out. When working with Johnson Search Group, you’re “working with a recruiter that completely understands the hurdles of recruiting in your industry,” says Tracy Isakson, our Banking Division Manager. “The roles we work on are hard enough to fill, you need someone who completely understands the nuances of the industry as well as how to attract the best talent to your job and to your community.”

If you need help finding candidates that you’ll fall in love with, let’s work together.

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The Perks of Working With A Young Healthcare Recruiter

healthcare recruiter

There are many misconceptions today of working with young professionals. Many believe that those in the millennial generation are to be avoided at all costs, primarily in the workforce. Our generation has been skewed as nothing but lazy, impatient, rude, narcissistic, and entitled people.

Why work with a Millennial?

So why would anyone in their right minds want to work with those people? Well, there is no getting around the fact that a large portion of millennials do struggle with those traits. However, no matter what generation you look at, there are both the negative characteristics as well as positive. So why don’t we look at the positive? One of the best assets my generation has mastered is coming up with fresh and creative solutions to complex problems and never giving up on the search for knowledge to continuously grow ourselves. Innovation is our identifier and when matched with drive, there is no one better to get a job done.

So, with all of that said, why would you choose me to fill your critical roles as the youngest recruiter at Johnson Search Group? Well, I’m glad you asked. What makes me the best option for your recruitment needs? My innate drive and tenacity to be the best at whatever I do. You can be confident that I will not only get the job done, but I will get it done efficiently. And I will show you the candidates that you WANT to see, not just the ones that fit the job description. Don’t just take my word for it either. Put me to the test and allow me to exceed your expectations.

Working with a recruiter in this tight market

The fact of the matter is we are in one of the largest candidate-driven market’s we have seen in decades. The Healthcare industry has added a total of 301,000 jobs this year and 33,000 of them were added in August alone. This is great news for candidates as they can be both competitive and selective about the offers they take. But it can also make it harder for employers to find their ideal candidates as their top choice may be whisked off by another offer. Especially, if they don’t move quickly enough. Luckily for our clients, all of us at JSG work exclusively with candidates who are passively looking, as those are the candidates that are almost always the best fit for the job. Reach out to me if your healthcare organization needs help securing (and retaining) talent in this challenging market.


3 Reasons Why Banks and Financial Institutions Should Use Recruiters


Okay, let’s just get this out of the way first. If you’re a hiring manager, a human resources director, or even a talent acquisition superstar, you cringe at the thought of asking a recruiter to help you find top talent for your organization. You’re probably thinking “that’s my job! I don’t need some outside recruiter who doesn’t even work for our institution coming in and making me feel like I don’t know how to find the right people for my department!”

Well, I have good news for you, that’s not what I do. That’s not even the reason recruiters exist. I wanted to share with you three reasons why it’s helpful to YOU to use someone like me.

Reason 1: YOU’RE BUSY!

You and I both know your world doesn’t revolve around sifting through hundreds of resumes. No matter what title you hold, you weren’t hired solely to find and place talent in your organization. Nope, that’s what I do. So, while you’re going through your day putting out fires and making things happen to excel your own career, leave it to me to weed out the people that simply do NOT check off the boxes of who you’re looking for to add to your team.

Why would you waste the perfectly good productive hours of your day reading about a background of someone who is only qualified for underwater basket weaving when you’re looking for a 20+ year banking executive? I know you’ve seen those people apply for that exact job… I don’t get it either but leave it to me to save you the time and agony of having to deal with that headache.

Reason 2: I talk to people in your market daily

As someone who recruits for only banks and financial institutions, I have the advantage of diving deep into the candidate pool daily. Why is that? I talk to many qualified candidates every day who are both actively and passively looking to make a move. I know, you can do the same thing, right? What’s so special about me? Well, let me tell you. Part of the advantage that I have is that I get to talk to people in your competition that are producing and helping their current organization have a fantastic year! We both know that even if you’re having a good year financially, that doesn’t outweigh a great work-life balance and an organization that makes you feel like more than just a number. Those people want to move, and it could be to the spot that helps you bring on your top producer.

Reason 3: Stuff still gets done your way

We have a process here, sure, but part of my process is making sure that I support your process. You have an established timeline of who, what, when, where, and how. I get that and I’m not here to try to fix something that isn’t even broken in the first place. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m not here to tell you how to do your job or to make you feel inadequate. I’m simply here to link arms with you and help add value to your organization.

