What To Do When A JSG Recruiter Contacts You About A Job

What To Do When A JSG Recruiter Contacts You About A Job

So let’s say the phone starts ringing, it’s a random number, and you wonder, “who could that possibly be?!” Well, if you’re lucky, it just might be a recruiter from Johnson Search Group! When we reach out about a potential job opportunity, know that we have exclusive relationships with companies and a proprietary process that results in getting great candidates hired at incredible companies! So, if you’re lucky enough to receive a JSG recruiter phone call, here are three things you should do.

Trust us to apply to the job for you

We have built great relationships with our clients, and when you partner with us, our clients are not just getting your resume but a background on YOU and why YOU want to come work for them. We also boast about how and why you fit their culture and values. If you try to apply directly with the company, we CANNOT represent you, and unfortunately, you lose credibility. Remember, we have exclusive relationships with these hiring managers. They trust us to bring them only the best, often bypassing a stack of online applications for the one or two resumes we present.

Keep the lines of communication open

Even if you’re not interested now, it doesn’t mean you won’t be soon due to unforeseeable circumstances (life is everchanging and crazy)! A quick phone call back says a lot about you as a candidate. And believe me, you want to build that relationship with us. Down the road, our partnership might just be something that benefits you and your future. When you blow us off, you may have missed out on a really great opportunity. Maybe even for an opportunity for a friend (referrals are great, and we are all in this together!) 

Be kind

This may seem like an obvious one. However, you would be surprised at the number of times we are hung up on, or even yelled at, for merely reaching out about a job opportunity! In a competitive job market like today’s, you must keep your options open. Even if it’s not the right fit for you, kindness goes a long way when it comes to future opportunities! I am passionate about putting people to work and helping my clients grow their businesses by hiring extraordinary employees.

So, the next time a recruiter calls you from Johnson Search Group about a job, remember: we work hard, we work together, we work for you. And if you’re ready to take the next step in your career, I’m here for you!

In The World Of Recruiting, Quality Beats Quantity

In The World Of Recruiting, Quality Beats Quantity

I have heard the same story from dozens of clients I partner with. When they work with other recruiting firms, they only receive dozens of unqualified candidates. (What a headache!) However, when they work with my team and me, we submit a few select candidates that match on qualifications, salary range, culture fit, and even excitement to be a part of their organization. Proving that in the world of recruiting, quality beats quantity every time. 

High-Quality Recruiting Strategy

Healthcare recruitment is heating up. And while it may take me a bit longer to find you the right candidate(s) for your open positions, it’s worth it! We utilize our experience, tools, and passion for recruiting to find you the right team member. Thus, the more knowledge I have as to what you wish for in a candidate, the better! That is the information I need and take to heart on my search. I ask candidates the hard questions so that they are ready to go when they do land on your desk. 

High-Quality Customer Service

Johnson Search Group is very much the Nordstrom of recruiting agencies. We do not just sell you whatever is easiest. It’s essential to understand the needs of your organization and your community, and we find just that. We work hard vetting our candidates, asking the right questions, and even double vetting them to make sure nothing slides through the cracks.

I have stated time and time again that my goal is not to waste anyone’s time. Time is the most important gift we have on earth, so we hunt for only the best and exactly what you have asked us to find. When you need help, give me a call, and I will listen, take good notes, and find exactly what you asked me for and nothing short of that

Contact me today and let me do all of the quality recruiting work for you so that you have more time for all your other critical tasks. It is a win-win situation! I always try my very best and forget the rest!

Banking Jobs On The Rise In 0221

Banking Jobs On The Rise In 2021

It’s that time of year where we start to look towards what’s next. Banks nationwide are putting together projections for the new year and trying to craft a hiring strategy. Admittedly, this is a little more challenging than it has been in the past with the tumultuous market and unpredictable economy. So, which banking jobs are poised to be strongest in 2021? 

Mortgage Professionals

It practically goes without saying that the mortgage industry will continue to be hot into the new year. Considering interest rates and housing markets all over the country, mortgage departments will continue to be a constant revenue stream that will keep associates busy and engaged. And these professionals are a hot commodity as banks try to keep up with a continually growing demand. 

Business Development Professionals

Through discussions with my clients, I have found that banks anticipate building upon their Business Development talent. They believe these roles are key to making significant progress in 2021. So, which kind of relationship builder are you looking for? There are really two schools of thought around this. First, there are hardcore numbers people who will show so much “activity” it’s a little bit crazy. They will inevitably show results in the end, but do clients get lost in the numbers?

