What Kind of Help Do You Need


You’ve decided to hire a recruiting firm that can get it done for your organization. However, when do you pull the trigger to seek assistance from a professional? Do you try for months to fill the roles yourself, and eventually, call a recruiter only after you’ve exhausted all your efforts? Are you going to wait until you see the strain taking effect on the rest of your staff and now you have multiple positions open? Do you think that candidates just haven’t seen the posting?

They do and have seen the posting for months. It sends them red flags as to why the position is still open. The reality is most of the candidates you’d want to hire are never going to be hitting the job boards. From past experiences, they believe their resume will just sit on someone’s desk in HR. Maybe the resume gets stuck in a keyword checking system, or candidates are worried that HR will call their current employer for a reference. And the best candidates for your open positions are not even actively looking for a new position. These are the type of candidates a great recruiting firm, like Johnson Search Group, has in their network.

You get what you pay for

Obviously, the fee using a recruiter is an important part of the equation. If your organization has service agreements with recruiting firms for a lower fee percentage, or you require a vendor’s list for recruiters, but they are not filling your critical roles, why would you expect to get better service for the same price? The reason the other firms are likely not filling your position or presenting resumes may be that they are just incapable, or they are filling your competitor’s roles instead, as they have a better agreement with them.

Ever heard the expression “you get what you pay for?” And isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? I am not saying go crazy, and there are things like budgets to consider, but have you considered the cost of vacancy for each day an open role remains unfilled?

The strain on your staff

Are you relying on someone else in your organization who has their own desk to run, to get your needs met? I can’t tell you how many hiring managers I’ve talked to that tell me to call HR when I have the perfect candidate they’re looking for.

Why would I want to do that? HR will just assume it’s a salesperson the hiring manager wants to pass off. If you want to see a candidate, let your HR department know that you want to work with a professional that can bring you the candidates you need.

You need a specialist who knows the criticality of your unfilled positions; a recruiter that specializes in your industry. Plus, one that has a great process, and can bring you qualified, pre-screened candidates who will actually start. Acceptance ratios, fill rates, references from candidates about their experiences… these are all things to focus on, not just the fee.

Think about it like going to prom. Would you go to an assembly line haircut company to get a memorable hairstyle? Just like with a critical role, wouldn’t you want to go to a specialist who will give you exactly what you want?

If you want to work with a recruiter that specializes in your industry, let’s have a conversation.

Merry Christmas

Dear Santa, Our Recruiters Have Some Requests

Merry Christmas

Dear Santa,

It’s been almost a year since we last sent you our Christmas list here at Johnson Search Group. And we were so pleased with what you brought us last year that we had to write another list this year!

This year, we were able to place tons of candidates with great companies and continue to grow Johnson Search Group. We broke records, started new marketing campaigns, and added a few new faces to our growing team. 2018 was filled with great ups and some downs, but as we get closer to the holiday’s, we’re getting very excited to see what you bring us. Because to be honest, we’ve been even better this year! So, if you’re able to bring us some Christmas cheer, here is our list.

Perry Paden, Senior Vice President of Johnson Search Group

Dear Santa,

There is one thing I would like you to bring to our office this Christmas. If you can bring everyone the realization that they can reach their full potential in 2019 that would be fantastic!

Mining’s Christmas List

Dana Belstler, Manager:

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas I would like to ask for a prosperous year for all! Especially, all of us here at Johnson Search Group who I see every day working hard to hit their goals, and help their clients find the perfect candidates. I’d also like to continue meeting and working with the great people in the Mining industry!

Ken Heller, Account Executive:

Has it been a year already? Wow. First, let me thank you for kindly bringing me what I asked for last year. Over the last 12 months, I’ve been able to build some fantastic relationships with Mining industry leaders that I value greatly. This year, I’d simply ask to grow those relationships and add new ones.

Merry Christmas!

Alex Price, Team Lead – Mining:

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year I want a new client with a lightning fast hiring process and the Seahawks to win the Superbowl. If you can bring me this, I promise to be so good in 2019!

