Different Types Of Recruiters & How They Can Help You Find A Job

Different Types Of Recruiters & How They Can Help You Find A Job

You probably know that a Recruiter can help you find a job. But what does that mean exactly? First, it’s important to understand that Recruiters work for companies, NOT for candidates. Thus, you should never have to pay for a Recruiter’s services. There are four major types of recruiters, and we’re breaking them down and giving a definition of each. So next time a recruiter contacts you or you’re looking for a job, you’ll know which partnership is right for you.

Corporate Recruiter

A Corporate Recruiter works internally at the company they recruit for. They typically have direct lines of communication with the Hiring Managers. A Corporate Recruiter’s job entails distributing and advertising jobs, sourcing candidates, screening resumes, and potentially conducting first-round interviews. In most companies, Corporate Recruiters coordinate the hiring process for the entire company. As a result, they have a lot on their plates. A Corporate Recruiter is not who you partner with if you’re hunting for a new position.

Retainer-Based Recruiter

A retainer-based Recruiter is a third-party partner hired by the company to recruit higher-level positions. They receive payment upfront to find candidates with specific, hard-to-find experience. Sometimes these searches can take months to find just the right fit. Also, a retainer-based Recruiter will come to you if you match the requirements they are looking for. You may not even be searching for a job and a recruiter working on a contain basis can reach out to you!

Contingency-Based Recruiter

A contingency-based Recruiter is what you typically run into at a staffing agency. They receive compensation for successful candidate placements. Additionally, a contingency-based Recruiter is usually competing against other firms. As a result, a contingency-based Recruiter is highly motivated to help you get the job. Thus, they are a useful advocate and tool for landing your next position.

Full-Cycle Recruiter

A full-cycle Recruiter can work on a retainer or contingency basis. The difference is that they work directly with the hiring manager in addition to the candidates they submit. Full-cycle Recruiters are the unicorns of the staffing world. Not only do they have a direct line of communication with the Hiring Manager, but also a deep understanding of the company, position, and the skillsets required. If you establish a relationship with a full-cycle Recruiter, they may even be able to champion you to your dream company.

At Johnson Search Group, our team is comprised of Full-Cycle Recruiters. We know the ins and outs of our clients and the positions they are looking to fill. We have a thorough knowledge of the industries we work in and the companies we partner with. So, if you’re ready to take the next step in your career, partner with a JSG recruiter. Get started today!

excellent recruiter

What Makes An Excellent Recruiter

There are thousands of professional recruiters and staffing firms across the world. But what separates an excellent recruiter from a good recruiter or even a lousy one? Industry-leading recruiters have more than tough skin – it’s about finding the “right” talent for your organization. That means sourcing candidates that fit your culture, salary range, and of course, qualifications. But what it takes to become an excellent recruiter is much more than that. Here are three things that every great recruiter must facilitate.

Cultivate relationships

A good recruiter does not just send resumes to your inbox and wait for an offer letter to arrive on a shiny platter. While this is a largely a transactional business, my colleagues and I at Johnson Search Group genuinely enjoy the relationships we develop with hiring managers, HR professionals, and candidates. My candidates (well, all candidates) deserve feedback just as much as hiring managers. I take the time to listen to my clients and understand their hiring needs. In the end, I want both my clients and candidates to be happy with the end result. Building these relationships is what separates the best recruiters from the pack.


Great recruiters deliver what you ask for and sometimes even more. We spend our days searching for someone that aligns perfectly with all facets of your organization. While being a recruiter does take some thick skin, maintaining transparency throughout the entire process is critical. I always let my clients know when a candidate red flag occurs, even when it means a hire falling through. If something seems off about a candidate or I think they are being dishonest, I step up to the plate and deliver that news to my clients. Transparency can be challenging, but it is always the right call in the end for building trusting relationships.

Learn from their mistakes

No recruiter is perfect, I shall say, and just as in life, you learn from your mistakes. I was recently blindsided by a candidate when they accepted a competitor’s offer. I was sure they were sold on my client and the position, but I was wrong. However, I have learned my lesson and now know what questions to ask to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Like everything else in life, the best recruiters out there are those who learn from mistakes.

Want to work with an excellent recruiter?

So, those are three of the main characteristics that separate the great recruiters from the others. If you are interested in partnering with a professional recruiting firm, connect with me today. When you partner with JSG, you are not only getting a fierce recruiter but someone that actually cares about you and their candidates.

simplify your hiring process

How to Simplify Your Hiring Process in Today’s Market

Today’s labor market is unlike any market we have witnessed before. The unemployment rate is currently sitting at 11.1%, and the employment-population ratio is 54.6%, meaning nearly half of the U.S. adult population is without work. If your team is hiring right now, there are a ton of stellar candidates on the market looking for new opportunities. However, the best candidates won’t last long and will likely find new employment quickly as more companies continue to restart their hiring efforts. If you want to secure top talent in today’s market, here are a few tips to simplify your hiring process.

Consider contract staffing solutions

Thousands of companies across the country have urgent staffing needs but are skeptical about pulling the trigger. If this is the position your organization is, have you thought about utilizing contractors to supplement these vacant positions? Contract workers are an excellent solution for bringing in talented workers to complete a project or fill an employment gap.

