The Arc of Spokane Community Center

Impacting The Community One Community Center At A Time

The Arc of Spokane Community Center

One of the major programs of The Arc of Spokane is the Community Centers. Led by Christina Brelia, the Community Centers are “social and recreational activity centers for adults with developmental disabilities.” Christina is a graduate of Whitworth and a diehard Zags fan who has spent the last four and a half years with the Arc.

As I share my love of The Arc, I find that many people are unaware of the impact the Community Centers make in the lives of the members and their families.  Combined, the Community Centers serve around 200 members. Members can attend daily sessions–a four-hour period–when members have full utilization of the centers and their programs. On a monthly basis, the members can enjoy being out in the community in a fun, entertaining, and inclusive environment. Activities range from bowling at Lilac Lanes and swim lessons at the Y, to fire house tours, fair exhibits, and ice skating. Providing a safe place for our members to engage with each other as well as our community, while imperative, is only half of the story. The centers also provide family members and guardians respite which allows them to remain employed, attend doctor’s appointments, and personal time. To see an inside peek at what goes on at the Community Centers, check out their Facebook page.

The Arc of Spokane Community Centers

The Arc has partnered with many organizations to coordinate fund-raising, volunteering, and even speaking engagements on how to work with and employ people with an intellectual or developmental disability. Much of this work is done through the Community Engagement Project which is a consortium of educational organizations, non-profits and businesses that partner with The Arc to add value in the form of grants, donations, volunteering and so much more.  If you’re interested in partnering with The Arc, I would love to give you more information and arrange a tour for you to meet the amazing people The Arc supports. Since our company first partnered with the Arc, we have gained increased exposure in the local community, a better understanding of the valuable contribution of those with developmental disabilities, and we’ve had a ton of fun.

The Community Centers have their hearts set on creating more opportunities for members to connect with the community–but they need your help!  We are actively seeking organizations, professionals, or individuals that are willing to partner with The Arc of Spokane. Whether that partnership consists of teaching a class, hiring a member to your team, hosting a community project, volunteering, or even just making a donation.

The Arc of Spokane and Johnson Search Group - Thanksgiving 2016

What The Arc Of Spokane Means To Me

The Arc of Spokane and Johnson Search Group - Thanksgiving 2016

It’s no secret that I am a fan of the Arc. Johnson Search Group and myself have been involved in dozens of activities, both professionally and personally with this great organization. Recently, I have had a few professionals ask me – why? What makes the Arc of Spokane so special?

A few years ago, I knew I wanted our office to get involved with a local charity. We wanted to partner with an organization that provided a great local service, but would also be fun for our employees. I have always had a huge soft spot in my heart for those with developmental disabilities. And in a twist of fate, I was introduced to the Arc of Spokane.

The Arc of Spokane and Johnson Search Group - Thanksgiving 2016

We started out small by visiting the Community Centers, partnering for special events and holidays, and knew immediately this partnership was meant to be. From there, our employees got involved in fundraising events, teaching classes, and donating personal time to volunteer. Even I found myself so enthralled with the great members of this community, that I decided to join the board.

Most people don’t realize that the Arc started in 1950 and there is a chapter in every state and in the District of Columbia as a registered 501C (3) public charity. The Arc of Spokane is one of the few organizations that has put together multiple programs that help people with I/DD throughout their life.

As a board member of the Arc of Spokane, I plan to write about the Arc, JSG’s involvement, and their progress this year – so stay tuned!

The Arc of Spokane and Johnson Search Group - Thanksgiving 2016

The Arc of Spokane relies on donations from people just like you. Whatever you can give will help to improve the programs and care that these wonderful people receive. Click here to donate.