Thanks, Santa!

Nick Crider, Account Executive:

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year, since I really was so good, I would like the perfect candidates for all my job orders in order to win an awesome trip for reaching my annual goal! Also, a great head coach for my Green Bay Packers would be ideal (because they need to start winning some games)!

Thanks, Buddy!

Jeremy Johnson, Account Executive:

A bigger toolbox for the garage. If they make one with a fingerprint so all my tools are always right where I left them, that would be great! I’m kind of leaning toward a framed in piece down the center aisle that the drawers can open to either side. So, if you can swing that Santa, I’d really appreciate it! From a work standpoint, I’d like to have the chance to make impacting hires. Seeing people I placed getting active online and enjoying their new career is always rewarding.

Banking’s Christmas List

Tracy Isakson, Manager

Dear Santa,

I would really like two things for Christmas: the US banking market to continue to do well and banks to continue to hire (especially my candidates). If you can do this for me, I would truly be filled with joy! Have a great Christmas, Santa.

Krista Portolesi, Account Executive

For Christmas this year, I would like to help a new financial institution by placing top talent in their organization, a full night sleep, rock-hard abs, and a new immune system that works. All jokes aside, I hope each and every person I’ve spoken to this year has a great Holiday with their loved ones. Cheers to 2019! And thanks for everything, Santa!

Healthcare’s Christmas List

Tracey Smith, Manager

Dear Santa,

If you could provide two more hours each day, my clients would be forever grateful! With the current employment market, our hiring managers keep telling me if they had two more hours in each day, they would be able to work in the time to interview more of my candidates. I always try to provide everything my clients want, even if it means working miracles. And I know you do that! Thanks for your help, Santa.

Michelle Smith, Account Executive

Dear Santa,

If you could send me new clients that would be happy to have great candidates I am currently working with, I would be ecstatic to help add to their teams! Oh, and if you could maybe fit a new horse in your Santa bag, I would greatly appreciate that! Thanks, Santa!

RaChelle Pederson, Account Executive

Dear Santa,

Since I have been a perfect angel all year, I would greatly appreciate it if everyone I contact would be excited to hear from me and realize the value I bring to their company. I also wish that each one had a job order they wanted me to fill immediately and understand the heart and dedication I put into placing quality candidates for their organization. I do not want to be greedy, but I would loooooooove when given job orders, that the perfect resume would pop up in my email instantly! However, what I wish for the most is everyone will have their best Christmas ever!

Merry Christmas from Johnson Search Group!

Santa, we know some of these may be hard to fit in your bag, (especially, the Seahawks winning the Superbowl…) But! You haven’t failed us yet, and with us all working so hard this year, we know you won’t leave us hanging. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and we can’t wait to see all the amazing goodies you bring us and everyone else this year!


Smart Shopping: The Different Approaches to Recruiting

approaches to recruiting

Have you ever noticed the different habits of shoppers? Over the years I have noticed the parallels between distinct shopping behaviors (and their outcomes) with the world of recruiting. Here are a handful of the different types of shoppers that distinctly remind me of the different approaches to recruiting:

  • The shopper that’s always waiting for a sale. This is a 50/50 proposition. As often as it is successful, the item either ends up sold out or never goes on sale, so you just lose out.
  • The shopper that’s searching for the best product for the best price. Usually ends in a bit of extra work, but worth it in the end.
  • The shopper that sees what they want and buys it, without even looking at the price tag. The benefit is you get what you want, but sometimes pay more than you should have.
  • The shopper with the pie in the sky. They want a ‘purple unicorn’ and will accept no substitutes. There are options that come close, but they keep on looking because it’s not ‘perfect.’ Once in a while they get lucky and find one, but most of the time they are unsuccessful.
  • The shopper who may ideally want a purple unicorn but are willing to find a close substitute.
  • The shopper we see at the garage sales and flea markets who get in arguments with the vendors. They will not pay the ticketed price because they just HAVE to get a bargain. This, of course, results in sometimes getting a deal, but more often, results in just irritating or offending vendors.

