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Want To Get Hired Through A Recruiter? Here’s How We Find You

Want To Get Hired Through A Recruiter? Here's How We Find You

When you embark on a job search, it can feel daunting at first. How do I get hired for a position that’s right for me? What companies align with my career goals? It can create a lot of unease trying to get a new job on your own. But here at JSG, we’ve perfected the process to match candidates and companies with similar desired skill sets, company culture visions, and growth trajectories. When I recruit, I want to talk to as many candidates as possible, gaining referrals and learning about the industry as I go.

Based on CareerBuilders’ supply and demand calculation, there are more than 624,000 candidates in the mining industry alone. Considering that’s just from one source, it’s safe to say the actual number is much larger. And most of the companies I work with offer relocation packages, which means the whole United States is fair game. Which begs the question; how do I, as the recruiter, even begin to narrow it down to the 1-2 candidates that will be a great fit for my job?

  1. Skill Sets And Keywords

The first step is to start narrowing down these candidates by their skill sets in relation to the job description. I’ll create a very broad search both online and in our proprietary database that covers all the “must have” skills. These can include things such as years of experience, education, certifications, and job specific knowledge and training.

  1. Phone Calls

After having a general pool of about 1000 candidates, I begin to narrow it down further. This starts with phone calls and ends with more phone calls. This is the screening or vetting process and will start to narrow the pool down drastically.

  1. Key Questions (M.A.L)

Some of the most important qualifying questions. 1.) Money. The money question can be a bit uncomfortable to ask and for the candidate to answer, but it is crucial to determine if this job is the right fit for both the client and candidate. 2.) Availability. This is a very probing question. Asking the clients availability gives a chance to learn about their current working situation and all the details make a move would entail. Clients like to move fast on good candidates and candidates that are tied to an area or contract may remove themselves from consideration. 3.) Location. Location goes hand in hand with availability. The candidate must be sold on the location for them to be considered, otherwise, we are wasting everyone’s time. I am always upfront about the companies’ general location, especially if it is in a rural area. This question often has a yes or no answer, but there are a lot of factors to consider. Things such as cost of living, schools and if it is a fit for the candidate and their families’ future.

  1. Double Vet

The double vet is ultimately the determining factor whether the candidate is right for this position. This conversation takes place with myself and our SVP or the mining department lead. It is designed to open the conversation, cover any weak spots, and answer any oustanding questions. At this point, if we feel there is mutual interest between the client and the candidate and they are sold on all the key factors, we ask for permission to submit the candidate to our client.

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A Recruiter Contacted Me – Now What?

A Recruiter Contacted Me - Now What?

You’ve probably heard stories about friends being recruited through LinkedIn or email and swept off to a new “dream job.” It’s not just a legend, it happens ALL THE TIME. (And it could even happen to you!) When it does, you can be a little caught off guard. You weren’t expecting it, you’re unorganized, and you have a million questions. Well, here is your ultimate checklist so that when you get that message or phone call – you’ll know exactly what to do.

  1. Have a conversation

We cannot stress this enough. You may be really happy in your current position and not looking to move – and that’s great! But remember that friend or coworker that mentioned they were ready to move on to something else? Or maybe you think the position they contacted you about wasn’t a great fit… keep in mind that we are recruiting for dozens of jobs at one time! You never know what may come of a simple conversation, now or down the road.

  1. Keep your “job search” materials up to date

It’s best if you can do this BEFORE your conversation with a recruiter, as in be constantly updating your resume, but ASAP is fine too. Just keep in mind that these hiring managers are on a strict timeline and recruiters are on the clock to find qualified candidates. If it takes you even more than a day to update your resume, you could take yourself out of the running.

  1. Be honest

If this position is not a good fit, or you don’t want a new job, or your spouse doesn’t want to move – just tell us! We totally understand that things come up and the last thing we want is to push you towards an opportunity that is not ideal. That way, we won’t be wasting your time or our clients time and we can make the right match every time!

