Different Types Of Recruiters & How They Can Help You Find A Job

Different Types Of Recruiters & How They Can Help You Find A Job

You probably know that a Recruiter can help you find a job. But what does that mean exactly? First, it’s important to understand that Recruiters work for companies, NOT for candidates. Thus, you should never have to pay for a Recruiter’s services. There are four major types of recruiters, and we’re breaking them down and giving a definition of each. So next time a recruiter contacts you or you’re looking for a job, you’ll know which partnership is right for you.

Corporate Recruiter

A Corporate Recruiter works internally at the company they recruit for. They typically have direct lines of communication with the Hiring Managers. A Corporate Recruiter’s job entails distributing and advertising jobs, sourcing candidates, screening resumes, and potentially conducting first-round interviews. In most companies, Corporate Recruiters coordinate the hiring process for the entire company. As a result, they have a lot on their plates. A Corporate Recruiter is not who you partner with if you’re hunting for a new position.

Retainer-Based Recruiter

A retainer-based Recruiter is a third-party partner hired by the company to recruit higher-level positions. They receive payment upfront to find candidates with specific, hard-to-find experience. Sometimes these searches can take months to find just the right fit. Also, a retainer-based Recruiter will come to you if you match the requirements they are looking for. You may not even be searching for a job and a recruiter working on a contain basis can reach out to you!

Contingency-Based Recruiter

A contingency-based Recruiter is what you typically run into at a staffing agency. They receive compensation for successful candidate placements. Additionally, a contingency-based Recruiter is usually competing against other firms. As a result, a contingency-based Recruiter is highly motivated to help you get the job. Thus, they are a useful advocate and tool for landing your next position.

Full-Cycle Recruiter

A full-cycle Recruiter can work on a retainer or contingency basis. The difference is that they work directly with the hiring manager in addition to the candidates they submit. Full-cycle Recruiters are the unicorns of the staffing world. Not only do they have a direct line of communication with the Hiring Manager, but also a deep understanding of the company, position, and the skillsets required. If you establish a relationship with a full-cycle Recruiter, they may even be able to champion you to your dream company.

At Johnson Search Group, our team is comprised of Full-Cycle Recruiters. We know the ins and outs of our clients and the positions they are looking to fill. We have a thorough knowledge of the industries we work in and the companies we partner with. So, if you’re ready to take the next step in your career, partner with a JSG recruiter. Get started today!

how to overcome the spooky hiring market in Q4

How To Overcome The Spooky Hiring Market In Q4

There’s no denying that the hiring market for the past two years has been a rollercoaster. And according to recent surveys, hiring is projected to be at an all-time high during the 4th quarter of 2021. In addition to the usual retail hiring fervor surrounding the holiday season, white-collar and blue-collar jobs also anticipate payroll growth. These include information (+62%), financial services (+56%), construction (+56%), and professional and business services (+54%). As a result, hiring will continue to be ultra-competitive. However, you shouldn’t let that spook you. It’s a great time to hire in preparation for 2022. Here are a few strategies you can deploy to overcome the spooky hiring market in Q4.

Revive Your Job Description Spells

If you’ve been using the same spellbook for job descriptions for centuries (or even just a few months), it’s time to switch it up! Bring your job descriptions back to life by going back to the basics. Include your absolute candidate must-haves and a high-level overview of the job. Then, sprinkle in some reasons why your company is a great place to work. Finally, to make the ultimate impact, note the salary range for the position. This comprehensive version of a job description will save time for both you and applicants.

Avoid Ghosting Candidates

In a competitive hiring market, every applicant is valuable. In the final quarter of the year, you can expect that applicants will be entertaining multiple offers at once. Thus, it’s important to maintain good relationships throughout the hiring process. Now is the time to establish a communication plan for candidates who have applied, interviewed, and had offers made. It will be advantageous to have a backup candidate (and a backup for the backup!)

