Collaboration is Key During COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, almost everyone’s lives have shifted in one way or another. Who learned how to log in from home? Order lunch on a new food delivery app? What about interviewing or even hiring a candidate over video?

The moments in life that we have planned have become things we cannot depend on. With the COVID-19 pandemic, updates are coming fast and frequent. Information is continuously changing, and as a result, so is our understanding of the impact of this virus.

COVID-19 is affecting everyone differently

When I reached out to my clients this week, I would ask them how I can help them during these difficult times. I would simply say, “I’m just calling to check on you and your team… I want to make sure you are all doing okay!” And the emotion was all over the board. You could hear people stop, listen, and take a moment to say, “yeah, we are okay” or “no, we are not okay.” Both responses were utterly valid.

Some people were working from home, which is a whole other challenge. You heard kids in the background, your heard dogs bark, even doorbells ring.  

As I talk with my team, we are all learning different information. Come to find out COVID-19 is a backseat driver to what people were really dealing with. Mining reps are voicing concerns about the price of oil. Bankers are anxious about the volatility of the stock market. And the healthcare professionals we work with are just scared about what’s to come with the growing demand from patients across the nation.

My family and friends know that the one word I hate the most is “overwhelmed.” However, it’s the one word that describes this month to a T. You balance work, kids, spouse, car trouble, your parents, shopping, kids, school, and the list goes on and on (Yes, I mentioned kids twice!).

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

While dealing with all of this, the pressure of our everyday tasks becomes more frustrating. This art of prioritizing has taken on a whole new meaning.  

What we really need to remember is to ask for help. So many times, we hear things like “we have it taken care of,” or “we have an entire department for that.” We also hear phrases like hiring-freeze, cutbacks, and that position is on hold for now. But why? Those roles are essential, NOW more than ever.   

You need to remember there are other resources that can help when frustration kicks in.

With over 3 million unemployment claims between March 15 and 21, there are literally millions of people interested in new job opportunities. We are talking solid and qualified candidates that are out looking. Thus, this is the time to look at the positions that are topping out at 30 days and call a recruiter that has the pipeline of candidates that you don’t. Take advantage of the resources that are at your fingertips. 

We are here for you

This is the time to dig in and adapt to the changes coming our way, not succumb to all the chaos. Therefore, social distancing may be necessary right now, but collaboration and working together are more important than ever. Reach out to the Johnson Search Group team today if you need help with your hiring efforts during these uncertain times. We are here to help and hope you all stay healthy and safe.


What Banks Are Going to be Looking for Post-COVID-19

The Coronavirus outbreak is destined to halt hiring in certain industries. Some industries are putting a hold to interviewing and hiring altogether, while others have just temporarily postponed their hiring efforts for a week or two as a precaution. However, banking institutions still need professionals during this difficult time. Here are four areas that banks need to keep in the back of their minds for the post-COVID-19 market.

Special Assets

With all the panic happening in the markets at this time, it is time to start ramping up the Special Assets Group at the bank. They might not be busy at this point, but having them in place or at least at the ready, will help your bank with the inevitable calm of the post-COVID-19 market. It will take some time for the markets to recover from this, but they will recover. We are America, and we always find a way to keep moving forward during times like this. At this time, there is no telling how long this bear market will last, but we will likely know more over the next few weeks.

We have ramped up our bench in the Special Assets area and are ready to help our clients with those professionals. Whether you need them on a contract basis or as a permanent member of your team, Johnson Search Group can help fill these critical roles during these difficult times.

SBA Lending

Another area to turn your attention to is the SBA space. With the government just about completely opening all avenues for SBA loans, banks are going to need people that can sell them, as well as perform all the back-office operations to process, underwrite, close, fund, and service those loans. This is probably going to be more on a temporary basis; however, finding these professionals will be challenging for hiring managers. Banks will need to rely on experts in the SBA space to ensure they get the right talent immediately to help them service the businesses that need the funding. Our team at Johnson Search Group are experts in recruiting within the SBA space. We have a team dedicated to this market and will help you find the best talent for your team.

Mortgage Lending

The third area banks should focus on is the mortgage space. We haven’t seen much in the new purchase/new construction metrics at this point. Still, with the declining stock market, people will be hunkering down and looking to capitalize on the low-interest rates to help them uncover a little extra to assist with the rest of their budgets. I am in the midst of this myself with refinancing my home mortgage. I am moving to a 15-year mortgage, and my payments are going down by a couple of hundred dollars per month. Banks are already experiencing this and will be seeing more of this with fewer governmental restrictions to help during this time of need. Banks will need the back office support roles, processors, closers, funders, underwriters, and other miscellaneous mortgage folks. Many of these are going to be contract positions to accommodate the growing demand at this time.

Commercial Lending

Another area I am discussing with my clients is commercial lending. This is coming from banks that have ramped up for a potential economic downturn and are ready to capitalize on the banks playing catch-up. We recruit heavily in this market and have a number of clients that tightened their belts in the last couple of years, so they can expand when the time is right. Just like the stock market, you buy when it is low and sell when it is high; these banks are preparing to get top tier candidates that can help them land new business.

Get some help for the post-COVID-19 market

The current situation can be scary due to the Coronavirus outbreak. However, hiring is not freezing in many markets within the banking and finance industry. Therefore, banks must prepare for the post-COVID-19 market now. If your team needs one of these banking professionals during all of this uncertainty, let’s have a conversation. My team and I can help you source the talent you need during all of these economic fluctuations. Reach out to me today. And if you’re searching for a new job during this madness, check out our job board for exclusive banking opportunities.