The other type of business development professional takes a quieter approach. They may not show the same level of activity, but these relationship-builders tend to take the time to build long-lasting relationships. They find the right clients, have real conversations, and lead with experience, knowledge, and trust. Which is more successful in the end? I guess that’s a matter of personal opinion. However, I can tell you is that I have seen a preference shift towards the latter. So what does that say about the industry as a whole, and where is it going?

2021 will be a strong year for the banking industry

Based on our experience, 2021 is going in a great direction, with banks focused on building foundations of genuine caring, relationship building, and trust. 

What kind of banking jobs will you be hiring for in 2021? Let’s get the conversation started about how I can bring you the talent you need, people who can build a base of trust, generate referrals, and recruit added business.

Transparency With Your Recruiter Will Land You A Job

Transparency With Your Recruiter Will Land You A Job

In a competitive job market, one of the best tools you can have is a recruiter. We have established relationships with hiring managers at your dream companies, we negotiate on your behalf, and we have an accurate gauge of which positions are available. However, how you work with a recruiter is important. And in 2021, transparency with your recruiter will be key to landing you a job.

Be Honest With Your Recruiter About What’s Important To You

Too many times in my career have candidates talked about wanting a unique job or a different work environment than the average bank. However, when you bring them the perfect unique opportunity, they instead make a move to a bank doing the same thing for just a few dollars more. In the end, they were only interested in more money. If they had been transparent with me initially, I could have focused on finding them the right position that offered a higher salary and a better working environment.

Keep The Lines Of Communication Open

The second biggest issue we see is broken communication. At the beginning of your partnership with a recruiter, it’s similar to when you first start dating someone. You want to stay in almost constant contact with that person about everything that is going on. You call your recruiter to share the deals coming your way, your current bank’s ever-changing credit requirements, and other career updates. Then, as you get more comfortable and the new opportunity’s timing is slightly slower than everyone hoped for, you start communicating less and less. The “honeymoon phase” of the relationship is over. Suddenly, you send your recruiter one-word texts and return every second or third call or email with limited info. However, it’s essential to trust the process and stay the course. Open communication with your recruiter will allow them to keep your best interests at the forefront. 

Be Open To New Opportunities 

Some words of advice from one of the best bosses I had was always to take every interesting or promising interview that is sent your way within reason. If something comes your way that is different and unique that you could interview for, go for it! Going for an interview does not mean you have to take the job. However, you never know what opportunities lie ahead without putting yourself out there. Remember, the company you work for is not as loyal to you as you are to them. So, the next time we give you a call, at least hear us out. It could be the start of a great partnership! 

If you’re interested in pursuing your next opportunity, contact me today. We can discuss your goals, keep communication open, and explore the opportunities available to you on the market. Transparency with your recruiter will be key in landing you that next job. I look forward to our partnership! 

How To Make Your 2021 A Standout Success

How You Can Make 2021 A Standout Success

What will it take to make your 2021 a standout success? What accomplishments would you like your team to make? How much growth do you anticipate, and how will you make it happen with a budget that could be less than stellar? 

Making smart hires is critical in an unpredictable economy. Finding people who are driven to excel can make all the difference in your team. One great employee who is positive, supports their teammates, and puts extra energy into a project can make a world of difference on your bottom line. Conversely, making the wrong hires will affect your team just the opposite! Bringing in negative energy can be toxic for your established team. Additionally, you have the added headache of formulating an action/exit plan to manage a bad employee. Finally, you’ll find yourself scrambling to fill the critical position.

Upgrade Your Hiring Process

Positive contributors are worth their weight in gold. Some hiring managers are great at finding those people, while others struggle. It’s easy to be fooled by the performance a candidate puts on during an interview only to realize later on that it was a huge mistake. If you have found yourself frustrated with hires you’ve made in the past, now may be the time to upgrade your hiring process. Lean on someone who will ask the hard questions. Professional recruiters are not be mesmerized by a skilled interviewer, we dig deep to find the best candidate for your team. These are the changes that will make your 2021 a standout success.

The great thing about working with a recruiter is you don’t have to worry about the red flags. We sort through the “almost” candidates, identify red flags, and remove them from the process to avoid turmoil down the road. All you see are the very best candidates on the market. The game-changers who will achieve goals and drive your team to success in 2021. Now is the time to put a plan in place. 