As a recruiter, I am guessing you know where I am going in my analogy. Recruiting top talent offers many similar scenarios to the nuances of shopping, with often the same results.

Approaches to recruiting

The shopper that’s always waiting for a sale

You may find the right candidate, but you keep looking until you find someone who has the same qualifications, but is cheaper, or in this analogy, on sale. Often, when you finally decide to bite the bullet because you can’t find a sale priced candidate, the one you want has already been ‘sold’ to another ‘shopper.’

The shopper that’s searching for the best product for the best price

Looking for the best-priced candidate whose salary expectations are realistic takes a good process to land great talent but can be worth it in the long run. There are competitors who may pay more, so an efficient process here is key. A good process and a flexible salary range will show them you recognize their value. The candidate will feel appreciated.

The shopper that sees what they want and buys it

The person who sees what they want and doesn’t care about the price tag in the hiring world is rare indeed. They often get what they want and move quickly, and candidates are happy; however, you also run the risk of hiring a candidate who inflates their value, and therefore, their salary expectations.

The shopper with the pie in the sky

The purple unicorn shoppers will interview many and select none. They want a purple unicorn and will not even settle for a pink panda. I think we all know how this turns out.

The shopper willing to buy a substitute

Negotiating for the best deal speaks to both candidates and companies. So why, when a company gives you a low-ball offer, are we so offended? Recognize that the company may be trying to stretch their budget or hoping for a good deal. If you don’t like the offer, come back with a reasonable number and tell them how much it will take to get the deal done. If they don’t accept, walk away, if they do, everyone wins. Just don’t get bent out of shape because they are trying to get a great deal.

The yard sale shopper

And for companies who are looking to add talent, making a fair offer is paramount in the perception of your company and the successful acquisition of talent. If you know the salary expectations of a candidate and choose to interview them, pony up. If you don’t want to pay that rate, let the candidate and recruiter know up front what their experience is worth in the grand scheme of your business. Don’t string them or their recruiter along. Tell them what the estimated wage would be if an offer is forthcoming, so you don’t waste your time or the candidate’s time.

Work with a professional

As a hiring manager, you must make the best impression, negotiate fairly, take the best offer, and consider both sides of the equation. You may be surprised at the difference an attitude makes when recruiting new talent for your team. If you are shopping for great talent and want a recruiting firm that will negotiate fairly, give us a call to find out what it will take to get the best bang for your buck.

Let’s work together

Recruiting Methods

Why Traditional Recruiting Methods Aren’t Working

Recruiting MethodsMost companies are having a hard time in today’s job climate filling their critical positions. This may be because their traditional recruiting methods of finding talent aren’t working.

With the unemployment rate nearing the lowest it has been in over 18 years, seeking out great talent is difficult.

More Jobs Than Workers

In the latest reports, the amount of positions open to be filled has well surpassed the number of people the Bureau of Labor Statistics says are unemployed. This obviously causes a huge problem for businesses for multiple reasons: One being other employees are having to pick up the slack, without receiving any benefit from it. This, in turn, can generate more open positions because employees know they have options. And if the price and position are right, they will move.

So now, companies are having to make a choice: Either raise wages or risk losing internal and external candidates to other opportunities.

It’s a Buyer’s Market

With candidates knowing they have options, it leaves companies vulnerable to losing their good talent if they feel unappreciated. But it also causes a problem for companies that are searching to fill positions. Candidates are not just looking at one offer nowadays; they are looking at multiple.

Which leaves your company vulnerable to being ‘ghosted’ by great candidates who found an even better offer. Traditional methods simply aren’t helping you lock down the candidates you want.

This Market is Costing Employers

An annual report in June 2018 illustrated that workers received their largest wage increase (of 2.8%) in nearly a decade. This means employers are having to offer higher wages to attract and keep qualified candidates. With this hike in salaries, it’s putting more pressure on good companies to fill their currently vacant roles.