Never Trick Or Treat (For Candidates) Alone

You were probably told never to trick or treat alone while hunting for candy when you were younger. Well, the same applies to the candidate hunt. You’re more likely to snag top-quality candidates when you partner with a hiring expert. Just think of us as the older kid who knows where all king-size candy bar houses are. Our proprietary network is filled with passive candidates just waiting to be connected with a great company like yours.

If you’re ready to overcome your fears and take on the hiring market in Q4, it’s a perfect time. Contact JSG today to discuss how we can work hand-in-hand to secure the talent you need before the new year.

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Hiring In A Post-COVID Market

Hiring In A Post-COVID Market

With the COVID-19 pandemic finally curtailing and economies opening back up, what does hiring look like for you as a company?

It would be easy to say that it looks like it did before the pandemic, but we all know it doesn’t. Hiring looks different for the first time in many years. It was a candidate-driven market when COVID first hit, whereas it is somewhat of a hybrid today. In some areas of the country, there are many more jobs than candidates, and job seekers are in the driver’s seat. However, in many markets, we are seeing the opposite. There are only a handful of jobs and many candidates.

The Current Hiring Market

COVID unemployment benefits are discouraging many job seekers from re-entering the labor force. This has been an issue for many companies and will continue to be so for those hit hardest by the pandemic.

Elsewhere, jobs far outweighed the candidates before COVID, and now the problem has only multiplied. Companies must be willing to cut short-term profits to get the right employees in place to meet their long-term goals. Otherwise, they are essentially the proverbial “dog chasing its tail.” They will never get enough employees to grow to meet goals and forecasts. To accomplish hiring goals, companies must figure out a way to attract candidates. Implement remote hiring, expand PTO offerings or other fun perks like free lunch and snacks.

I am working with a couple of banks currently that are hiring higher-level positions. Those institutions are struggling to find people who are willing to move from the comfort of their current role to an unknown new company. This also requires some fancy footwork to incentivize candidates to make a move. We see some companies opening up jobs to different skill sets and even lowering hiring standards to get someone in the door. However, that is a short-term fix while not truly addressing the problem. How do you get people to want to move to your institution without giving away the farm or lowering our standards too low, thus creating an inferior product/service?

How To Attract These Candidates

The answer to both questions is to find a great recruiting firm to partner with. A stable partner has been through .com bubbles, housing crises, recessions, downturns, chaotic political spectacles, and crazy great hiring times. Johnson Search Group is that firm. We can assist you with finding the best talent for all your jobs. Be it temporary or contract help or permanent, full-time roles, we have you covered. We can help you find the best talent because we are the best search firm for your company.  Contact us today to get started!

4 Ways to Establish A Competitive Compensation

4 Ways to Establish A Competitive Compensation

It’s no secret that compensation is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a new job. Employers must also ensure that they’re remaining competitive within the market to attract great talent and retain their current employees. Here are four ways employers can establish a competitive compensation in today’s market. 

Understand the market

Whether you’re a candidate searching for a new opportunity or are looking to add staff to your organization, you’ll want to make sure that you understand what the market is paying in your industry. There are websites that offer insights into salaries for certain positions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics or Glassdoor are great tools to use. These sites can help your company determine if your compensation is competitive or missing the mark.

Offering other benefits

Employers can also offer a robust benefits package to attract and retain talent. Additional bonuses, paying for healthcare premiums, 401k match, and remote work flexibility are great ways to stay competitive. Benefits remain an essential factor when candidates are considering a new opportunity. So, if you cannot come up on the salary range, there are other benefits you can offer to remain competitive.

Benchmark salaries

According to, benchmarking “is a process by which compensation professionals match internal jobs and their descriptions to similar jobs and descriptions in a salary survey or other source of market pay data, in order to identify the market pay rate for each position.” Benchmarking once a year will ensure that you’re remaining competitive to not only retain your current employees but attracting new talent as well. Your compensation packages may be competitive this year, but regular benchmarking is a safe way to remain competitive.