Give me a call today. Let’s partner up to answer those kickoff questions. Together, we will discover the talent you need to make 2021 a standout success!

Turn Your Staffing Tragedy Into A Staffing Strategy

Turn Your Staffing Tragedy Into A Staffing Strategy

A few weeks ago, I was working with a client, and we had just about all of his critical positions taken care of. During a conversation, he point-blank said, “I don’t know what I would have done without you!” He explained that he usually handles all of the recruiting himself, but with everything going on lately, he was completely overwhelmed. He almost felt guilty about having to depend on an outside source to help build his staffing strategy. Then, he realized that they utilize external recruiters for a reason. In the end, he shared that he will never wait that long before calling me again!

Let Us Help Build Your Staffing Strategy

You need to realize, our world is different now. On top of your usual duties, you now have to juggle layoffs, hiring freezes, and even a surge in retirements. You can suffer under the pressure of doing every single detail all by yourself, or you can partner with a recruiter to take advantage of what they do best. Can you handle the requisition and hiring process on your own? Absolutely! But there comes a time when you need to prioritize and realize we can step in a take that load off your shoulders.

So if it comes down to having everything fall upon you or being strategic and utilizing the available tools, which one will you choose? In this era, we don’t know what will happen, but we do know we will always be there for you!

Whether your company is currently in a hiring freeze, struggling to find qualified candidates, or simply feeling overwhelmed by it all, give me a call. I have built an elaborate network of industry experts, ready to make an impact at a growing organization. From contractors to full-time leaders, we can connect you with the candidates you need. We will help you build a flexible staffing strategy that will lead your organization to success.

A Recruiter’s Soliloquy

A Recruiter’s Soliloquy

Recruiting is an interesting profession. Every single day is different. I speak to a wide variety of people, each consisting of their own skills and experiences. A recruiter’s job is to bounce from one activity to the next, balancing client and candidates’ needs. The diversity is limitless, and my day is never boring! And spoiler alert: it’s all worth it!

In just one hour, I listen to stories running the gamut, but I do not mind! Although time management is key in my business, I often force myself to slow down. When I’m on the phone, it’s not with “just a candidate.” I get to talk to dozens of human beings throughout the country. They all have rich histories, future career goals, and incredible stories. Dealing with so many different personalities can be challenging. But at the end of the day, I’m fortunate that I have the ability to build such a diverse network.

My days are packed with phone calls, emails, meetings, interview preps, and prospecting new clients. It is fast-paced and even draining at times, but I would not trade it for the world. I love what I do, and juggling all of these different responsibilities gets me closer to my passion: to find the best possible candidates out there for my clients.

A recruiter’s job is difficult but rewarding. 

It helps that I work for an organization with over 35 years in the staffing industry that has built a solid reputation as a trusted partner with both clients and candidates. If you are a company who needs a little help, or a candidate looking for an opportunity, reach out to Johnson Search Group and have a great experience.  

The next time you get a call from a recruiter, have a brief conversation with them – it could be life-changing.   

Like the majority of professions, life as a recruiter has changed significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Recruiting During a Pandemic

Like the majority of professions, life as a recruiter has changed significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I have had to make the personal adjustment from my regular schedule in the office to working remotely out of my home. However, this transition has been the least of my worries as I am genuinely grateful that I still have a job and get to continue helping people. Every day there are new stories of company furloughs, layoffs, shutdowns, and the future is certainly unclear. BUT it isn’t all doom and gloom! There is an extraordinary number of great things going on in the world; people helping each other and coming together (not physically), people and companies growing and adapting, and believe it or not, companies are hiring.

Manufacturers and miners are still hard at work

While most of my manufacturing clients have scaled back hiring, there are companies out there looking for talent. We have seen beverage manufacturers pivot and boost their manufacturing production of drinking water and have had an enormous push for contract employees. We are also seeing other manufacturing companies shifting their focus and resources to manufacturing equipment to support hospitals and healthcare workers.

Mining is a different story. Aside from my California clients, most of my mining clients are deemed essential businesses. As a result, they are still hiring but taking additional safety measures while interviewing candidates. With these new safety protocols, hiring processes have been significantly delayed. But at the end of the day, they are still hiring, which is undoubtedly a bright spot for everyone.

