3 Tips to Take Your Networking to the Next Level

3 Tips to Take Your Networking to the Next Level

When is the last time you thought about networking? If you have not thought about it recently, it is crucial to brush up on your networking skills as it is a great tool to meet new people and find the best job opportunities. Networking, however, has changed so much due to the impacts of COVID-19. That is why it is essential to understand the basic networking fundamentals through in-person interactions and an online format. So, here are three tips to help you take your networking to the next level.

Attend Events 

The best way to meet new people is to go to any networking events that start to present themselves. Whether this is going to dinner or attending an online event, this is the easiest way to spark conversations with professionals you would otherwise never have met. Before you head into any networking event, you should always think about having an objective. Come up with outcomes you want to accomplish to ensure these networking events are meaningful. This can be as simple as meeting new people or going to these events to discover new job opportunities. Either way, it is crucial to have goals in mind going into any occasion to help you be successful in networking.

Make Your Voice Heard 

If you decide to network in-person or online, you must make your voice heard, so others remember who you are. Especially in an online setting, you must be active and consistent with presenting who you are. The best way to do this online is to reach out to people through LinkedIn, Facebook groups, or invite people from a platform of choice to have a virtual conversation with you. If you ever meet someone in an in-person or online setting, always follow up with them after turning those conversations into a real connection. This strategy can turn that initial networking goal into reality by keeping in touch with the people you met. It also shows that you care about the other person, which helps strengthen your connection even more.

Effectively Engage and Listen

Another important networking tip is actively listening to those you are connecting with. You do this by asking good questions to enable the person to let them tell you more about themselves. Especially in an online setting, there are tons of distractions, even in a direct message chat. Asking good questions can help you get the best conversation, whether it is in-person or online.

Asking engaging questions is where active listening becomes essential. When asking questions that promote the person you are talking to speak, you must hear them out and listen to what they are saying. Active listening will provide important details about your new connection and will help later on when reaching out after the networking event. It also shows that you care about following up with the person in getting to know them more. Taking in as much information by listening can ultimately set you up with valuable information and lead to establishing deep, more meaningful connections.

Looking For Networking Advice?

The impacts of COVID-19 have changed the way we network and build professional relationships. If you follow these three networking tips, you will be prepared to take your game to the next level this year. If you are looking for more job search or networking tips, explore our candidate resources! We have hundreds of helpful tips and tricks to help you propel your career, even in this wild job market.

Secure A Job by The End of the Year

How to Secure A Job by The End of the Year

With only a few short weeks left of 2020, you may be one of the many Americans looking to lock down a new job by year-end. But with the coronavirus still in full effect, landing a job before January 1 is much easier said than done. So, whether you are unemployed or just looking for greener pastures, here are a few tips to help you secure a job by the end of the year.

Resume must-have items

The first step to secure a job by the end of the year is to craft a top-notch resume. Take a good look at your current resume and analyze what is missing. Did you receive a new certification this past year that needs to be added? Or did you play a significant role in a successful product launch? These are simple items you can add to your resume to make it shine!

The easiest way to beef up your resume is to add a skills section. There, you can nicely display a list of skills that you have worked hard to hone over the years. A simple bulleted list is all you need to illustrate your skills to hiring managers or recruiters.

Writing a killer cover letter

A lot of job seekers underestimate the power of a cover letter. Yes, they can seem a bit dated, and yes, they can be time-consuming, but in this competitive job market, they are more than worth the time! Start with a strong introduction that draws the reader’s attention and expresses why you are interested in the opportunity. Highlight your relevant experiences that a hiring manager will find useful and finish with an enthusiastic closing.

Once you develop a solid template, you can save it and tweak it in the future to streamline the job application process. If you are looking for more help, here’s how to write an outstanding cover letter to help you secure a job by the end of the year.

Step up your virtual networking

If you are serious about securing a job in the next couple of weeks, you need to step up your virtual networking. There are so many benefits to networking; one, of course, is finding a new career opportunity. Tap into your existing network and let them know you are searching. Do you have a connection that works for one of your target companies? Then send them a friendly email on InMail. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to new connections on LinkedIn that may help you extend your job search reach. Join groups on social networking sites to help you learn new job search hacks or meet other professionals in your industry.

Regardless of how you choose to network, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Be confident, be professional, and be kind. There are a lot of other people in the same position, so don’t be shy. You will be surprised how helpful a stranger can be to your job search!

Partnering with a recruiter

The last tip we have for successfully receiving a job offer by the end of the year is to partner with a recruiter. Recruiters can be your secret job search weapon in challenging times like these. The job market is tight, and you have a lot of competition. By enlisting the support of a professional recruiting firm, you have someone who will go to bat for you. They will champion you to the hiring manager and ensure your resume actually gets read. If this sounds like what you need to boost your job search, reach out to us today!

Land Your Next Job Through Virtual Networking

Land Your Next Job Through Virtual Networking

Have you heard the rumor that “at least 70% of jobs are not even listed online?” This could be a gross underestimate in today’s market where there are millions of qualified candidates actively looking for a new position. If you are trying to land a job in the near future and networking is not a part of your strategy, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. Here are a few strategies you can use to brush up on your virtual networking skills and secure your next job.