Understanding the value of the position

My clients are consistently looking for mortgage operations folks to join their team in today’s market because the mortgage market is hot. Companies have had to offer additional incentives, higher salaries, and other benefits to attract these candidates. Since the need is so high, employers need to stand out when looking for a candidate in high demand. Properly valuing workers in high demand is also crucial for your current employees, or they will seek out other opportunities.

Recruiters can help you be competitive

As I’ve mentioned, there are several ways companies can remain competitive in the market when it comes to compensation. A great place to start would be to speak to a recruiter in your industry. We speak to candidates all day long about their compensation requirements, and we’re consistently doing market research on our industries. At JSG, we take the time to understand market trends and the needs of our clients. If you need help to establish a competitive compensation package for your candidates, reach out to us today!

How To Secure Top Talent In Today's Market

How To Secure Top Talent In Today’s Market

How quickly are you able to make an offer to a qualified candidate? If your answer is anything less and just a few days, then you are probably missing out on great talent. A candidate-driven market where candidates have their choice between multiple offers is competitive. It’s not always whoever offers the best benefits package gets the hire. The most desirable candidates are only available for a limited amount of time already. And in the current market, those candidates are getting swooped up particularly fast. But don’t worry, there are ways to snag these qualified candidates. Here’s an easy way to secure top talent in today’s market.

Stop Playing Hard To Get

One way to ensure you end up hiring the best talent is to let a candidate know when you like them. The days of playing “hard to get” are over. Be upfront and honest about your process and intentions and set accurate timeframe expectations. Then, follow through and follow up with whatever expectations you set (or better yet, beat them). Candidates want to work for employers they trust. They value companies that immediately show that they will stay true to their word. It’s important to remember that candidates are interviewing you and your institution just as much as you are interviewing them! When multiple offers come into play, it really can be the small details that make a huge difference. Sticking to your word and treating candidates with respect is a fantastic way to set yourself apart as someone who leads with honesty and integrity right from the get-go.

If you have had any issues with losing out on great talent, whatever the reason may have been, give me a call. Let’s talk about ways we can work together to get the best talent on your team.

Landing and Retaining Talent in A Competitive Market

Landing and Retaining Talent in A Competitive Market

The job market in the mining, manufacturing, heavy industrial fields is as competitive as ever. With our economy opening back up and companies ramping up production, we find ourselves in a very competitive job market. Being able to land and retain talent becomes increasingly more important – people are ready to make a move! So, how can your organization win in this market? Thankfully, I have been able to help companies who need assistance landing and retaining talent in this competitive market.

Why are your employees looking elsewhere?

Most importantly is retaining the talent you currently have. As you know, it is significantly more cost-effective to retain talent rather than hiring and training new employees. There are countless reasons your employees may be looking for new opportunities. The best way to counteract that is to have a talent retention program and listen to your employees’ concerns and needs. While there are countless reasons why your employees may have one foot out the door, here are some of the common responses when I ask them why they are on the market:

  • Lack of upward mobility
  • Below average compensation or benefits program
  • Poor leadership and culture
  • Not a challenging, looking for something new and exciting

While some of these fixes are easier than others, these are the most common reasons I am hearing.

Competing for top talent

With things returning to normal, landing new candidates is becoming incredibly important. Your hiring team must understand that you’re competing for these candidates with other employers; some of these companies may even be your direct competitors. Having an effective, transparent, and streamlined hiring process is an easy way to get candidates onboarded quickly. The longer it takes for you to interview and make an offer to a candidate, the greater the chance of the candidate pursuing other opportunities in the meantime. Like we always say in the recruiting world, “time kills all deals.” Also, having programs in place to provide upward mobility, raises, and career growth can be incredibly attractive to landing prospective employees who want to stick around.

Working with a recruiting agency in a competitive market

As everyone is busy trying to get fully staffed up, working with a recruiting agency that can streamline the process for you can be incredibly effective. If you are not using recruiters and just hoping for the ideal candidate to seek out your organization and apply through your online portal, you will miss out on quality candidates. Letting an agency like Johnson Search Group source these candidates, vet and screen them, and streamline them directly to your hiring team is an efficient way to fill those critical roles. So, reach out to us today, and we are happy to help!