And it’s making them either increase their salaries or find another way to recruit good candidates. The environment is causing a lot of stress for companies but thankfully, there is a great option for them.

Partner With an Expert

As you’ve read, job boards and the traditional recruiting methods for finding great candidates aren’t working anymore. But that’s what JSG is here to do. We work solely for our clients to find them the best candidates for their positions, so they don’t have to. We know that our clients are just as busy as we are, and they deserve to have experts pushing their companies forward while still filling their critical roles.

With JSG’s expertise in our current job climate, we can help your company with those critical positions that desperately need to be filled. By partnering with an expert, we take stress off you, but we also take stress off your current employees who are having to do extra work just to keep things moving.

Traditional Recruiting Methods Are Not As Effective

traditional recruiting

Why Aren’t Traditional Recruiting Methods Working for Me?

traditional recruiting

Whether you’re a hiring manager or a candidate looking to land your dream job, you’ve probably been impacted by today’s surging job market. More than 600,000 workers re-entered the job market last month. And the low unemployment rate has been hovering around 4% all year. With this tight market, traditional recruiting methods may not be as effective for both candidates and clients.


The stars have aligned, perhaps you are actively looking, or have a search alert, and the job you’ve been searching for is available. Maybe it’s the company’s reputation, the location, or a combination of the two. You’re directed to apply to a portal on a job board and you receive your confirmation email. Time goes by and you never hear another word. They must have filled the role or didn’t think you were a good fit, right? Not necessarily.

Companies are so busy with growth that they are struggling to find the time to review every submitted resume.

Picture this vicious cycle a contact in an underground mine recently told me: Due to a long-standing vacancy, he and his crew are working overtime. Because of the lost time at home, everyone’s tired, and there’s a risk of losing more good employees. The hiring manager has to do his own job and now has had even more added to his plate by the vacancy. Somehow he has to spare some time to filter through mostly underqualified applicants. The result of this situation could net even more open positions. People are falling through the cracks.

HR departments and hiring managers are swamped. Many of them need help filling their most critical positions. If you, as a candidate, just submit your application on a job board, there’s a good chance you may never hear back.


More companies are reaching out to recruiters directly for help because traditional recruiting methods are no longer netting the results they desperately need. Companies are opening and reopening closed locations. With more job openings than available workers to fill them, there’s more demand for talent and less talent to be had. Finding qualified individuals willing to make a transition from the job they already have, just isn’t exciting enough to beat the drum to get resumes rolling in. There has to be something going on outside of just trading companies to facilitate this. A catalyst, if you will.

We are always managing our pool of qualified candidates. We here at JSG’s use our proprietary talent network, to have real-life conversations with real-life people. Understanding what excites candidates makes a big difference. Especially, when it comes to relocation.

Building strong relationships with our skilled candidates and having more in-depth conversations with them is key. It allows us to bring qualified candidates directly to the hiring manager’s desk. As well as, freeing up a lot of time for our client’s HR departments and hiring managers by doing the heavy lifting for them.

Partner with a recruiter

The job market isn’t the same anymore. Traditional recruiting techniques aren’t as effective. So, it may be time to look at streamlining your recruiting process by partnering with a recruiter.


Opportunity is Calling – Where Are You?


As recruiters, when we are conducting searches for top candidates for our clients, we virtually make thousands of calls. Some of those calls lead to messages like: “You have reached a number that is no longer in service” or “the subscriber you are calling has a voicemail that is not set up or the mailbox is full.” You’d be surprised with how many numbers end up being incorrect on resumes. Or when they are correct, I often hear “The subscriber you are calling is not accepting calls at this time.” The list goes on and on.

Everyone knows the old saying, “Opportunity only knocks twice in a lifetime.” So how many times does it ring, and how many people are missing out on that one significant role that could change your life or the lives of others? If you want to be offered the next big thing in your career, you must be prepared to answer the door.