  1. Ask questions

Throughout a hiring process, you’ll probably have a few questions. (Okay, more than a few.) Don’t be afraid to ask them! As recruiters, we are all about open communication at all times and we will give you straight answers as best we can. We also have a direct line to the hiring manager, so if you want more information about the company, job, or team you’ll be working with, we can get it.

  1. Accept our help

Most of the professional we work with have been in the workforce for years. Oftentimes, they think they “know it all” and don’t need to sit through our interview prep phone call. This is so, so wrong. The job market is constantly changing and it is our job to stay on top of the latest trends, do’s and don’ts, and keys to successful interviewing. Almost every single candidate we’ve ever worked with has learned at least one thing from our interview prep, and we know you will too!

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The Key To Hiring Top Talent Is Surprisingly Old School

The Key To Hiring Top Talent Is Surprisingly Old School

I never thought that I would get to the stage in life where I’d become “that guy.” You know… the grumpy old guy who is totally resistant to technology? The guy that says the new way is useless, despite rave reviews. You may have seen them lately, articles claiming “Snapchat is the new wave of recruiting!” or “You should be texting your candidates to hire the best ones!” Yet, here I am still doing it the “old school” way – and I’m telling you it’s still the best way to hire the best candidates on the market today.

There are many many recruiters who spend their days pouring over resumes online. And yes – LinkedIn, Facebook, texting, and emails can be effective and useful in moving through the hiring process, but they must be used in conjunction with the phone. When you choose not to heavily utilize the phone during your recruiting process, you’re missing out. Essential things such as emotions, flow, and culture fit, simply cannot be conveyed online. Hesitation, sighs, excitement, and confusion can all be picked up on through a short phone call. These types of non-calculated responses can tell you a lot about a candidate and are a major part of how I evaluate and select the very best candidates to submit to my clients.

Partner with a recruiter

When you partner with JSG for your hiring needs, you are not working with a recruiter who hides behind the comfort of a computer screen. You are choosing to work with a recruiter who will hit the ground running, making thousands of phone calls; a team that vets hundreds of candidates to get to the one or two candidates who are the best fit for your company.

So keep in mind, not all “old school” strategies are outdated and irrelevant. Sometimes you just need the right person to execute them!

Recruiting Trends To Watch For In 2017

Recruiting Trends To Watch For In 2017

Trust, teamwork, and relationships are essential in business, especially recruiting

In Recruiting, Relationships Rule

Trust, teamwork, and relationships are essential in business, especially recruiting

As a recruiter, my mission is to find the best talent for my clients. The relationship between client and recruiter is truly symbiotic, and I always enter into a new business relationship hoping for the best. However, it can be difficult to strike the right balance, to say the least. Recruiting is not glamorous. Yes, money can be made – but please understand that every single penny is well earned. It’s no secret that the relationship between recruiter and client can occasionally fall under the “love/hate” category.

My job, first and foremost, is to find A-level candidates, vet them thoroughly, check their references, and present them to my clients for consideration. The portions of my job that people don’t often see are what makes recruiters great at what they do. I dig myself into the trenches of an organization, unearthing any dysfunctions and barriers to success that are preventing them from scoring the top talent they need. And even amidst the challenges, I can easily say this is the most satisfying job I have ever had and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Relationships rule in this business, but building those relationships is arduous. Successfully forging a client connection rates just as high as placing a top candidate on my success meter. I am fortunate to have clients who saw something in me, took a chance in navigating the complicated path of recruiting with me, and with whom I have built a successful relationship. I am also fortunate to work with a great team of professionals at JSG who are intelligent, personable, and knowledgeable. We share our successes and losses together, celebrating the good days and propping each other up on the bad days. So, when you find yourself needing a recruiter, seek us out and we will do the same for you!

A Can't Recruit For You, In Football Or Hiring

A Computer Can’t Recruit For You

A Can't Recruit For You, In Football Or Hiring

What would happen if NFL scouts followed in the footsteps of many US companies and tried to save money by using a computer program to determine which college athletes they should recruit? Would their teams be successful? If this was the case, Jerry Rice and Walter Payton might have ended up as insurance salesman instead of a record breaking running back and wide receiver! A computer program sifts through the information it’s given and looks only for specific keywords. For instance, you would be able to search for people in the SEC or Big 12 Conference, but you just can’t search for “unique passing style that will stump our competition.”