Tap Into Your Existing Network

You may have more powerful connections than you ever realized! You never know who has an open position or a connection who is currently hiring. Head to social media to share that you’re looking. Turn on the “open to work” feature on LinkedIn. Upload and share your resume on LinkedIn and Facebook. We understand that putting yourself out there can be awkward, so here’s a template for what to say based on LinkedIn’s #OpenToWork campaign:

Hi everyone – I am looking for a new role related to UX/UI specialties and would appreciate your support. Thank you in advance for any connections, advice, or opportunities you can offer. #OpenToWork

Reach Out To Potential Connections

It can be intimidating to try and grow your connections during a time like this. Additionally, there is a right and wrong way to do reach out to new professionals via virtual networking. Do not cold-contact someone and ask for something right off the bat. It’s most important to establish a connection based on mutual interests. Here’s a great initial message:

Hi {name},

I read the blog you shared on professional networking, and it really resonated with me. It was perfect timing as I am currently working on expanding my network. I’d love to connect so we can stay in touch.

Join A Group

The world of social media is full of networking opportunities. Particularly with the growth of Facebook groups, there are tons of opportunities to grow your professional circles. Do a quick search for your job title or skills on Facebook and filter by groups. Then, do a little browsing to find one that piques your interest. Generally, you want one large enough to foster engagement, but small enough to have meaningful conversations. Only you can decide your sweet spot.

Just because contact is limited doesn’t mean connection has to be. There is no better time to grow and nurture your professional connections through virtual networking. Interested in more job search advice? Explore our blogs here.

The Ultimate Guide To Virtual Networking

The Ultimate Guide To Virtual Networking

Over the past few months, much of our professional world has moved to online. And while this may seem temporary, we have a feeling that many companies and groups will look to continue hosting virtual events to reduce risks and costs. With that being said, we need to get comfortable with the concept of virtual networking. Whether your goal is to find a new position, connect with people of influence, or even just create a mastermind group for support, here are a few things you can do to start building a community online.

Find Your Platform

There are a ton of different professional groups out there, and they all serve different needs. Consider your ultimate goal. Are you looking to advance your career or add new skills to your toolbelt? Try joining a virtual conference in your industry. If you’re looking to build a community of like-minded professionals, head over to Facebook groups! Once considered only for oversharing about your personal life, Facebook has become a platform that can really bring people together.

Get Used To Being Uncomfortable

Yep, we said it. This could get uncomfortable. You may have an awkward “pick your brain” session over Zoom with someone you don’t know! But the simple act of putting yourself out there could significantly advance your career. Sending cold messages to people in your field that you admire is intimidating. But just imagine the knowledge you can gain and the connections you can build by pushing the limits of your comfort zone.

Think Outside The Box

One of the best things about networking virtually is that the sky is the limit. Don’t ground yourself by networking strictly within your local area or even solely in your industry. Research global networking events to expand your reach. Look into groups that cover areas you’re interested in (even if you have no experience!) Most of the time; people will be happy to share beginner tips, answer questions, and expose you to a whole new industry or skillset.

Just because we are social-distancing, doesn’t mean we can’t be connected. Once you’ve honed your networking skills, check out the rest of our candidate resources.

Virtual Networking Could Be The Key To Growing Your Career

How Virtual Networking Can Transform Your Career

With all of the changes in the world today from the growth of remote work to advancements in technology, virtual networking is becoming an essential part of any career. No matter which industry or position you’re in, it’s crucial that you establish and grow connections online. To your advantage, there are some great tools and avenues through which you can do this. Start with these three things and watch your connections take off.

Create A Presence On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is touted as a “professional networking site,” so it makes sense to start your virtual networking journey there. Take a few minutes to spruce up your profile, ensuring that everything is up to date. Be sure to add relevant skills and keywords so you’ll show up in searches more often. Then, just focus on engaging! Connect with industry leaders you admire. Share industry articles that you find insightful. Explore your dream companies and get a feeling for their company culture. The more you engage on LinkedIn, the more visible you’ll be.

Join Facebook Groups

If you watched the SuperBowl this year, you noticed a couple of different commercials promoting Facebook Groups. Groups have absolutely exploded onto the social networking scene, with Facebook boasting over 10 million groups, and 1.4 billion people using them. As a result, there is a group for just about anything. You can join local job groups where employers share their latest job listings. You can join nationwide groups that focus on your industry, allowing you the opportunity to connect and bond with others that share your passion and motivations. No matter what, it’s a great way to make connections and learn more about your community or industry.

Offer Your Help

Many professionals go about networking in the entirely wrong way. They go into it with the mindset of “what can you do for me?” asking industry-leaders if they can “pick their brain.” Try flipping this idea on its head. Think of ways that you can offer help to those in your industry. Especially in these uncertain times, everyone appreciates a helping hand. And what better way to get in someone’s good graces than to offer your assistance? Pitch an idea for a sales campaign, or suggest a safety event that was really popular at your last company. Remember: “At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said or did; they will remember how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

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