Good things are soon to come

It’s difficult for hiring managers to give a timeline on when hiring processes will get back to normal. However, as I connect with my clients, the general consensus is that things will pick up here in a few weeks. My advice to job seekers is to update that resume, stay positive, apply to jobs you fit for, and try and connect with a recruiter who specializes in your industry. Although companies and recruiters may be a little slower when it comes to hiring, we can still help you find a new role during these challenging times.

If you’re looking for a new opportunity during the pandemic, check out the JSG Talent Network. We have dozens of new jobs available and offer tons of helpful advice on navigating the current job market.

Why Now Is The Time To Start Hiring

Why Now Is The Time To Start Hiring

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, you have probably read countless articles regarding businesses shuttering or making layoffs. And while this may have some companies hesitant to hire during this climate, it’s actually an opportune time to start recruiting. Here’s why:

Your Hiring Process May Take Longer

It’s true; we don’t know exactly how long restrictions will be in place. Even after governors lighten the social distancing restrictions, hiring processes will probably still look a bit different. With many employees working remotely, it may take longer to sift through candidates, coordinate interviews, run background checks, and set up onboarding. Start crafting your job description today so that you can get a head start!

Candidates Are Available

As a result of layoffs and furloughs, there are some incredibly talented candidates on the market today. And once lockdowns are lifted, and states get back to normal, your competition will be scooping them up. By starting your hiring process today, you can get a jump on competitors and hire candidates that previously weren’t even on the market.

You Will Be Able To Hit The Ground Running

Once the world returns back to normal, you’re going to want your team to be fully loaded. In order to hit the ground running, you’ll need employees that have already been onboarded, trained in all the necessary areas, and have had the opportunity to get to know their team. This isolation period is actually the perfect time for your team to train and learn without distractions!

Are you ready to hire now? Or maybe you just want to put some feelers out there for what kind of talent is on the market today. Speak with one of our experienced recruiters and get the conversation started. They have connections with talented candidates throughout the United States, and they specialize in your industry and community.


Collaboration is Key During COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, almost everyone’s lives have shifted in one way or another. Who learned how to log in from home? Order lunch on a new food delivery app? What about interviewing or even hiring a candidate over video?

The moments in life that we have planned have become things we cannot depend on. With the COVID-19 pandemic, updates are coming fast and frequent. Information is continuously changing, and as a result, so is our understanding of the impact of this virus.

COVID-19 is affecting everyone differently

When I reached out to my clients this week, I would ask them how I can help them during these difficult times. I would simply say, “I’m just calling to check on you and your team… I want to make sure you are all doing okay!” And the emotion was all over the board. You could hear people stop, listen, and take a moment to say, “yeah, we are okay” or “no, we are not okay.” Both responses were utterly valid.

Some people were working from home, which is a whole other challenge. You heard kids in the background, your heard dogs bark, even doorbells ring.  

As I talk with my team, we are all learning different information. Come to find out COVID-19 is a backseat driver to what people were really dealing with. Mining reps are voicing concerns about the price of oil. Bankers are anxious about the volatility of the stock market. And the healthcare professionals we work with are just scared about what’s to come with the growing demand from patients across the nation.

My family and friends know that the one word I hate the most is “overwhelmed.” However, it’s the one word that describes this month to a T. You balance work, kids, spouse, car trouble, your parents, shopping, kids, school, and the list goes on and on (Yes, I mentioned kids twice!).

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

While dealing with all of this, the pressure of our everyday tasks becomes more frustrating. This art of prioritizing has taken on a whole new meaning.  

What we really need to remember is to ask for help. So many times, we hear things like “we have it taken care of,” or “we have an entire department for that.” We also hear phrases like hiring-freeze, cutbacks, and that position is on hold for now. But why? Those roles are essential, NOW more than ever.   

You need to remember there are other resources that can help when frustration kicks in.

With over 3 million unemployment claims between March 15 and 21, there are literally millions of people interested in new job opportunities. We are talking solid and qualified candidates that are out looking. Thus, this is the time to look at the positions that are topping out at 30 days and call a recruiter that has the pipeline of candidates that you don’t. Take advantage of the resources that are at your fingertips. 

We are here for you

This is the time to dig in and adapt to the changes coming our way, not succumb to all the chaos. Therefore, social distancing may be necessary right now, but collaboration and working together are more important than ever. Reach out to the Johnson Search Group team today if you need help with your hiring efforts during these uncertain times. We are here to help and hope you all stay healthy and safe.