An athlete like Jerry Rice, from Mississippi Valley State (a 1-AA program), would never have been drafted if scouts hadn’t seen him play in person. Even then, only 2 teams were serious about drafting him in the first round of the 1985 draft. However, the 49ers were impressed by his record-breaking season and saw even further potential in Rice. And boy, were they right. Jerry Rice went on to be a 13-time pro-bowler, currently has 4 NFL records, and is widely regarded as the best receiver in NFL history.

Walter Payton was the top running back in Mississippi in high school, and yet was still looked over by every single big college. In his time at Jackson State, he rushed for 65 touchdowns in one year. Again, because the NFL didn’t limit their search, the Chicago Bears drafted him as the 4th pick in the first round in 1975. He went on to be the all-time rushing leader until Emmett Smith broke the record, and he only missed one game in his 13 year career. He is in the Hall of Fame and regarded as one of the best running backs in the NFL.

So, if the NFL doesn’t rely on a computer to recruit their best team players, why should you? By relying on a computer to scan resumes and determine who’s qualified and who’s not, you are missing out on the most important qualities in hiring: passion, emotional intelligence, culture fit, and motivation. When you empower your Scouts (ahem, third party recruiters) to find those diamonds in the rough, you could see a huge payout. In order to recruit the Jerry Rice’s and Walter Payton’s of the world, you must give them a chance to show you what they’ve got by moving beyond the resume and having a conversation.

Family Ties in Business & Recruiting

The Importance of Building Family Ties in Business & Recruiting

Family Ties in Business & Recruiting

What makes us trust, believe, and feel as if we can do and accomplish anything? Support. Whether it’s in a family, in a friend group, or in a business relationship, the right amount of attention and support can make you feel invincible, even when faced with overwhelming obstacles.

Growing up, you could say my family was living in poverty. My parents were raising 4 kids in a country where they couldn’t even speak the language. (This is not an exaggeration, they literally didn’t know what a bath tub, shower, or toilet was.)

Despite this, I never remember feeling like I went without. Looking back, I realize I didn’t have the newest Converse or Pony’s, but I remember being happy and never hungry. My parents always worked hard to put food on the table, clothes on our back, and a roof over our heads. Even if that meant my mom and I went out to dumpster dive for cans for recycling or comb a local field after a hard rain to collect worms to sell. If we weren’t busy with school activities, our weekends were spent fishing to fill up our freezer or transforming our backyard into a garden with fresh fruits and vegetables. Our parents did anything and everything to make sure that my siblings and I were taken care of one way or another.

Family Ties in Business & Recruiting

This is what builds trust and the belief that you can accomplish anything. Their hard work and actions allowed us to grow and thrive, and to this day has instilled the belief that I can do anything. And if I fail? I’ve got a strong safety net  of love and support to fall back on.

What kind of relationship do you have with your recruiting partner? Is it purely transactional or do you have a strong family tie? My team and I want to build a strong family tie with you and yours. I will follow in my parents’ footsteps in making sure I do anything and everything possible to take care of your needs. And trust me, together, we can do anything.

Jerry Maguire and the Candidate-Recruiter Relationship

From Recruiter to Candidate: Help Me Help You

Jerry Maguire and the Candidate-Recruiter Relationship

I love the movie Jerry Maguire. Not only is it a great American classic, the story line also speaks to the candidate-recruiter relationships that I foster every day. Our partnership is similar to that of Jerry Maguire’s and Rod Tidwell’s; full of advice, personal investment, tough love, and ultimately a successful career that will benefit both of us. Let’s take a look at those famous Jerry Maguire one liners that will help you and I have the best relationship possible.

You Had Me at “Hello”

Sometimes a candidate will see a job description that they just know they are made for.  This is the ideal next career move for them, hands down. So they apply, send over their resume, send an email and leave me a voicemail.  Oftentimes, the only thing that candidate may have in common with the job is that they live in the same city.  One basic thing that will get you to the next level in the hiring process is to make sure that you meet the basic qualifications and requirements listed.  If you work at a fast food restaurant, it’s a bit of a stretch to claim transferrable skills to apply for a Senior Credit Risk Modeler at a bank.