Contractors are flexible – you can hire them for a select time that fits your budget and timeline. So whether that’s three months, six months, or a year, you can hire professionals NOW and keep production moving along. And if you’re happy with their work, you can convert them to a full-time staff member! It’s a win-win.

Don’t be afraid to hire over video calls

If you want to simplify your hiring process, you must be ready to extend a candidate an offer over a video call. Long gone are the days of flying in a candidate for a “final interview” or to “meet the team.” With everything going on in the world, it just isn’t financially feasible or safe. Why spend weeks trying to coordinate a candidate for an on-site interview, clear everyone’s schedules, and put on a big show? Instead, all you have to do is get people to commit to a few minutes for a brief video “meet and greet.” It is much more efficient to coordinate a video interview than a physical in-person meeting.

Many employers out there are hesitant to make this change. However, if you don’t, one of your competitors will. And in the process, they’ll scoop up the talent your team needs just as badly. So, shift your hiring process to make offers over video calls to save both time and money.

Work with a recruiter

The easiest way to simplify your hiring process is to partner with a recruiting firm. You undoubtedly have a lot going on. You are making changes daily to keep up with what’s going on in the labor market and economy. Partner with a recruiter specializing in your industry to streamline your hiring process and attract the best talent. To learn more about how a professional, award-winning recruiting firm can impact your hiring process, reach out to us today.

Hiring insights from industry experts

Hiring Insights From Industry Experts

Interested in more insights on today’s labor market? Hear from some of our industry experts at Johnson Search Group! Hear from two of our best recruiters on how you can take advantage of today’s market.

Marketing Yourself

Marketing: How to Market Yourself in a Tight Job Market

Marketing Yourself

When you think about looking for a new job, there can be so much more to it than just sitting down and finding one. At times you may not be “searching” for one, but you may be open to new opportunities. And if you are, it’s imperative that you market yourself in the right way! This way recruiters and new career opportunities can find you, instead of you having to search for them.

Use LinkedIn

When it comes to great opportunities and finding a network that not only can endorse you but help you find your next career, LinkedIn is a must-have! You’re able to connect with like-minded people and others who could help you find your next move.

Even though LinkedIn is a social media platform, it allows you to grow and market your skills in a network that is all about careers! And what better way to showcase your skills than on a platform that can help you grow your professional network.

Updated Resume

Even if you aren’t actively looking for a new position, it’s still important to ensure you keep your resume as updated as possible. This way if you end up finding an amazing position that you can’t pass up, you have a resume that’s ready to go and doesn’t take a whole day to update. Because as you know, in this tight market, a day could be the difference between you getting a job or not.

Market Your Skills

Another thing to do is to remember to market your skills. Being on LinkedIn is important but utilizing it to its full potential will only give you a greater chance to showcase your skills and experience. It’s also a great idea to write blogs/articles about your career, trends you’re seeing, and anything career related. This helps you market yourself as an expert in your field and gives you a chance to reach more people and expand your network.

Networking is so important nowadays because you never know who could help you make your next career move. And like they always say, sometimes who you know can get you further than what you know.

Use Recruiters

When it comes to marketing yourself in today’s tight job market, you have to remember recruiters can help. And they are hoping to find the perfect career fit for you! So, if a recruiter reaches out to you and you’re looking for a change, talk to them!

One, it means you’ve marketed yourself great and they think you’re a perfect fit for a position they are trying to fill. Two, recruiters help you through the whole process of getting landing a new job. They prep you for interviews, help the company get excited about you, and increase your chance of getting an offer!

If you’re looking for a new opportunity and would like to work with an awesome recruiter, check out Johnson Search Group! We are here to help you find the perfect career fit.


The Most Important Word for Resolving Conflict


One of the most powerful words when dealing with people is this tiny two-letter word “WE.” It is probably the most under-used word when negotiating, dealing with employees, or talking with that ever-so-tough person in customer service.

Early in my career, I worked as a Sales Manager for a very large corporation. At the ripe old age of 25, I was trying to solve an issue with one of our major vendors. I was getting nowhere.

My General Manager asked how the issue was going and what I was doing to resolve it. I explained what was going on and laid out the whole-time line, and even reiterating all the threats I threw at them.

He picked up the phone and called the customer service department from the vendor I was working with. While speaking with them, I will never forget the one phrase he used: “how are WE going to work together to get this resolved?”

BAM! It was like a hit to the forehead with a 2 x 4! We resolved the issue and moved on.

It was a lesson that I will never forget. I have continued to use this tiny but powerful word ever since.

Why? Because the word “WE” is inclusive, it instantly develops a partnership and a bond with the person you’re speaking with. Deep down, people want to be part of the ‘team’ that solves issues and develops solutions.

Next time you have a conflict with a co-worker, a customer service representative, or an incorrect billing issue, try using “WE.” I guarantee this will be more successful than demanding, yelling, or pounding your fist on the counter and stomping your feet.

Simply ask, how are “WE” going to work together to solve this issue. You will be surprised at the outcome.

We partner with clients to solve recruiting issues

In today’s candidate-driven market, you need somebody working WITH you to find outstanding employees. At Johnson Search Group, our primary goal is simple – match our fantastic candidates with qualified, outstanding clients. These people are ready to become your employees – today. They’re sold on money, availability, and location and we’ve pre-screened them to ensure they’ll be a great fit, culturally and skills-wise.

At JSG, WE work together with our candidates to solve your recruiting problems and find you the best possible clients on the market.