Tips for not missing that ring:

  • Have the correct phone number and email address on your resume. Not a day goes by that we don’t see this one. I can’t even tell you how many wrong numbers I’ve called trying to get ahold of a candidate for a stealer job opportunity.
  • Add a contact number when you leave a message. This has become a lost art. Leave a callback number so I can quickly get in touch with you if I miss your call.
  • Set up your voicemail. If you put your contact number on your resume, WHY would you not set up your voicemail? If I can’t leave you a voicemail, how can I tell you about this amazing opportunity?
  • Empty your voice mailbox. What else can we say about this one? If your voicemail is full, I can’t leave you a message.
  • Always have an updated resume. It is easier to update your resume periodically than to always have to rewrite it.
  • If you can’t answer your phone, set it up so it will go to your voicemail or forward it to a message phone. Have someone that is reliable and willing to answer the call and take a message on your behalf.
  • When you only have an email on your resume to contact you, reply back. I understand that some candidates do not want to receive calls. It is common courtesy to reply, even if you are not interested or available for the role. Trust me, I will stop bugging you sooner if you let me know you’re not interested!

These are a few ideas that should help the next time you are wondering why you are missing out on that next missed opportunity.


Why Won’t My Recruiter Tell Me Which Company They’re Recruiting For?


As a recruiter, I run into this question all the time. Why do recruiters often keep a search confidential? Why can’t you tell me what company you’re recruiting for? It’s my responsibility to place the best candidates with the best role for them. If you’ve ever wondered why the secrecy, here’s what’s going on from my position as a recruiter in the mining and heavy industrial industries.

It’s a private search

This happens a lot. I have clients who are replacing a current employee and it’s sensitive. I have to keep my search private so the candidate or someone within my client’s organization doesn’t catch wind of the search. Sometimes there are internal candidates who are not ready to step up, and we don’t want to lose them to advertising that fact.

Ensuring it’s a right fit

Most people are honest, and I honestly want to help you. If I know exactly what your strengths are, I’m not going to put you in a role that you can’t handle. Getting a resume before you see the job description allows me to ensure I’m fitting the right company and the right person together. It would be a lose-lose situation if I place you in a role that isn’t a good fit for either you or my client.

Why you can’t apply directly

I don’t want you to apply directly because it may hurt your chances of getting the job. By applying directly to the job, your resume just gets added to the heaping stack of resumes in my clients’ database. I am brought in to fill critical roles.

If I call you, I am already considering you for the role. I will directly represent you to the hiring manager. Instead of your resume getting lost in an Application Tracking System after receiving your permission, I pick up the phone and get your resume right into the hands of the hiring manager. I have a conversation with them and explain why they need to schedule an interview with you.

You may be working for the competition

Sometimes there is sensitivity associated with a hire, and I’m not at liberty to disclose new ventures until I’m confident we’re on the same page. You may be currently working for my client’s direct competitor. As a result, I cannot reveal all the details until I am positive you are a great fit for the role and are genuinely interested.

JSG managers

Movin’ on Up: Meet JSG’s Newest Managers!

JSG managers

Johnson Search Group is continuing to grow! The job market is hot and there are no signs of slowing down. To better accommodate the candidate-driven market we’re operating in, JSG is excited to announce the promotions of Dana Belstler (mining) and Tracy Isakson (banking) to divisional managers!

Let’s hear what they have to say about their new roles:

Dana Belstler – Mining Manager

I am the Manager of the Mining and Heavy Industrial team at JSG. I cover the Southeast and have been fortunate to have worked here for the past three years. My path at JSG has been a hard road, but I would not trade the time or experience for anything!

Why do you like working at Johnson Search Group?

This is hard work, and at times it can wear on you emotionally and physically. But the support and great people I work with make it all worth it… that includes JSG management; they are people, after all!

What challenges do you believe you’ll face in your new role as a manager?