Jerry Maguire and the Candidate-Recruiter Relationship

Show Me the Money

We all know that most people are not going to make a change in their career unless there’s something in it for them.  9 times out of 10, a salary increase must be involved to even entertain something new. As a recruiter, I understand that, and I will do whatever it takes to get you the salary you deserve if this turns out to be a right fit. However, you do not want to lead with this right out of the gate. When I recruit, I work with people who are in it for the whole package: compensation, location, quality of life, culture fit, and growth. I can’t afford to work with candidates who are just looking for the biggest paycheck!

You Complete Me

Companies today have raised the level of expectations for talent. When I’m recruiting, I work hard to find a person with not only the technical skills required for the role, but also the soft skills to make sure that a candidate is a good culture fit. I need to know what completes you. What’s important to you in your next role, why are you looking, does the size of company matter, what type of growth are you expecting, what’s important in a boss, etc.? In other words, what inspires you to get up in the morning?

Jerry Maguire and the Candidate-Recruiter Relationship

Help Me Help You

As high as recruiting expectations can be, mine are pretty straight forward.  If you apply to one of my positions, please make sure you meet the basic requirements. Be open and honest and let me know if anything changes with your job search. Keep the lines of communication open. When it comes to an offer, let’s do one thing… celebrate! (And last but not least, if I’ve done a great job and helped land you the job of your dreams please tell a friend.)

It’s a great job market out there and this year is more candidate driven than ever.  If you’re serious about working with an Executive Recruiter like myself then help me help you

Invest in Your Future, partner with an executive recruiter

How to Invest in Your Company’s Future

Invest in Your Future, partner with an executive recruiter

Working as an executive recruiter is an exciting career. While we may not experience death-defying stunts or face extreme controversy every day, we get to connect clients and candidates with life-changing opportunities. You’ve probably talked to dozens of recruiters, but what is it really all about? We get it. It can be hard to see past the initial dollar signs when considering using a third party recruiter. But, did you know that partnering with an executive recruiter can actually help your company save in the long run? Here’s how:

  1. Save Time

It has happened to almost every hiring manager I have talked to. They have the best intentions to improve their department by bringing on great new talent. They write up a job description, post it to a few job boards, and then make a few phone calls. Ten days pass, 20 days pass, then before they know it, a whole month has passed and they are in the same position they were in when the process began.

Partnering with a recruiter eliminates this dilemma completely! As a hiring manager, you are able to focus on your core business while the recruiter does the rest. At JSG, we are going to make thousands of phone calls, vetting hundreds of candidates, to bring you the handful of candidates that will be more than qualified for the role you are seeking to fill.

  1. Save Money

Imagine going through the entire hiring process and bringing on a new member of the team. You invest time energy, and (most importantly) money into recruiting, training, and salary… just to be dropped like a hot potato a couple months later. Now you are have to go back to the drawing board and start from the beginning, dumping more and more money into recruiting, training, and salary. It can be a never-ending cycle.

One popular reason employees leave in the first 90 days of employment is due to the lack of cultural fit. Sure, they have the skills necessary to do the job, but the environment and personalities of the team don’t seem to line up. Partnering with a recruiter from Johnson Search Group allows you to rest assured that the candidates that are presented have been vetted in a thorough manner and are going to match job requirements, skills, and the culture of the team you have worked so hard to put in place.

  1. Save Frustration

There are only a few things more frustrating than feeling unfocused, especially when the hustle and bustle of the work day keeps you from being able to complete tasks necessary to bring on new talent.

By investing a few minutes with an executive recruiter from JSG, you are able to speak to the exact skills, personality, experience, and qualifications that you are looking for. In turn, we are able to have a laser like focus and present those candidates that will make immediate impact and are a great fit in your organization.

In the end just remember, as an executive recruiter, I am there for the hiring manager. I am just as passionate about bringing you top talent as you are about saving you time, money, and frustration. Let’s partner together today! Give me a call at 205-340-9840.