Here to Help Means More at JSG

Here to Help Means More at JSG

In the last month, I have stumbled across two interesting aspects when it comes to Healthcare recruiting. First of all, onsite interviews are not always necessary. After two virtual interviews, my talented candidate was hired without ever stepping foot in the facility. The other interesting experience that happened last month was how tight the housing market is in rural areas. Many of my clients are critical access hospitals in smaller rural communities. Recently, I have helped two of my clients find housing accommodations for candidates relocating. If you are one of JSG’s clients, you are in for a real treat because we genuinely go above and beyond to make your hiring process as smooth as possible. When I say, “I am here to help,” I certainly mean it!

We can help streamline your hiring process

So, my candidate is a very smart HIM specialist down in California looking to get up here to Washington. I had the pleasure of sending her over to a client in need and was blown away by the fast, efficient interview process my client presented to my candidate. Smart move because when you have a candidate who is RHIT/RHIA certified, they won’t be on the market for long. This process was two separate virtual interviews and an offer within a day after the second interview. My candidate signed the offer letter right away, and together, we began searching for a house. She made it up here in 20 days with family in tow and a beautiful new home. She is so happy with the organization and role, and so is my client – No wasted time, a smooth hiring process, and a great hire.

Staffing by day, real estate agents by night

Moreover, several of my clients have had candidates turn down offers because they cannot find housing in these rural communities. Well, at JSG, we are here to help you facilitate a successful hire for our clients. I have done a ton of research and built relationships in the communities alongside my hospitals. So, when you work with me, finding both short-or long-term housing accommodations isn’t an issue. I simply help make the transition easier for all. The housing market is hot all over the country, but with the aftermath of Covid-19 and more people working remotely, the housing shortage in rural communities has skyrocketed. So, after this candidate received their offer letter, I helped them look for housing. I sent them rental listings in areas recommended by my clients and connected them with local real estate agents so they could have a smooth relocation to their new home.

Partner with a recruiting firm that cares

Nonetheless, know that you are most certainly getting someone helpful during and after the hiring process when you work with one of us here at Johnson Search Group. We truly care about our candidates and do everything in our power to help make their new career moves a success. Reach out to me today, and you shall see how much easier working with candidates is when partnering with a recruiting firm that is here to help.

Engaging with Passive Candidates

Engaging with Passive Candidates

Recruiting the right talent for your institution can be tricky! The days are long gone where you can post a job and hope that the right candidate will come along and apply. As a recruiter, passive candidates are highly desirable. They’re likely content with their job and probably not interviewing elsewhere, thus, I don’t have to compete with other employers and opportunities. It’s my job to reach out to the passive candidates, engage in a conversation, and see if I generate any interest in the opportunity I am recruiting for.

Therefore, to engage with these candidates, you must understand what they want. According to JobVite, money is the number one reason why a passive candidate would become an active candidate. Work-life with work/life balance a close second, followed by upward mobility and feeling challenged by their work. So, if your hiring team is looking to broaden your candidate pool, here are some ways to effectively engage with passive candidates.

Listen intently

When I get on the phone with a passive candidate, it’s my job to “sell” them on the position that I am recruiting for and at least try to have a conversation with them about it. You can uncover a lot of information just by listening to what the candidates are saying and any pain points they could reveal in the conversation.

Be persistent, not pushy

If you’re overselling the role, it can come across to candidates as disingenuous or even misleading. However, if you’ve identified a prospective candidate and you haven’t been successful at getting in touch, try other methods. If you’ve left messages for them with no returned calls, try emailing. Or if they have a LinkedIn, send a message on there. LinkedIn is a great way to network with passive candidates!

Ask for referrals!

Also, if a passive candidate you’re pursuing has no interest, chances are they know someone with a similar skill-set. Ask if they happen to know anyone that would be interested. For tough-to-fill positions, I sometimes offer a referral bonus for recommendations that receive a job offer.