I just read that 80% of turn-over is reported to be from impulsive hiring decisions. I’m here to help your turn-over stay low and to ensure that your people aren’t getting burned out by filling in for open positions. Let me, an Executive Recruiter, help take a little bit of stress off your plate. It’s a win-win for you because I take my job seriously. I am not in the business of sticking a round peg in a square hole. I’m on your side and I am eager to partner with you today!


What to Do When the Smoke Clears In Your Career


For notorious reasons, this time of year is known as ‘Fire Season.’ There have been over 5.1 million acres burned thus far in 2018. In my lovely state of Washington, 891 fires have raged thus far, burning over 113,00 acres. Where I live (Spokane), the air quality has been entering in and out of the “Very Unhealthy” range for several weeks. And it’s also reached “Hazardous” levels according to the Air Quality Index. Thankfully, a combination of wind and rain has cleaned our air, allowing us to finally glimpse the clean and beautiful blue sky.

When it comes to the job market, the Third Quarter is a notorious time of the year for organizations to start moving and shaking. Much like the fires that have ravaged the country, employees are busy putting out fires in the workplace. And as a result, leading many to be seeking new opportunities, whether it be passively or actively.

You are your greatest asset

Prior to joining Johnson Search Group, I experienced a layoff during the holiday season. It was devastating. Rightfully so. It’s always a shock to hear that a company is moving on, even if you’re lucky enough to see it coming. Finding yourself without any irons in the fire or next career steps can be daunting. Keep calm, stay indoors, and breath deep.

The greatest tool you have in your box post-position is YOU and your network. Realizing this will quickly get you back onboard with another company that deserves to have your passion, experience, and knowledge. Once you’ve realized your own self-worth, dig deeper into your toolbox and utilize the myriad of job boards, references, and literal production tools to secure your next opportunity. LinkedIn is a fantastic outlet to help secure the next step in your career path.

Many candidates I come across are fortunate enough to have employment but are incredibly unhappy in their current role/position. This unhappiness happens because of burnout. Whether it’s a result of being overworked, company re-alignment, or the lack of fulfillment from one’s current role.

Let a recruiter reignite your career

For many job seekers, getting back on track and realizing one’s goals can be a daunting task. Sometimes it takes a team to smother the blaze and a timely wind to clear the haze. Utilizing a recruiter typically isn’t something that crosses the minds of most seeking new employment; however, working with a recruiter has immense benefits.

As this job market continues to heat up, its just as important for candidates to find the right role for them as it is for employers to land the right candidate. Having someone who is deeply entrenched in your market and profession, representing you to companies you may not even know are looking, maybe the exact thing that gets you to the next great opportunity.

Plenty of things are burning these months, days, sometimes at both ends. Keeping your head up is the only way you can guarantee you’ll land the next opportunity once the smoke clears.

recruiter contacts you

What To Do When A Recruiter Contacts You

recruiter contacts you

The day has finally come – a recruiter found you contacted you on LinkedIn, sent you an email, or called you directly. They have a position that is a perfect match for your skill set. So what should you do now? We’re breaking down the first 5 things you should do once a recruiter contacts you.

Think about it

Before you respond, take a moment to think about where you are in your career. Yes, you may be perfectly happy where you are now, but what will that look like a year from now? Can you see yourself growing in your current position? No matter how comfortable you are right now, it’s always worth further conversation. In today’s candidate-driven market, it’s a great opportunity to explore your options and potentially take the next step in your career or secure yourself a raise.

Look up the company

Whether you were contacted by a recruiter that works directly for the company or a third-party recruiter, the first thing you need to do is research. If someone who works for the company itself contacted you, you need to do some due diligence! Visit the company’s website to get a feel for their culture and vision. While you’re there, see if you can find a description of the job you have been recruited for. It’s always a good idea to venture out and check out some of their social media as well – right off the bat, is this somewhere you could imagine yourself working?

If it was a third-party that reached out, you may not know the actual company’s name yet. Instead, check out the recruiter’s LinkedIn profile. Do they have good recommendations? Do they share relevant news to your industry? Quickly browse the recruiting company’s website – they may have even written some blogs that will help you prep for the next few steps.

Refresh your resume

It probably goes without saying, but the recruiter is going to want a copy of your updated resume. Whether you updated it a few months ago, a year ago, or you can’t remember the last time, you will need to look at it with a fresh set of eyes. Are all of your recent achievements listed? Is it tailored to highlight your experience most relevant to the position you’re being recruited for? If you need some help in this department, visit our resume archive for advice on everything from whether you should list your address or not to the most important things to include.

It can be really exciting to be recruited. The best thing you can do as a candidate is prepared!