Find the Right People

Do You Want To Win The Best Candidates?

Find the Right People Recruiting

Professional sports offer a direct correlation to what we do in recruiting. We find the best talent available, for the right price, for the right team. On the surface, this may seem simple, but as most of us know in the world of staffing and talent acquisition, there are many factors that contribute to the overall success of your team. Compensation, competition, supply and demand, leadership ability, culture, demographics, personality styles, and the list goes on.

How do you come out ahead when there are so many variables? Some would say that the key ingredient is a great system. The belief is that given the right system, almost anyone with the right skillset can be highly successful. Does this suggest that with the right system in place, that will guarantee success? I believe that if this were completely true, no one would ever win a bet on an underdog. However, we see every day that the right system can help with the overall success of the ‘franchise,’ much like a winning team’s success. Ask Doug Pederson, coach of the Eagles what he thinks about grinding it out with the right system to get the win.

As a hiring manager, if you want to be successful in your search to add staff in 2018, your system must include a great hiring process and recruiting strategy to win the race for signing the best talent. This formula for success will become even more important throughout 2018, with the labor market’s continued candidate driven market and nationally low unemployment rate. Why would you want to lose your top pick to the competition because they have a better process?

When the candidate’s whole experience from application to offer is better, the candidate truly feels valued and the first impression given is that they matter. When you have a bad process, you create a first impression that is truly awful. The message a bad process can send is that the organization is ineffective, leadership is weak, and the bureaucracy within the HR department that seems to call all the shots is indicative of the organization’s poor strategy. A recent study by Career Builder discovered that nearly 2 out of 5 employers lost a candidate because of a bad hiring process. What message will candidates post on social media about their interview experience with your company?

The JSG Recruiting Process

We understand that every talent search is unique. When you partner with JSG to build your team, we customize our process to accommodate the unique needs of each particular search. We will become a long-term strategic partner for your organization; contributing to the growth, development, and success of your team.

Our goal is to meet or exceed our client’s expectations by bringing impact players to their team and community.

Planning and Research

Targeted recruiting strategy based upon a needs-analysis profile that is developed for each individual client and is specific to their job requirements.

Candidate Contact

Our team of recruiters makes thousands of phone calls, and vets hundreds of candidates to get to the 1 or 2 professionals we present for each position.

Unique Vetting Methodologies

We ask our candidates the tough questions, discussing our client, the company culture, relocation, and other important factors directly.

Presentation of Candidates

We partner with our clients to ensure interviews and reference checks are dealt with in a professional and timely manner to achieve a successful hire.

Continuous Candidate Coaching

We assist our candidates and their families through the emotional process of a new opportunity. This includes resigning from current positions, dealing with counteroffers, and relocating.

The Decision and Offer

While our client makes the final decision, we assist during this critical stage by facilitating communications on compensation, relocation, benefits, and the community.

Ongoing Relationship

Our service does not end at the candidate start date. Ongoing follow-up after the decision to hire is key to a smooth transition for candidates and their families.