Need help identifying passive candidates?

Hopefully, this will help you in your conversations with passive candidates when you’re not seeing applicants with the right skill-set.

If you’re looking for passive candidates, recruiters are a great way to leverage these conversations! My team at JSG has an extensive network of passive candidates looking for the right opportunity to make a move. So, reach out to us today, and let us expand your candidate pool.

Why You Should Partner With A Recruiter To Find Your Next Job

Why You Should Partner With A Recruiter To Find Your Next Job

With bonus season upon us in the banking industry, many people are starting to evaluate their current positions. Additionally, managers are assessing the weaknesses of their teams and where they can add talent. This might land you in a position to look for the next step in your career. But, did you know there are advantages to utilizing a recruiter for your job search? Here’s why you should partner with a recruiter to find your next job.

Employers are hiring again

If you are getting your bonus right now or are finding out that dividends won’t be paid this year due to the coronavirus, you are probably ready to look at potential job changes. I am here to tell you that after hiring restrictions prevalent throughout most of 2020 due to COVID-19, companies are now ready to grow their teams.

Hiring managers are looking for experienced professionals that can add immediate value to their team. You need to be able to articulate your passion and how your skills and experience will bring value. Sound intimidating? Working with a great recruiter can help you understand the value you bring and prepare you for grueling interviews.

Great recruiters can help you articulate in a way that speaks directly to a hiring manager’s needs. Sometimes just getting the interview isn’t enough to land the job you want, especially in today’s competitive market. You need someone to help you evaluate your skills and experience and coach you on how to sell them.

How A Recruiter Can Help You Pass The Interview Stage

So, you say you don’t need a recruiting team to help you in the interviewing stage. Let’s talk about that for a minute. You might be a strong interviewer. However, if you have been in the same company for the last 5-20 years, you’re out of practice and your interviewing skills are out of date. If you partner with Johnson Search Group to find your next position, we will help you prepare for the interview. We provide you insider company information, hiring manager backgrounds, and job descriptions. Additionally, we will help you thoroughly understand the job, walk you through the interviewing stage, and help you land the next best career move.

So, let’s have a conversation about your next step. Give me a call and let’s find out what your future has in store!

3 Benefits of Connecting With A Recruiter

3 Benefits Of Connecting With A Recruiter

At some point in your career, you’ve probably been contacted by a recruiter. When I reach someone who is not open to new opportunities, I get shut down pretty quickly. However, if I speak to someone who is, I typically share the opportunity I am recruiting on, and we go from there.

However, having a conversation with a recruiter offers many advantages, even when you’re not open to new opportunities. Here are three benefits you can get from talking to a recruiter, even when you’re not immediately available for a new opportunity.

Understand your market value

As a recruiter in the banking and financial services industry, I need to know the market value for people within the industry. I have conversations with candidates all day long. We talk about compensation, incentive programs, and benefits. We can quickly look at your skill-set and tell you what you may be worth based upon your background. Sometimes candidates are shocked to find out that they are underpaid in their current situation. Alternatively, some are happy to discover that they are very well-compensated for someone in their position.

Recruiters tell you which institutions are desirable (and which are not)

I have a lot of conversations with people open to new opportunities in Washington. I hear about the ins & outs of teams, the leadership turnover, and the culture of institutions. As a result, I can speak to which ones may not be the best to go work for and which are highly desirable based on certain factors. I enjoy having candid conversations with folks. It helps me understand why you’re ready to take the next step in your career. Additionally, I uncover what a good next step looks like for a candidate.


You may not be open to new opportunities now, but things can always change down the road. Speaking to a recruiter is a great way to build a networking relationship for future opportunities. They can be a wealth of knowledge in the industry and can even give job search, resume, and interviewing tips. Additionally, you can refer the recruiter to someone you know who may be looking. You never know; it may be the opportunity that they’re looking for, and you can make an enormous impact on their life!

These are just a few of the many benefits of talking to a recruiter, even if you may not be open to new opportunities. So, connect with us today and have a conversation!