That is a tough question and I really don’t know how to answer it, but let’s try. As a manager, I have been mentoring an incredibly talented bunch of people: Alex Price, Jeremy Johnson, Ken Heller, and our newest member, Jill Pittmann are incredible! I think to be able to be there for them when needed; continuing to help them grow, identifying their needs while balancing my own responsibilities, will take focus.

What are the goals for your team going forward?

To establish a reputation for honesty, industry knowledge and credibility, and to build lasting relationships. I never want our team to lose a client or candidate due to bad rapport or miscommunication. Building lasting relationships of trust is a very important goal for my team. If we have that, everything else will fall into place.

How do you see yourself growing as a recruiter?

Wow! I don’t think we ever stop growing in this industry. We deal with people and that is the greatest challenge. Honing “people skills” is really going to be an ongoing lesson and path of growth. We are dealing with Baby Boomers, Generation “X”, “Y”, “Z” and the infamous “Millennials.”  The movie “Sybil” comes to mind (The BB’s and X’s and maybe Y’s will get that joke).

Why do you think you will be a successful manager?

I can only hope that I will be. Everyone likes to think highly of themselves and our faults are often brushed aside. I have faults, but I know I have good attributes as well. I’ve had an interesting life with incredible adventures and experiences. I have dealt with so many different personalities, lived in different cultures, and am proud to have dual citizenship as an American and Canadian. My experiences have given me tools to help me succeed in life and understand people. This along with the incredible mentorship I am receiving at JSG can only stack the deck in my favor – I hope. (Okay- that was redundant; one of my faults!)

Connect with Dana on LinkedIn!

Tracy Isakson – Banking Manager

I manage the Banking/Credit Union Division for JSG. I work primarily in California, Utah, and Arizona.  I’ve been with JSG for 3 ½ years.

Why do you like working at Johnson Search Group?

We have the ability to truly change lives and impact communities throughout the country. The banks that we help are impacting communities, businesses, and individuals with growth. That really helps all people in the community, not just the banks.

What challenges do you believe you’ll face in your new role as a manager?

I think the only challenge is that of time. Time is always the most precious commodity and being able to allocate the right amount of time into my job and into the team that I lead will always be the hardest part.

What are the goals for your team going forward?

Our goals are pretty simple. We want to be the leader in recruiting for the banking industry. We want to be the top division within the company and see growth through tough times as well as great times.

How do you see yourself growing as a recruiter?

Being able to share with my team is the best growth. Watching my team grow from where they are to what they can be is going to be the best part of my new role.

Why do you think you will be a successful manager?

I’m a leader. I prefer to think about this new role as one of leadership, not just managing people. I’m looking forward to helping motivate and empower my team to do the best they can is where I see my strengths. I lead by example first and foremost and learn from my team how to help them grow.

Connect with Tracy on LinkedIn!

Word’s of advice from Tracey Smith, Healthcare Manager

Never forget the basics and continue to stick to the JSG process. Keep it fresh, keep it real, and for heaven’s sake, keep having fun! The ‘fun factor’ that we all start out with while we are establishing new client and candidate relationships, can be stretched with the challenges and responsibility of being a Manager.

However, it is that foundation that is contagious and will encourage, strengthen, and empower our teams to truly make a difference in the lives of our clients, our candidates, and now our team member and their family members who are counting on them to be successful.

Connect with Tracey on LinkedIn!


A Little Luck Can Go A Long Way

A Little Luck Can Go A Long Way

A Little Luck Can Go A Long Way

As a member of the JSG team, I see the ups and the downs of recruiting. I see some planned successes and some lucky ones. I see the time and effort that our recruiters put in to help both clients and candidates fill and find the right spots for them.

I’ll be the first to admit that I got pretty lucky holding the position I do here at JSG. Speaking of my own experience, and those that I see on a weekly basis, finding a job or filling a position requires a bit of luck. Trust me when I say, a little bit of luck can go a very long way.

It starts with the job description

The job description may have one phrase or even one word that strikes a candidate a certain way. It makes them see themselves working at your company for a very long time. The more time you put into your job description, the better your chances are of getting lucky with a great candidate.

Partnering with JSG

Next comes your partnership with JSG. I don’t mean to brag, but we have some excellent recruiters who really know what they’re doing. Not only do they care about you as the client, but they care about the candidate. They would never fill a position for you with a candidate that doesn’t fully fit or want the position. They know what to ask, which means you don’t have to. Partner with JSG, and see your luck increase over the next few months.

Closing the deal

The last bit of luck comes once the deal has been done. Once the candidate starts with your company, watch them blossom. We pride ourselves in vetting our candidates to give you the best ones available. Our work will turn into luck for you, as you see the candidate succeed in their role. Don’t be surprised when they exceed your expectations.

As St. Patty’s Day approaches, expect a little bit of luck coming your way on behalf of the JSG team. We’ve got you covered for your next open position.

Now I just need a little bit of luck to stop slipping and falling on ice.

Find the Right People

Do You Want To Win The Best Candidates?

Find the Right People Recruiting

Professional sports offer a direct correlation to what we do in recruiting. We find the best talent available, for the right price, for the right team. On the surface, this may seem simple, but as most of us know in the world of staffing and talent acquisition, there are many factors that contribute to the overall success of your team. Compensation, competition, supply and demand, leadership ability, culture, demographics, personality styles, and the list goes on.

How do you come out ahead when there are so many variables? Some would say that the key ingredient is a great system. The belief is that given the right system, almost anyone with the right skillset can be highly successful. Does this suggest that with the right system in place, that will guarantee success? I believe that if this were completely true, no one would ever win a bet on an underdog. However, we see every day that the right system can help with the overall success of the ‘franchise,’ much like a winning team’s success. Ask Doug Pederson, coach of the Eagles what he thinks about grinding it out with the right system to get the win.

As a hiring manager, if you want to be successful in your search to add staff in 2018, your system must include a great hiring process and recruiting strategy to win the race for signing the best talent. This formula for success will become even more important throughout 2018, with the labor market’s continued candidate driven market and nationally low unemployment rate. Why would you want to lose your top pick to the competition because they have a better process?

When the candidate’s whole experience from application to offer is better, the candidate truly feels valued and the first impression given is that they matter. When you have a bad process, you create a first impression that is truly awful. The message a bad process can send is that the organization is ineffective, leadership is weak, and the bureaucracy within the HR department that seems to call all the shots is indicative of the organization’s poor strategy. A recent study by Career Builder discovered that nearly 2 out of 5 employers lost a candidate because of a bad hiring process. What message will candidates post on social media about their interview experience with your company?

The JSG Recruiting Process

We understand that every talent search is unique. When you partner with JSG to build your team, we customize our process to accommodate the unique needs of each particular search. We will become a long-term strategic partner for your organization; contributing to the growth, development, and success of your team.

Our goal is to meet or exceed our client’s expectations by bringing impact players to their team and community.

Planning and Research

Targeted recruiting strategy based upon a needs-analysis profile that is developed for each individual client and is specific to their job requirements.

Candidate Contact

Our team of recruiters makes thousands of phone calls, and vets hundreds of candidates to get to the 1 or 2 professionals we present for each position.

Unique Vetting Methodologies

We ask our candidates the tough questions, discussing our client, the company culture, relocation, and other important factors directly.

Presentation of Candidates

We partner with our clients to ensure interviews and reference checks are dealt with in a professional and timely manner to achieve a successful hire.

Continuous Candidate Coaching

We assist our candidates and their families through the emotional process of a new opportunity. This includes resigning from current positions, dealing with counteroffers, and relocating.

The Decision and Offer

While our client makes the final decision, we assist during this critical stage by facilitating communications on compensation, relocation, benefits, and the community.

Ongoing Relationship

Our service does not end at the candidate start date. Ongoing follow-up after the decision to hire is key to a smooth transition for candidates and their families.